Black Gods In America



Historians refuse to admit an African presence in Precolumbian America. But the imposing evidence of the Negroid heads of the Olmecs gives them a stinging denial. Let’s see what we can say, without bias or blinders, about the Negroid populations in South America.

Before the flood that has precipitated its fall, white and black people were united on the island of Atlantis. A few millennia later, in the old Mesoamerica of the Bronze Age, we know there were three races: the Amerindians, with a dull skin, black hair, and considered human; the white gods, Quetzalcoatl or Viracocha; and the black gods, a caste of noble warriors, of Negroid type. These are the Balam Akab, Jaguars of Night, of the Aztec and Mayan mythologies. Like Quetzalcoatl, did they come from Atlantis where Whites and Blacks were reigning together?

The Popol Vuh says that the first men created by Kukulkan were four jaguars. Does it mean there were four different tribes? Four races around the white Kukulkan? The “early men”, creatures of Kukulkan, were called Balam Akab (Jaguar of Night), Balam Quitze (Jaguar with a Sweet Smile), Mahucutah (Chosen Name) and Iqui Balam (Jaguar of the Moon). It probably refers to the creation of the human races. A subsequent study could indicate to what race correspond each jaguar.

For the Jaguars of Night, this is simpler. Night was  their skin. They are the noble warriors represented on the  giant Olmec heads. They belong to the Black African People, and they are fierce, like the Ksatriyas of Mahabharata or the Vikings of Kalevala: a caste of ruthless warriors ready to die in battle. For the record, note that a Mexican punk band chose this name, Balam Akab. Suddenly and as a consequence, a fascist Mexican party has formed. What a pity!




The enigma of races in the very Amerindian antiquity is a very surprising thing for everyone, except for archaeologists. For they totally do not care. Archaeologists are serious people who believe what they were told in school. They better do otherwise their career is broken.

For now, Western archeology is at a complete loss and it is sad to see. If only students in archaeology would bother looking in the right direction! The Olmec statues also represent scenes of some encounters between non-Amerindian races which clearly shows the civility of inter-ethnic relationships, the respect and development of these people who show mutual interest, courtesy, affability. Moreover, on the aesthetic level, this impressive statuary reflects the vast and varied artistic genius of its sculptors.

Their interior elevation is quite noticeable, we can see it intact in these works. In their presence, we can feel the same impression of crystalline light as in the caves of Lascaux or at foot of the Sphinx of Giza. This is a great sacred emotion! There is no doubt that the Olmec people is a great people. Graham Hancock infers that these statues are not Olmec, but inherited from a more distant past. An Atlantean past, he seems to suggest …

Remember that the Olmec civilization began to bloom during the second millennium BC, while the arrival of Kukulkan in America would have occurred eight thousand years sooner. Many civilizations could have grown in the meantime. If so, the Balam would not be early men, but heirs. The descendants of a long pre-flood dynasty, which is an interesting source, forgotten by our cultures and our science. The people of the Feathered Serpent, who will be taken for gods by primitive hunter-gatherers. 


Jouet à roulettes,   preuve que les Olmèques connaissaient la roue


According to the Popol Vuh, these great ancestors “had a superior intelligence; they had a long-distance vision and knew everything in the world. They saw distant things without moving … They had a great wisdom, their eyes carried the forests, seas, mountains and valleys. These admirable men were able to know everything, they peered into the four corners of the sky vault, and into the round face of the earth.” That means the earth was round for them. Antiquity has always known it. Ignorance came later.

People thought that this story reflected an irruption of supernatural, a device of story teller, or any imaginary stupidity. But these different myths have been transmitted among all peoples of the earth and in all languages, over a very long period: thousands of years, at least. And without the slightest change, as all myths tell the same story, with the same disturbing details. Such a constancy suggests they all serve a fair cause. Who could believe that a tissue of nonsense could be passed on such a long time? 

If the myths are so similar everywhere in the world, isn’t it because they describe real facts? Could you imagine legends hawkers trying to tell humbug all around the world. Who could accept unfounded legends? A fairy tale could not survive so many millenia, nor pass on all around the world, nor translated in so many different language, being universally accepted, being told to children, prized by every ethnic group, without a great truth hidden within. Let us try to define it.

It could be something like this: the “first” people had cameras, televisions and radars. They also had telescopes, radios, modern-type transport gears and telecommunication satellites. Because they were not “first people”, but the culmination of an ancient civilization aged of one hundred thirty thousand years. Before that occurred the -almost impenetrable- curtain of the global deluge fell, around -10,500 in our time. Or 12,500 BP. In line with this reading of the past, we like to imagine a crazy future. 

