Did Venus Bang The Earth?



The gods of Atlantis had straightened the Earth’s axis, and for millennia it was the golden age. But the science of these supermen backfired against them: the Earth, transformed into a high-powered electromagnet, began to attract many celestial bodies.

And happened what should happen. One of these wandering stars came and hit the Earth.

Immanuel Velikovsky believes that it was Venus, who was then a comet, he said. Coming from the depths of space, the comet was captured by the solar system before fighting with the Earth which was about the same size than it. Other explanations have been proposed. Also in the event of a star collision, some think it could be the famous missing planet that was between Mars and Jupiter. Its explosion, indisputable though not dated, has left a cluster of asteroids, the largest of which is called Ceres, discovered by accident in 1801.

PiazziGiuseppe Piazzi, whose portrait is opposite was seeking a star. Instead, he observed an object moving on the celestial vault, that he first thought to be a comet.

In order to find again this celestial object, GaussCarl Friedrich Gauss, 1777-1855, German astronomer and mathematician is regarded by his peers as the prince of mathematics. developed a method of orbit reduction based on three observations. Within weeks, he predicted the orbit of Ceres, which was found thanks to his calculations. 

Johann Bode believed Ceres was the missing planet of which Johann Titius had predicted the existence between Mars and Jupiter at 258 million miles from the Sun. (source) The asteroid was cataloged as a planet in the tables of astronomy for nearly 50 years, before being retrograded like Pluto.


L’hypothèse de Sitchin

Still, the presence of Ceres and its sisters reflects a major explosion, which would have rained down on our planet a shower of asteroids.


venus-cranach-200poFor Zecharia Sitchin, it is not a comet captured by the solar system, but rather a planet with an orbit very off-center; an elliptical orbit which second focus would be a hypothetical black hole located 158 billion miles away, which presence and precise location remain to be demonstrated.

Also according to Sitchin, this planet which cannot be found, Nibiru or Neb-Heru, would pass in the solar system only every 3,500 years. When it passed once, it would have been attracted by the Earth.


For other authors, a planetary collision would have torn the crust of our neighbor planet, Mars, leaving it as a skeleton, as it still is. The same star would have then grazed the Earth, threatening it of a major collision.


The Hypothesis Of Velikowski

We owe the truth to say that a front shock is fortunately impossible between two planets equipped with a magnetosphere and an atmosphere, which is the case of most of the planets and comets.

The stars crumble in contact with dense layers of the atmosphere, the only remaining is a mist of crumbs and rubbish, which orbits in the form of a ring like that of Saturn.




Whatever was the cause, another world came to brush against us. Velikovsky has collected dozens of legends speaking of it. People have to pay tribute to the quantity and quality of information that this encyclopedist has gathered.

Albert Einstein himself did, by prefacing the first edition of his major work, Worlds On Collision. What is the thesis of Velikovsky? Between this wandering star and our planet, a gravitational and electromagnetic struggle began in an apotheosis of light.



This big flash was followed by a terrible rumbling, that rose from the depths of the shaking ground, in a waiting that may chill your blood. Yahoooooooo …

Such was the creepy cry that sounded for days out of multiple cracks, from the depth of hell, when the Comet blocked the whole sky. But the gravitational fight does not end there. Huge lightnings unite the two celestial bodies, a total magnetic storm shakes the Earth. A furious meteor shower falls then on men, which suggests to simple souls that the stars fall from the sky.

The threatening star get closer and when its crust torn by molten lava was visible, the heat on earth became terrible. Men, naked and shaking, prayed their gods, their idols or the Source. It became obvious that a collision was unavoidable

And yet it did not happen. The two stars having a magnetosphere, there was a gravitational and electromagnetic shock. The Big One. Like a billiard ball hit by a cue, the Earth loses its balance. With a few twists and turns, it will regain its original position, inclined to the ecliptic at an angle varying from 21 ° to 24 °, and which current value is 21 ° 27 ‘. (Source)wikipedia

During the somersault, all the water of the oceans gushed forth toward the sky, forming a single gigantic tidal, irresistibly drawn by the wandering star, which was then playing the role of a super-moon making a super-tide. Or simply attracted by the moon which would have come closer to the earth? This hypothesis was developed above.


In nature’s infinite book of secrecy, a little I can read. (Billy Shakespeare)


Eden Saga Hypothesis

auteur-eden-saga-xavier-seguin-200poAll this is very interesting, but there is not a shred of scientific evidence provided by Velikowski. He builds like I do on mythological schemes, but the interpretation he gives is fanciful. Many other interpretations are possible, and more credible.

The fact that the great Albert Einstein had prefaced the book with enthusiasm but without legitimacy, has attracted more than one player. Sitchin’s thesis, farfetched, satisfies me even less. It assumes astronomical data very different from those observed, and incomplete explanations leave too many points in the shadows.


See detail. Agree with Velikowski: there is major damage to the date stated, there are about 4,500 years. But it is not because Venus, it is due to Nibiru.

I agree with Sitchin: the wandering star Nibiru is the cause of major damage which Velikowski talking about. But Nibiru is not a planet. It is much more incredible.

I agree with Sitchin: it is the wandering star Nibiru that caused major damage in question. But Nibiru is not a planet. It is the mother ship of Anounna.

Good advice: quickly read the following pages, quite a big surprise is coming.


Don’t ever let yourself pervade by any psychical entity, ghost, spirit, wandering soul, ectoplasm, ally or else: he could never give you back your body’s control.
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