Stop The World

Stopping the world is both the most obvious and the most uncredible thing. It depends on the way you look at it. It depends if you are trying to or if you really succeed. It depends on what happens to you when the world is stopped.

In the formation of Carlos Castaneda to become a spirit warrior or Nagual, learning to see was a vital point, that Carlos, for personal reasons, has struggled to perfect. However, on the way to See, the warrior must first learn to stop the world. This is the first door, the first meeting with the guardian of the threshold. One day in the life of the Spirit Warrior, the world stops. Then he can discover the infinite, this immensity out there.

I wish the earth stops to go down. (Serge Gainsbourg)

Stopping the world, is the first act of the warrior on the path of learning. The common man is content with the ordinary world, based on consensus. Since birth, every human beings give implicitly agreed to assemble the ordinary world, gray and dull, where they are bored.

Yet there is an infinity of other possible worlds, each of us has in him the possibility to go there. “Our reality is only a description among many others.” (source)Castaneda, Journey to Ixtlan, page 9  To stop the world, Carlos Castaneda had to absorb kilograms of hallucinogens just because he was stupid. He took Mescalito, name of respect Juan Matus give the peyote, and Little Smoke, mostly Datura and Lophophora williamsii. Some need liters of ayahuasca or tens of sweatlodges for -the time of a fleeting moment- stop the world and see. Others are used to it since they’re young. 

You will not be so easily able to stop. I know you’re stubborn, but it does not matter. The more you’re stubborn, the better you become when you’ll finally manage to change.  (Carlos Castaneda)

Warrior Without Past

 These people do not need any potion to see. They know how to stop the world. Their auras are so … wow! “I’ve never seen before on this planet” (?) Their brand new auras are indigo, crystal or rainbow colour. Moreover their subtle bodies are fitted with incredible devices, a variety of electric body’s supplements connected to huge and very active chakras. These lightning people grow up fast, in every sense. What wonders will they do when they will use their powers? They will change the future of this planet. Most of them will be ready before the end of 2012. In the meantime, learn to stop the world before it bolted. The first step is to erase your personal history.

Become invisible. Elusive. Flee those who know you because they’ll lay you down in the ancient world. “You are obliged to renew your personal history by telling your family and your friends everything you do. On the opposite, if you have no personal history, there is no single explanation to provide anyone, no one is disappointed or angered by your actions. And most importantly, nobody is trying to coerce you with his own thoughts.” (source)Carlos castaneda, Journey to Ixtlan


“It is better not to have a personal story because it frees us from the cumbersome thoughts of our fellow men.
The trouble is that once they know you, you become for them something that is self-evident, and then you are no longer able to decide the course of their thoughts. Personally I like the ultimate freedom to remain unknown. Nobody knows me for sure how people know you.
– But that amounts to lying.
“Lie or truth do not matter to me,” he cut in severely. Lies are lies only for those who have a personal story.
If you have no personal story, nothing you say can be considered a lie. Your problem is to explain everything to everyone, but at the same time you want to keep your freshness, the novelty of what you do.
You see, he said, we have only one alternative. Either we take everything as self-evident, as real, or we take the opposite view. If we follow the first proposition, we come to mortal boredom, the world and ourselves. With the second choice, which supposes that we erase our own-story, we create the fog around us. It is a mysterious and exciting situation; no one knows where the rabbit is coming from, not even us.
I suggested that erasing one’s own story might increase our sense of insecurity.
– When nothing is certain, we remain alert, we are always ready to leave. It is more exciting not to know which bush hides the rabbit than to behave as if we knew everything.
Little by little you have to create a fog around you. You have to erase all around you until nothing can be certain, until nothing has any more certainty, no reality. Currently your problem is that you are too real. Your businesses are too real, your moods are too real. Do not take anything for granted. You have to start by erasing yourself. ” (source)Carlos castaneda, Journey to Ixtlan

 Of course, Castaneda balked as usual. The sacrifice seemed too heavy for a too unrealistic profit. His benefactor had a big laugh, and said gently. “You, for example, you do not know what to think of me because I deleted my own story. Gradually, around me and my life, I created a fog. Now no one can know with certainty what I am or what I do.” (source)Carlos castaneda, Journey to Ixtlan But Castaneda does not support anyone, even his benefactor, change his course of action.

At this point in his evolution, the student is still possessed by his ego, “filled with shit” according to the strong expression of Juan Matus. He can not realize how aberrant his course of action is, obsessed by his engrams or their ghosts, laughable in the eyes of the benefactor who must make great efforts to hide his hilarity. We are all full of shit, we all go through the same ruts, we are all trapped in the same flows … But one day the fabricated world collapses. The warrior sees





There’s nobody up there, pulling the strings of the puppet you are.
Friedrich Nietzsche