Demons And Wonders


This is wonderful. What is happening, yes, it is really wonderful. You may say that earthquakes, floods, forest fires, rapes, poverty, hunger, disease, the reigning thuggery, the globalization of dirty dough, the mafia banks, none of this seems wonderful to you. It all depends where you look.

Demons & Wonders,
winds and tides

Already off the sea recedes 

And in your eyes slightly opened
two small waves remained

Demons & Wonders,
winds and tides

Two small waves for me to drown

Jacques Prévert

I was sentenced to death, waiting for my time, I countdowned the years, months, days. Then the hours, minutes, seconds. When the ax beheaded me, I knew that I was saved.

Since then, I sing, I laugh, I have fun.

It’s time to gloat. (Hubert Reeves)

“If you are trapped in a block of granite, what are you doing? Take a step forward and dance,” says a Zen koan. The world is what we make of it. It can change in the twinkling of an eye.


The concerns are only smoke, reflections in the mirror of a dream. The man is one in three persons: the body, the heart, the spirit. It is high time that the “me” of the body and the “me” of the heart “abandon themselves to the essential “me” and obey his will. Because you do not belong to yourself, you belong to the Holy Spirit.” (source)Gospel of Thomas It is easy to be happy when everything is going well. Easy? No. Obligatory.

demons-commonwiki-688poIt is a duty total, absolute, crucial and which admits no exception: the law of the set fair. Optimism attire. Some of you revolt against this idea, those who do not support constraints or regulations. But this law comes straight from quantum physics: our actions and our thoughts have a real effect on the universe. Our mind creates the world. Any negative thoughts have on the real a measurable negative effect. Let us emit love and kindness: the sweetness is the supreme luxury of mastery. To be happy when everything goes wrong, is it still required? More than ever! Seeing life through rose-tinted glasses when you are brooding might seem too big a gap to you. 

The exercise is impossible and yet, yet! The only way to get better is to face your own monsters. Through them, to see the light at the end of the tunnel. “If you burn in the flames of hell, go where the flames are the highest” (source)Arnaud Desjardins In urging us to do the opposite, our “survival instincts” pull murdering fast ones on us.

Our unconscious mind is trying to protect its secrets by all means, even if it means to kill us. It often manages to. This is how we are our own worst enemy. Escape the pain is slamming the door on cure. To jump where the flames are the highest is to go through death to finally live. The cure is not worse than the disease, since it heals.

A philosopher and a poet walk, when the philosopher sees a ball of feathers on the ground:
– Look, he said, a dead bird!
– Where? Where? exclaims the poet looking at the sky.

This Sufi tale gives the measure of the soul that turns around in its own delusions. Strangers to each other, the rats run through the maze of life. They think they go at random, but we know they follow a plan: that of the maze.

Wonder stands on the peaks, like in the Mont Saint-Michel, at the top, with the archangel, buttressed towards the big sky, this basilica which is a miracle and called, precisely, the Wonder of west.


I just spent hours like minutes and centuries like hours. I crossed mountains and valleys, so many rivers and borders, and here I am finally at your home, end of my trip. At the crossroads of time, facing eternity. Naked as a drinking glass, read as a love letter, known as beloved verses, here I am before you with empty hands and a crazy heart.

I am dreaming: to be myself at last. I am on, I reach my goal.
My story is similar to yours. It is also about love.

What else do we have?

Two men looked through the bars of their prison. One saw mud, the other stars. (Idries Shah)

The world awaits its time. The horror fades through impressionistic touches, or sometimes jumps into the highest flames. This is an improvement already. A canvas of Léger for a stained glass of Rouault, we gain on the deal, a little less black. We change history. Tonight.

It is not only my healing I am talking about. It is the healing of the whole world. This world where I swim like a loving fish in beloved water. 

Down to the abyss, I went up with a present. Up to heaven, the sky spat me out, I bartered the present for a gift. A true gift of the gods, who, however, I find it soooo very hard to believe in.

I got the gift of healing. I started by curing cancers. Then other deadly diseases. Without doing anything special. Then I understood what was happening.

I am not the one who heals, I am the one who awakens. I have this inexplicable power to awaken the inner healer of others. 

The Inner Healer

rupestre-Gabillou-Sorcier-200poSome Amerindian tribes are very versed in the art of healing. Each of us, say the Indians, is equipped with a secret ally that saves us the bet whatever happens, if we are in the right frame of mind. This device, they call it the inner healer. If it works satisfactorily, they think, the person is never sick.

The task is often difficult, for we are terribly removed from the original state, where the inner healer works wonderfully in all human beings. Let us remember only the immunity of the infant. The doctors say it comes from the mother. I will add that it comes from the origins.

In the beginning, we are immune. I can give you back that immunity.

This very world’s getting better than we think. Sitting on the volcano, it stretches, it molts. Let us watch it grow and let us be moved by his prowess. It can, it does, we help it each of us with our acts of love and our sweet thoughts.



One small step for each will make the big leap for mankind.

You may think I’m a dreamer But I’m not the only one Perhaps some day you will join us And the world will be as one. (John Lennon)


I am a man, and nothing that is human is foreign to me.