Sunday 16h. There is a ring at my door while your servant goes to a few moments of deserved rest, between a page written and illustrated for the Saga of Eden, an intense creative DIY session, a walk to a place of power, and to crown, the express cure of terminal cancer.

This time the patient arrived in a wheelchair. I dreamed of discretion, missed! But now, who is ringing my doorbell? A sick person again? An awake friend of mine? Nope! An unwelcome one, I’m afraid of it.

– Hello Xavier. Do not you remember me? Veronique!

Her face is unknown. So is her voice. Her name does not tell me anything. Fuck! I erased the whole file that concerns her. She tells me that I took her to the grand menhir. Big deal ! I take everyone there. Scary. I understand that someone in me is scrambling to prevent me from finding memories related to this woman. A plain void. Everything is white. Deleted file. It’s erased.

What if she’s fooling me? What would be her interest? No it’s me who is fucked off. Due to my double inside … I just closed the door in her face. Hi Véronique, good weekend, I should have said, if I had any social conditioning leftover. But no, I closed my mouth and the heavy door. Amazed to see myself doing such a rude thing!

Yes, I dream of discretion. But everywhere I go, I do not fit. I surprise. I shock. I do not do anything for, believe me. That’s the way it is. C’est la vie. In the crowd there are a few people who love me and love what I write. They get the secret beneath the secrets. These few people are welcome ever. My hearts belongs to them all. I long to feel their smiling heart around.

I am a nagual, you see. My career was that of a traveling warrior. When I got tired of traveling around the earth, I traveled across France. And then the immense astral. My experience is intense, such is my home. I live in the heart of many universes. Please give me the time to land, and the right timing. I am not alone in my body: does the Actress agree?

Things in me are made and unmade without me noticing. Days pass like centuries and years as minutes. Time is a sweet illusion to humans, who out of here is nothing. I travel time often, without weapon or luggage, wandering with the wind of past. Recently I took refuge there. Time traveler, my vista took me to a nearby astral – let’s say it will be your present soon. This time lag has advantages. It allows me to know what is likely to happen, to prevent me from acting in the wrong way.

It teaches me a lot of things about my encounters, that the aura alone would not have revealed to me. It puts me safe from hard troubles, since in astral I anticipate them. Add to that that it’s not me who’s driving me here and now. This is my double. My double. You will understand that it is more relaxing for me to see the scene from a distance, to better understand what the Actress my double is doing to my interlocutor. She always surprises me. I do not understand that after, though I have advance, three steps further in the future.

A nagual is a gateway to other worlds. In his presence, your reality flickers. These peculiarities and the powers I have received make me a dangerous man. I say dangerous, it depends for whom. The ego hates me. The disease is running away. Pride fades, tail low. The insolence vanishes in my presence. Yet I have nothing of a Grand of Spain with calf’s head.see next pix I would rather be a real pig’s head.

Do not be abused. I am not fishing for respect or bowing. Call me master and I grab my blaster. Treat me as I treat you. With righteousness, discipline and sense of timing. Very important, the sense of timing, for a simple and good person who strives to be impeccable. Not friendly, affable, hospitable or other social faces – just impeccable.

Hard law of the warrior. Hard lot of the wizard. Hard bed of pebbles. The insolent, I eclipse. The Actress sends it I do not know where. He disappears in some retreat where his life takes the appearance of a dream. But everything continues for him as before. The liar, I confuse him. Or I avoid him, it depends. The angry, I dissuade. He meets his astral double who calm him quickly. Someone suppressive, I delete it. Unaware that my double is leading the animal, the dismissive suppressive will swear I fired him. But no. I’m too sweet to fire anyone. Too kind to be harsh. My double does not have these modesty: she is honest. She always gives the truth, without making up what she sees. She speaks true, so she hurts.

Why did she receive you so badly? Ask her. Go see her in astral and ask her the question. She had her reasons that your reason does not know. Neither mine. You do not see her, look better. Look at me: there are two of us. She lives in me, she lives in my mind and body, without her I am no longer myself. Yet she is not me. Well, that’s what I believe. If she is my queen, I am not her king.

She directs me. I let her do it – no choice, she is stronger than me. Let’s be clear, it’s not a game, I do not play any role. The Actress is HER, the double that acts me. Far from being my half, she is my double. She walks too many steps ahead. I know that she acts for my good. And for yours, you passing friend. But I warn you. No one comes to me by chance. One comes here to see her.

If you come to see me, you know why. If you do not know why, do not come. The reception would displease you. I do not serve petits fours or Breton cakes with a cup of green tea. I do not wait for unexpected visitors. I am neither a hobby nor a tourist attraction. The attraction I exercise is of another nature, and you know it. If you do not know, stay at home. Protect yourself. The nagual could well spank your dragonlike ego. That’s his nice job …

To meet the nagual and his double is not just a way to occupy your Sunday. Neither a nice stopover when you pass in the area. I do not believe in chance, I said it. Who comes here, comes to see her. What did you want? She did not let you say it. You vibrated too badly. Your aura was too ugly. Is this the reason for your coming? Did you need a reiki? Oh no! Your double leads you, too. But you do not know yet. Will you ever know?

If you come to see me, if you have announced, if you show white paw, the case is heard, your party is expected. Whatever your state, believe me, I receive you. But please be sure to make an appointment. The refusal filter is less hard at a distance than face to face, in front of my closed gate. But if you come for an emergency, then yes, the portal may open. I look after the little ones, I pamper the big ones, but always implacable. It’s the other sense of impeccable. When you see her, ask her why I am like that. She does know it but I don’t.


They didn’t know it was impossible, so they did it.
Marcel Pagnol — wrongly attributed to Mark Twain, JF Kennedy, Churchill …