The Fifth Sun Of The Maya



Like the Olmecs, who formed the first civilization ever in Mesoamerica, the Aztecs believed that the time was divided into five major cycles or Suns.

At the time of the Conquest, humanity was nearing the end of the Fifth (and last!) Sun. But the Aztecs had long forgotten how to read the codex-calendar inherited from the distant Olmecs. Even if they remembered well the content of the prediction, they had forgotten the dates. This is why they offered many human sacrifices to delay the end of the world. At least that’s what the conquistadors claimed to justify their slaughter.

Julius Caesar has not done anything else during his conquest of Gaul, he endeavored to present the Gauls or Celts in the less favorable way, emphasizing their cruelty and ferocity, while the Gaul University of druids diffused the best education of the time and the Gaul tailors and goldsmiths were already calling the shots in the fashion Latin, Greek and even Egyptian… Conquerors of all time must persuade themselves that their brutal annexations are legitimate.




Since the Conquest and its excesses, the Aztecs have disappeared. The Mayans have resumed their beliefs, but they know nothing more about how to read the ancient calendar. Since then, researchers thought they had figured out this calendar. Under our system of dating, these are the main dates of the alleged history of the world.

In -20236, there was the simultaneous creation of the world and the humans. This was the beginning of the Age of the First Sun, Matlactli Atl, which lasted 4008 years and ended with a deluge. The men of the First Sun were giants. To escape the flood, they transformed into fish-men. Thus ends the Sun of Water.

This tradition of the primordial human-fish is also found in Dogon and in Persian mythologies. Three distant points in the world, on three distinct continents. A revealing sign of the veracity of the myth?

In -16231 began the Era of the Second Sun, Ehecoatl, which lasted 4010 years. It was the sun of fish-men, when seas covered the world, and his era ended with a terrible and cataclysmic storm. Only a few men have survived by climbing trees. They transformed into ape-men.We find ape-men in India, with the myth of Hanuman, and in South Africa, among the Bushmen. This time, the same story is told by five different traditions from four continents. One can figure out that these facts did happen.

In -12221 began the Era of the Third Sun, Tleyquiyahuillo, which lasted 4081 years and ended in the flames of a universal furnace. This myth is also found in Greece with the episode of Phaeton.




As with floods or other disasters, there are many destruction by fire in the global mythologies.

In -8140 began the Era of the Fourth Sun, Tzontlilic, which lasted 5026 years and ended with blood fire and hunger. We can find here some biblical accents, especially a recall in minor A of the seven plagues of Egypt. The presence of rivers of blood is recurrent in many traditions. Velikovsky enumerates dozens of them, from all continents. The fact that many myths evoke them, coming from different continents, encourages us to believe in their historicity.


Bitter Pills

Although bitter pills to swallow these events may have occurred. On August 13th of the year -3114 began the Age of the Fifth Sun, that was called the Sun of Movement the end of which we’re rushing to. It lasted 5125 years to finish in a chaotic world. No other details, unfortunately. While we would like more comments, the codices indicate only that the Earth will move on itself and that all humans will die. Nothing else, except the date of the end of the world, set on December 21st, 2012.


Happy end of the world to everyone!

Don’t worry, it’s a joke. These are just rumors from the internet. The end of the Fifth Sun is not the end of the world. In addition, the Mayans say that this story of encryption is completely wrong. No reconciliation between our linear calendar and their codex would be reliable, according to them. Yet there is this passage of the galactic horizon that seems to confirm the date. But this passage does not indicate a disaster, quite the contrary, it is a slow ascent to the light.

This rise in the galactic light has only begin in December 2012, no need to wait hallucinatory effects from that day. In fact, many people has been disappointed that day. Those who wanted a miracle to happen, that the Eden comes back, that God heal all the ills of the poor. And others, those who wanted that the joke stops, that everything breaks loose, no need to celebrate the New Year’s Eve. Disappointed as well. What is certain is that the world and the times are changing.

As Dylan sang, it has started long time ago, now it becomes sensitive even for sleepy people. We’ll have to change gear. No need to sweat more to earn more, stop sweating. Rough is the coast but our forces increase with it. No need to buy a thrill, the small every-day victories have changed the world all right. Stop the blame, be a name. Stop the defuse, be a fuse. Stop the danger, be a changer.


Eve or Eva says EUA in Maya which means isolate, separate.
Humbatz Men