Sons of the Sun


Lugor Lugh the Tuatha is called Son of the Sun. Apollo the Greek bears the same title – in fact, he has so much in common with Lug that many mythologists equate them – although they belong to two separate traditions, Lug and Apollo seem to be only one.

Strangely, other antique gods or demigods received the title of Son of the Sun. In Egypt, the exact title was Son of Re Atum. The pharaohs of the early dynasties were also called Son of the Sun. On the other side of the Atlantic, in the Andes, the Great Inca, high priest emperor of his people, was worshiped as the Son of the Sun. One of many titles worn by Tibetan dignitaries of the past, including the ancient Karmapa was the Son of the Sun. The emperors of China – proclaimed the country under heaven – also bore the title of Son of the Sun, as the mythical Emperor Yao, pronounce Yahweh or Jah.

This title does mean exactly what it says.  Obviously none of these gods or demigods is derived from our star the Sun, where the extremely high temperature makes human life impossible. We know that Lug was the son of Cian the Tuatha and Ethniu the Fomoire, daughter of Balor. It is enough to conclude that the epithet Son of the Sun was a title, with all the appearance of a sacred distinction. I see the mark of a particular initiation, as the title Hajj for the Muslim who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca. But if the title Hajj is worn by many, the title Son of the Sun was much more selective. What does it mean?

The first time you see this title appear in the Roman Empire, it is with the young emperor Heliogabalus, whose absurd and cruel reign lasted only four years. However, this young fool had received the highest distinction: son of the Sun, too, because he was knighted by the heavenly fire, balls of lightning that had aroused, making him a sort of silly and cruel Buddha. Around a betyle, the stone that can transform fatal lightning into innocent rolling fireballs, the young buddha created a new religion. He called it Sol Invictus, the Roman religion of the Unconquered Sun, who would later evolve into Christianity.


What can we conclude? Many things, including the following: moreover, could the Sun be the fireballs, the ball lightning? I explained these light balls could awaken the one they touch …




It may seem strange to confuse lightning with the sun. Yet awakening lightning comes in the form of a ball of light, not a flash. A bright fireball can evoke the sun. When lightning strikes a tree, the point of impact appears as a small sun, it has the same brilliance and radiance: the ancients had noticed this, they knew that these little suns gave men the perfect spirit of awakening, so they were rays darted around the head of the elect, the Son of the Sun, who had received enlightenment by the grace of suns lightning.

In any case, strange as it may seem, after experiencing enlightenment through his lightning stone, the young Elagabalus did not institute the cult of ball lightning, but that of Sol Invictus, the Unconquered SunWe must therefore admit that sun worship is indeed a cult of enlightenment through ball lighting. The burning sunrays encircling the head of Sol Invictus – like the Statue of Liberty – appear as lightning beneficial, mitigated by their burst lightning balls that give men the divine attributes, that is to say the full power of enlightenment. A similar stone stands in the center of the ancient cities of the Andes, it is called the Anchor of the Sun, it is present in Machu Picchu, as in some other very ancient lightning shrines. Under the name of Intiwatana, this stone is supposed to be the Anchor of the Sun, the Stone where the Sun clings.




Being present in these sanctuaries of enlightenment by lightning, this particular stone might play a role in the sacred process. One may wonder if, as the betyle of Heliogabalus, Intiwatana was used to burst the fatal lightning into light balls – much safer for humans, however able to create in the central nervous system the fair overvoltage which allows to mutate, to take possession of our divine nature. If this hypothesis is right, the study of other Son of the Sun – from distant cultures and apparently without contact – should bring the confirmation.

Must be added another branch to the lightning tree. In most myths, the most tremendous things must be taken literally. If some awake people were named Son of the Sun, is not it because they shone like the sun? Their skin shone with a brilliance that the human eye cannot face.This phenomenon exists in the animal kingdom, though less bright. It is called bioluminescence. Many marine animals of the deep are generating their own light to pierce the darkness. Bioluminescence is caused by bacteria in the case of animals, or by a significant elevation of the vibratory rate in the case of human beings. Bioluminescence is also a characteristic of the human brain … waiting to become that of our skin.

Yahweh was bioluminescent. Lugh, Apollo, Rama, Cuchulainn, Enki, Mithra and Zeus are so described in the various legends. Some aliens are too. One day, humans of this planet will turn bioluminescent. It’s only a matter of vibratory rate. Now that of the planet keeps on rising, thanks to the flow of particles and energy from more and more violent solar storms. If luminescent gods created the humane in their image, humane is luminescent in power, and all her brothers are too. For you are light born of light, and through you all things were made.




Here is the clue that I found, it is so simple I couldn’t find it first. The Sun we are talking about is not our star, which is written without capital letter. The Sun was the name humans once gave to the gigantic mothership hanging in the northern sky, Hyperborea. Its light totally eclipsed that of the distant sun. There was no more night in the northern hemisphere.

In this ship-island lived the great luminaries, the prominent engineers and the gifted technicians who terraformed the earth.They had the worship of awakening, which they knew how to provoke in many ways. The humans who were raised in the Sun were invested with the powers of the enlightened, the prophets, the mystics, etc. They were called Sons of the Sun, because the Sun was the spaceship in which they came down to earth.


Do not fast, you will hurt your body. Do not do charity, you will hurt your soul.
Jesus, Gospel of Thomas