Still, these Balam-jaguars, these so developed “first men”, had some geospatial problems. In a word, they almost lost their planet. And possibly lost their life too. After the cataclysm, they repopulated the earth with a genetically modified species, homo sapiens sapiens, or modern man, to whom they taught what had happened before. They kept the best role for themselves, the part of Almighty Gods. Let’s see how this episode is related by the mesoamerican mythology.


maya-belize-sculpture-bois-balam-akab-200po“The achievements of the First Men awakened the jealousy of many deities: “It is not good for our creatures to know everything, claimed these gods. Will they end becoming our equals, we who are their creators, we who know and see everything? … Should they also be gods?” Perfect example of the pseudo-gods‘ jealousy. It is quite shocking, as they appear therefore as petty and unfair beings, when other descriptions of the bearded gods show them filled with love and kindness. Pacifists, they are against bloodshed and aggressivity; civilizers, they transmit science and know-how to everyone.


But they are jealous. We can also find this oddity in the Bible, where Yahveh appears sometimes as a god of love, sometimes as a jealous god. Greek mythology provides an answer. There is not a single god, there is a whole band of them. And even several rival gangs who have succeeded one another at the head of the world. They perpetrated jealousies, coups, castrations, crimes, and pettiness of any kind. They were thug Gods.

If we translate their names into English, it becomes clearer. The first gods, heaven and earth, gave way to one of their son, Time. Then began the reign of the Titans. The men were giants, they lived very long. Then time was dethroned by his son, God. It was the Universal Deluge. Then came the reign of the Olympians, who like God/Zeus. One of his nephews, Titan too, a brilliant geneticist named Prometheus, used his DNA to create an intelligent species.

But God was jealous of the invention of his nephew. As he was also a geneticist, he limited the human lifespan to 150 years. Athena, a clone of God, changed the human strain by introducing “an ability to transcendence”: the fire within. This was precisely the light that Prometheus, in the myth, stole from God to bring to men. Speaking of fire, you can burn a debt of gratitude to the beautiful Athena. If she had not been there, we would not even have a soul … Anyway, it had not taken less than three designers to make us.

In America, the Quetzalcoatl and Viracocha long remained in contact with local people, who were their creatures. They lived among them, but also elsewhere. Where? Perhaps they went underground, according to the tales of the Little People, in this mysterious Agartha, of which several underground corridors are expected to travel from Antarctica to Brazil and sunken Atlantis. Perhaps they reach outer space, according to the Elvish poems, aboard a giant vessel sailing towards an exo-planet of the system of Sirius, Orion or the Pleiads.

The Christian churches speak of Heaven and Hell. It’s the same thing. As you wish. For now, say they also lived elsewhere. As for the jealousy of God who punishes men, the Popol Vuh tells us, with other words, the same story. The Kukulkan gods were jealous of their creatures. They decided to curb the First Men, believing that they made them a little too much in their own image: “May their view reach just what is close to them, may they see only a small part of the face of the earth!

Then the Heart of Heaven blew mist into their eyes, what disturbed their visions like mist on a mirror. Their eyes were veiled and they could see afterwards only what was at hand, only what was clear to them.” (source)Graham Hancock, Imprint of the Gods Nothing could be clearer indeed. This is the right spot where we must look for our lost powers. Since that punishment, our powers lie in the depths of time, like the Inca’s gold at the bottom of Lake Titicaca. Deep-time divers, get ready !  

And Hancock concluded that the Popol Vuh and Genesis “tell the story of the fall and disgrace of humanity. In both cases, the prior state of “grace” was closely associated with knowledge, and the reader don’t doubt that the knowledge in question was so remarkable that it conferred divine powers to those who possessed it.” The prior state of grace? Or rather the normal state? The decline of new men was sought and genetically programmed.




Zeus wanted us ephemeral, infirm creatures. Here we are. But each of us is a seed of Zeus. Thanks to his daughter, the powerful and sweet Athena, who gave us a soul, every woman, every man, every child, at every moment, can choose to stay a slave or to open the Nagual door. Our immortal soul is setting our divine nature. We are leaving the animal kingdom. We are losing the human form. Our true nature is manifested by the triple union, the balance of the three epicenters of man: 

Mind, Feelings, Will.
Body, Heart and Mind.

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