Ending This Cycle



Is this a new golden age coming soon? While strong signs of revival are increasing, the international situation deteriorates and portends worse.

 Confusion is often fueled by the very people who claim to know. The triumph of Internet, its value and effectiveness to unite peoples, can not hide the other side, much more disturbing. Control. The omni-intelligence. Total filing. Access to all data is a boon for researchers as for the revolutionary, but unfortunately it is a boon for the tyrant too. Today we are clapping hands as Internet makes people free. Tomorrow will we fly away from a web ruled by torturers and predators?

Accuracy is a precious asset in this world too pressed to be precise. The theory of the four ages is sometimes confused with another theory, that of Zodiac. Issue of  Mediterranean astrology, the zodiacal tradition says, by observing the stars, when our planet is within the scope of influence a particular constellation of the Zodiac. And the successive eras follow the order of the zodiac in reverse.




End of Kali Yuga in India

The Earth needs 24,000 years to pass through the twelve constellations of the zodiac. Each zodiac age lasts 2000 years so. The situation is not the same for the four ages, of variable duration. According to Alain Danielou, the four ages succeed by declining, both in duration and intensity. The cycle of the four ages lasts about 60,000 years, with a golden age of 32,000 years, followed by a silver age two times less long, 16,000 years, followed by a brass or bronze age two times less long, 8000 years.

Finally comes the iron age two times less long, ie 4,000 years. It will end soon. The age of Pisces, which started with the birth of Christ, is ending while the Iron Age is ending too. Iron Age or Kali Yuga would have begun, for Alain Danielou, about 2000 BCE with the end of the second Atlantis. In the Shivaite vision, Jesus Christ incarnated right in the middle of the Iron Age. In the astrological vision, Jesus incarnated at the beginning of the age of Pisces. In both timelines, our time appears as an end of cycle.

Thus, according to two systems of thinking as different as that of the astronomers astrologers in Egypt and Greece, on the one hand, and that of the astronomers astrologers from the Far East, on the other hand, there is an agreement on a date, or rather a deadline: and this is now. But this is not all. Other chronologies exist, developed in Africa, America and Oceania. Our time, as if by chance, finds itself pointed by the Aztecs and Mayans.

But this is also the time of a great transition, a profound change for the Papuans, the Amazonian Indians, the Australian Aborigines, the Hopi and the Dogon…




End of Pisces Age in Rome

Thus, in the zodiac system, we arrive at the end of a cycle of two thousand years, the era of Pisces. We are entering the Age of Aquarius, which we are promised the moon. For Shaivites, we are at the end of a cycle of 4,000 years, the kali yuga, which itself closes a cycle of 60,000 years, the maha-yuga, or great year. For the Mayans, or rather their ancestors the Olmecs, we get, on December 21, 2012, at the end of a very different cycle.


End of the Aztec Fifth Sun

Based on an astronomical study of astounding precision and accuracy, the different codices Aztec or Mayan – which come from the Olmecs and are even older – indicate the end of a cycle of 29,000 years that our solar system has spent in the galactic shadow, dated at 21 December 2012. That day will be the beginning of another cycle, of 29,000 years too, in the galactic light. In fact, we’re going to live the curtain raising of a new golden age.

It is therefore the opposite of a catastrophic deadline, even fatal for our species, as some misguided Cassandra wanted us to believe. They are nasty. More details here.


For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light.