Hopi Kachina



The Hopi live in the USA in this country known as the Four Corners, where join Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. They lead a humble life marked by work in the fields and ceremonies which include a cleansing ceremony reminiscent of the Lakota Sioux sweatlodge. 

Here the land is generous and abundant harvests. This region is the heart of Turtle Island (USA), which is the womb of Mother Earth. Each Hopi clan practice a particular ceremony, all the ceremonies together maintain the balance of Wind, Sun and Rain.

The Hopi have respect for all life and faith in the Great Spirit. They knew all along that the white man would come and take their land and try to drive on the wrong path. 

Despite the pressures, they should keep their old religion, their land, without violence.

If they succeeded, their people and their land would be the center from which would manifest the Spirit True. Hopi await the coming of the True White Brother, in his red cloak, wearing a red cap, like the design on the back of the toad of toad cornes. Would this be a spiral? The True White Brother will monitor the whole continent in one day.

 “If it comes from the East, the destruction will not be too terrible. But if it comes from the West, do not climb on your roof to see it because it will have no mercy.” (source)Hopi Indian Tradition, USA 

The True White Brother and his helpers will show a new way of life  that leads to eternal life. The earth will be renewed and beautiful with a plenty of living and food. Survivors will share its fruits equitably. All races mix and we speak only one language, as a united family. (source)Mitakuye Oyasin, We Are All Related by A.C. Ross 

Here we see several interesting things. The mystic and visionary Hopi people do not believe at all to the end of humanity. For them, five worlds are still waiting for humans.




That is enough to reassure after the shaky so-called prophecy of the Maya introducing the end of the world in December 2012. Hopi remember the former men who were using lightning to strike down their opponents. Guns of the first white settlers reminded these ancient thunderfire weapons of the former men, that is why they called them “fire sticks”.

They are resolutely optimistic about the development of a new Eden. They expect a return of plenty and immortality for all humans, as we had known long ago, during the golden age. Hope they are right, but fear that this bright future is a memory of Eden where men once lived, with fruits and crops in abundance, with a much longer life than today. With quasi-divine power.

However, an important detail shows that they do not talk about a distant past but about the future: they know that all races will mix, and they rejoice, but miscegenation has never existed before. This is a brand new issue.

I am glad to finally see the end of the old doctrine of racial purity, excrement of the spirit, poison to the soul. This so-called racial purity has brought us the worst atrocities. Our designers, the Former Gods have instilled in us by force, to protect genetic specializations they had so carefully developed.

They wanted to protect their investment, instead of looking for what is good for their creatures. Only the blend will bring us peace and joy, peace and harmony between human beings. Our rainbow children will have a more beautiful body, and a purest soul.  Welcome to the Rainbow Humans! They will populate the new Eden.


First God made heaven and earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep ; and the Spirit of God was moving over the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light ; and there was light. (The Bible)


Hopi Kachina


“Let there be light”

The Hopi believe in nine successive worlds. According to them, the Fourth World is ending, we still have three to live … Too bad for the Maya: the Apocalypse will wait.

In these three worlds that we still have to live there is the world of Taiowa the Creator and the world of his nephew Sotuknang. “The emergence of the Fifth World has already begun. We see plants rising from the previous worlds. This could give a new botanical, if we take the time to examine them. New seeds also germinate in our hearts.”




It’s time to wake up, yeah men, it’s hard time to pack up your sorrows and start laughing. Today opens a project that will rise a new dawn. Unless things go wrong and some greenhorn archangel erase humanity.

For the Hopi, though the end of time is not yet valid, the change in world approach. Among them, the old pass warnings and prophecies from generation to generation by oral tradition, and with reference to rock icons and ancient tablets.

 All their prophecies derive from the first, that of the Blue Star Kachina. “When the Blue Star Kachina will appear in the sky, the Fifth World will emerge. This will be the Day of Purification.”(source)Tradition of the Hopi Indians, USA The Blue Star is the Hopi name of Sirius. Kachina, in their tradition, is the name they give to benevolent gods since the creation of the world. “The curious thing is that these same benevolent gods are called Kahinas in Polynesia, which may indicate a contact or even a common origin between these two cultures that are yet very remote.”(source)Maurice Chatelain, Our Cosmic Ancestors, Ed. du Rocher, 1981

If the Kachinas are benevolent gods, why will Sirius, the Blue Star Kachina, bring destruction?

The purpose of the dances and incantations of the Hopi is it to delay the arrival of a devastating shooting star? Should we expect a cosmic collision? But Sirius is not a comet. Without doubt we need to leave the Hopi shamans care to predict.

Perhaps Sirius-Kachina means the emissaries of Sirius. Some alien invaders.

When Goddess Kachina will appear in the sky “she will dance in the street and take her mask away.” And that day, the Hopi stop to celebrate all their ceremonies, as the Fifth World will require different rituals Dr. Allen Ross said the circumstances of this change in the world: “World War III will be initiated by those who have announced the light to the world.” Who are they? Israel and the Moses Tables? Egypt, daughter of Amenta, heir of Atlantis? China, land under heaven? Japan, land of the rising sun? France and the Human Rights? The US liberty enlightening the world?

It’s up to you. Just for fun. Such a general prophecy, too easy. And the doc goes on.

The United States will be destroyed, body and property, by nuclear bombs and radioactivity. Only the Hopis will be spared, and their homeland will be the oasis where the survivors took refuge.

The fallout shelters are a scam

Really? Hopi land is a place called the Four Corners, where four states touch. It’s quite in the middle of the United States. By what miracle would it be spared? Radioactivity laughs at frontiers. Will they dig fallout shelters to protect future survivors? Not even.

Only materialistic people are building these shelters. Those who are at peace in their heart are already under the protection of the Living. Evil will not have a shelter. Those who do not participate in the global ideological division are willing to live in a new world, be they black, white, red or yellow. United on earth, all brothers.” (source)We Are All Related, by Allen Ross

Okay, it looks like a story often told, it’s always the same old song, when one has not seen, and one do not know. The backcomers, I see very well who they are. The invaders, the terraformers, the former gods, those bastards. They came already, they will return one day, the cosmic clock is beating fine. They are never far away. Do not think they leave us when they are not here. They are always watching us closely. They know what is happening on the big blue ball.

The Kachina Prophecy is an eschatological vision which relates to the Apocalypse of St. John. The gods will return to judge the living and the dead. Old tune. Corny gag. One thing for sure, nobody knows the day and time. They may be close, who knows? Only them. Are they behind the sun in their large mother ship? On the moon that stares at us with his big white eye? Good. We have been warned, thank you Hopis.




Remains the shadow of a chance that Kachina come from a peaceful direction. For the rest, nothing can be done, we’ll have to face. Resist. Allen Ross advice is to avoid the molemen strategy. Don’t bury yourself, as the avenging gods are also under your feet. Do not attract lightning, except for awakening.

In terms of magic, to build a fallout shelter is the safest way to get the bomb. And even scientifically, if one refers to the theory of fields. Everything happens as if quantum physics was flying to the rescue of shamanism. We get the deep feeiling that the forward edge of science has burst in the irrational world of the Creating Spirit.

The world is consistent with our projections, such is the new Bible of physicists and the eternal mantra of shamans. The excitement of the smuggler pointed to the customs. Schroedinger kill a dead cat that is find alive. The cure attracts evil, preventing may injure and vaccine may kill.

The shelter will attract bombs. The shelter makes its user a candidate at the atomic holocaust. Bad plan. If you use shelter you will die by shelter.

Only love is resistant to radiation. O my heart, be my shield.

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It is wrong to say that money has no smell. It always smells like shit.
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