Mind and Will


Infinite are the powers of Mind. Mind is not mental, this primal degree of conscience. Mind/mental recently became so intrusive that we forget mind/spirit. To tackle these questions, an open mind is needed. But to understand, it is necessary to exceed this mind, so open it can be.


Mind, or mental, seems to fabricate thoughts without stopping ever, as an assembly line fabricates cars. Past philosophers and scholars believed in it. For them, the cerebrum was the origin of mind, and that is it. A materialist will go to the point of saying: “The cerebrum secretes thought as the liver secretes bile.” (source)Pierre-Jean-Georges Cabanis, 1802. Wikipedia It was two centuries ago. But some still believe this crap.

Since then, if scientific knowledge of the cerebrum has improved a little – just a little – this organ and its connexion with thought, memory or creativity remain a perfect mystery. Today no searcher would probably support that “the cerebrum secretes thought”. But very little assume that the cerebrum is not the cause of thought. Brain is the tool, not the source.


A Brain That Does Not Think

“This is not the brain that thinks. It constantly refers to a higher sphere. It generates a constant stream of thoughts, ideas and images that cross the aura. The cerebral cortex is a parabolic antenna whose role is to capture these cosmic emanations which are reflected in our aura.” (source)Lao Surlam on facebook




That’s exactly right. The human brain does not create the thoughts, it captures them. It assembles and modifies what is given. This complex organ manages a lot of functions of our marvellous physical machine. As any computer, it runs a program which it didn’t made. 

As for thought, the brain is just the witness and the translator. The cerebrum, finally, makes nothing else than picking up thoughts, modeling, transforming them into words and into syntax according to the model of one acquired and memorized language, and finally to express them with the aid of talking, of writing, or of any other way.

Universal Mind is in all things, in every place, at any time. Its modulations are translated, in the mental sphere, by  thoughts. They are accepted in our brightness or aura, which is a microcosm of the world.

All that exists outside also exists in the brightness of our aura. Here and now is a spot shining in our aura, a light spot that Castaneda calls the assembly point. Here and now, for the actual humanity, is a grey and lifeless place which rests on logic, hyper-rationalism and materialist vision of the world and life.

We can change the position of our assembling spot. We did it every night while sleeping. The wizards and sorcerers can do it consciously, at will. Some artists and poets can do the same.

So the sorceres attain the different possible worlds, or different positions of space and time in the same world, for instance animal or ghost demonstrations. But for the contemporary man, all thinking comes from the cerebrum.

Out of reason, no escape, argue some scientists. Without reason and logic, we would be only poor madmen, they sneer, forgetting the great enlightened people, mediums, clairvoyants and all other giants of spirituality who are empty headed, resolutely and definitely empty headed people.

Empty headed all right, but far from being crazy! Then? What is the philosophers’ point of view? Descartes had definitely pointed out that our reason was not alone to aim us.

“Descartes separates the body and the mind (that he identifies with soul) in a dualism: the body is a sprawling substance and releases from the mechanics (thus the Descartes’ theory of the animals-machines), while soul is a thinking substance. As debit, mind is mind; as assets, it is will. Unit of two remains a prickly problem, and Descartes sees in the pineal body the place of communication between two.” (source)Wikipedia



Undoubtedly Descartes assimilates soul and thought. The body, according to him, is mechanical. The brain, as organ of the body, is therefore mechanical too. How could a mechanical organ produce the thought, which is the domain of soul? The animals are machines, according to him, because they do not think. “The man is a thinking reed” said Blaise Pascal.

Where there is a will, there is a path. (Lao-Tzu)

Descartes clearly saw the first two principles aiming us: thought and will.He did not see the third, coming from these first two: Love from the Heart. But, as Wikipedia points out, Descartes can not articulate them very well. He keeps on localizing the will in the brain, when it is only true for our conscious will, which has almost no power but to allow us to stop smoking.

The conscious will belongs to the same field as thinking. But it’s more a wish than a will. Our subtle body use a much more powerful kind of will. Very few are conscient of it. Even less use it freely. It is called Will from the belly 

Let life happen to you. Believe me: life is right, ever. (Rainer Maria Rilke)


If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.
Nikola Tesla