Native Black Americans



History is not a science, or else that of lies. By crossing several modern sciences, an academic shows that pre-Columbian America was partly… an African continent. Here is how the white racialist West has disguised this astonishing truth …

Pathé DiagneThe quotations are from his book: Tarana or Pre-Columbian America, An African Continent, published by L’Harmattan, Paris 2010 is a university professor in the USA and in West Africa. A specialist in African languages and cultures, he has long studied the pre-Columbian Americas. He discovered some interesting things. For millennia, African people have colonized America, which they called Tarana. Using the corridor of the trade winds, the mussels’ fishers of West Africa – Yoruba country – have fearlessly crossed the ocean to populate Tarana.

They have developed across the Atlantic civilizations urban, farming, spiritual and artistic. This African colonization of the American continent has continued long enough to leave remains architectural, cultural, linguistic, toponymic and genetic which are indisputable. In a huge and dense book, the academicPathé Diagne, op. cit accumulates similarities between names of places, cities, rituals, language, beliefs, and the defeated reader bows before the evidence…

It was long believed that Africans were not sailors on the high seas. By racism, they were thought unable to cross the Atlantic Ocean. It is true that in ancient times ocean navigation was unknown of Seamen from Europe and the Mediterranean who practiced only coastal navigation. Our historians have concluded that Africans did not know either, and that they had never known. It is always this annoying myth of linear progress that misleads us.

Yet, in the middle of Prehistory, one can find traces of transatlantic crossings: instruments of offshore navigation, very ancient transcontinental maps, and even the remains of a ship on the Brazilian coast. Our distant ancestors did not wear underpants made of buffalo skin, they did not live in caves, uttering guttural grunts as we have been taught, they were much more civilized than the Romans or the ancient Greeks.




We discover today that prehistory, as it was depicted to us, must be receded into a past much more distant. A new historical period came to be intercalated between history and prehistory, the early history, or protohistory the history before history. It is unlike anything known. “For millennia, during the protohistory, some native African populations have contributed to the peopling of the Americas, next to the Oceanian and Eurasian migrations” wrote Pathé Diagne. 

“All the vocabulary spiritual, geopolitical, cultural and artistic of the American continent refers to the communities Yoruba, Fon, Mina, Lebu-Wolof, Bantu, Maratana, Mandeng-Soninke or Akan-Baule.”

Indeed, we find the African vocabulary of Tarakasum / Alaska in Taragoni / Patagonia; from the Gaytimara of Guatemala and the Andoras of Honduras to the Gayrifunia of California. “Africa feeds the toponymy of Toro-Silla or Peru-Chile, of the Baragwa / Paraguay and Burugwa / Urugwaï”

Diagne speaks of “transatlantic monarchies”, real settlements of African peopling established in America. There emerges a kind of colonialist Africa, firmly established in its American possessions, exercising its authority on indigenous red peoples, with whom the blacks lived together for millennia… They have repeatedly crossed the Atlantic, and went further still, since we find a trace of the mussels’ fishersblack sailors of West Africa on the Pacific coast!




The north-equatorial corridor taken by Christopher Columbus was known for millennia. The African King Bakari II used it more than a century before Columbus… At the same time that our Templars, so… Pathé Diagne explains to us that this corridor of trade winds is marked by the imprint of the mussels’ fishers Lebu North Bantu of western Atlantic. These “sea peoples” (Geejawaay) built one of the largest port networks covering both coasts of the Atlantic and the Pacific American.

The network starts in Mennfari / Memphis, Salse / Sais, Lebuta / Leptis, Tanisis-Tanit/Tunis, Kusta / Ceuta, Tingita / Tangiers. It combines Taratakas / Carthage and Taratakas / Caracas. This port system was the very ancient achievement of the Black Civilization Nubo-Egyptian responsible of the portolans of Piri Reis and other sea charts from unexplained origin… Urbanized African native populations of the Americas designated themselves as Mara, Maura or Maya.

They were named also Marana, Marroun, Maratana, Maradona, from Maranayba or Maranaïbo. “Established for millennia on both sides of the ocean, these black people have been contested as indigenous by the European Migration. The colonial state has marginalized them with the help of the Church and the Black Code. The Euro-American racist state treats them with condescension through two discriminatory codes, the Black Code and the Metic Code whose objective is to maintain these native populations in a state of subjection in relation to the white race, dominating by divine right.”




What one man calls God, another calls the laws of physics.
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