The Warrior Was A Woman


The hunter man, the gatherer woman, is the image we have of prehistory. The roles established in our present society. Marked by this a-priori, early archaeologists declared that this hierarchy was natural. Blatant delirium that went unnoticed until a recent time when primary sexism became unacceptable. Many researchers now reject this theory because artifacts revealed over time are in total contradiction with this view. What if the warrior was a woman?



The man is the hunter. He is the one who feeds the family. He has a place at the top of society. In fact, that is not true. At the site of Birka, one of the first towns founded in Sweden in the Viking era, researchers discovered in 1889 a funerary tomb with horses, swords, bows and arrows, all attributes immediately associated with a valiant warrior. Only a recent DNA analysis conducted by the University of Stockholm revealed that the deceased was a woman. A similar discovery was made in China.

These fantastic findings on skeletons of the Holocene dramatically disrupt our vision of protohistory. An end to the macho bias that the first archaeologists conveyed and that was transmitted to the classrooms, alas.

The warrior was a woman, not a man. The Amazons are a reality, not an invention of your servant.

The facts are there: our real past is closer to my descriptions than to those of archaeological science — even if it reacts in the right direction, the damage is done and we do it again. This is a consequence of the drastic reversal that marked the end of the matriarchy, the reign of Rama and the irresistible rise of the brand new patriarchate, in which we are still debating today. It is time to act. It is time to react. It is time to govern.

We have the number for ourselves. Should we let the worst, the vilest, the reals — whatever party they are, they all are — the incompetents, the false naives, the real fake asses lead us to the cookie cutter and the life catcher? Are we honey flies to swallow this crap? Believe in these old moons, these promises that will always be?

I’m afraid so. Defeatism spreads as fast as electric scooters. And in the same ones. They will never come to my home, too far away from home. I refuse them every week. Do not think that we come here without showing multicoloured paw. Sexism and racism are my two pet peeves. Or white?

Naked truth

We know that men settled down around -12000. Men, not women. Wanderers, they roamed the world. Wandering, they slept in the tent. And the men, sedentary, ensured the charge of the young. They had just left the hunter-gatherer lifestyle that had been practiced for millennia. They built the first stone houses adorned with goddesses and heroines. They adored women and waited for them as we hope for rain in the desert.

Like knights launched in their quest, the women set out on an adventure far from their family and their native village. What a pity for the reacs!! Astonishing conclusion for them, the unfortunate ones. But which admirably supports my version of the protohistory. I rejoice, if I may.

With or without the agreement of the uptight, I enjoy my pleasure. Such a victory is unexpected. Doubt is never far from astral explorers. My discoveries on the timeline are anything but scientific. I bet they will be soon, but for the time being the academics, the scientists and the ignorantspleonasm? see me with a funnel on my head. They knock me out. I take responsibility.


The truth emerges from the thick mists of ignorance. For a long time we believed the lies of history to be true. We bought their bullshit version. We fell for the electoral billboard. We plagiarized the privileged. Here they come to us marked with the sign of infamy. Here are the artists who take it, directors, writers, cartoonists, and the best. They are all convinced, it changes the losers.

Juan Matus liked to listen to poems. The truth they express is similar to that of the warriors. The poets, the creatives are the first to find what has been hidden from us. They have antennae like the shamans, like the Devil of the Arcane XV. Their intuitions join visions through trances, or voodoo possessions.

For them, it’s spontaneous. That’s why they’re artists.



Essential Tarot

Why do I keep referring to the Tarot of Marseilles? For the same reason that I put capital letters on it. Some tarologists call it divinatory tarot. As for me, I respect the name that my childhood friend Jean-Claude Flornoy baptized: Initiatory Tarot. Let us leave the divinatory to the divinities.

According to Flornoy, a master cartier and an eminent tarologist, there are three ways to draw the tarot. The first type is Madame Irma’s tarot. Strictly event-based, it concerns only the future. It is supposed to be based on a gift of prescience often imaginary. I am reluctant to read this type of tarot for several reasons. Yet Flornoy committed us to practice it… To strengthen our clairvoyance?

The other two types of drawing interest me more: the Tarot of consciousness and the Tarot of energy. They’re both more about the present and the past than the future, and I like that better.

Telling the future can fix this program in the head and body of the consultant. If the program is negative, the consultant risks doing it. Even if it is positive, where is the respect for free will? It is still too much in my opinion. Also I confine myself to the Tarot of energy, a true initiatory Tarot. I invent my visitors to discover it.

Tarots are fabulous instruments for exploring the past and discovering oneself. I use it all the time, hence the constant references I make to it.



Black and women from every country, unite. For years I have been proclaiming these two truths: Blacks have been the masters of this planet thanks to their advance over other human lineages, and women have been the strong sex throughout a matriarchy that has lasted ten times longer than the current patriarchy. I did not shout in vain in the desert. Opinions that are said to be slow to evolve turned in record time. This site took its share, you can imagine how happy I am.

On these two subjects as on many others, the theses I support and the hypotheses I make are becoming, if not banal, at least acceptable. Don’t think I’m showing off an egotistical satisfecit. I am happy, of course, but it is like a craftsman who is proud of his work and who measures its results. I am seeing some unexpected progress. Racism and sexism seem to be out of control in this country, as in others. The archaeological discoveries are numerous that fly to the rescue of this evolution of morals.



To restore the truth about the secret history of the black people, I published many texts that are reproduced in a free pdf like everything else here. You will find these texts in the Protohistory section, under the general title Black Saga. The pdf files are accessible at the bottom of the page, on the right. Black Saga was published without my permission by Amazon, which is no longer a blunder. This paid edition does not bring me a penny, others benefit from it. In any respect, it is detestable. Dirty presentation, gross layout, rough typo, syntax and spelling errors in a mess on the cover and accompanying texts — neither texts nor mistakes are mine.

Do not buy it.

What does this theft matter to me? I have always said that my ideas are usable, my sources verifiable, my assumptions reasonable. The only thing that bothers me is that my name appears on this rag. This time the craftsman that I am can not rejoice in the work well done. Note that he had nothing to do with it. That does not prevent shame. I am advised to have this stolen book removed from the market. I do not know what is best. Let my ideas spread, that is my primary goal. The rest is an ego wound unworthy of an impeccable warrior.

If you want to help me, make a donation. I need it.


Heroic Conquerors

All this takes us away from the free and wandering warriors who animated our protohistory. So I come back to that. The section titled The Matriarchs explains by the menu how women have been our leaders for tens of millennia, while the current patriarchy accuses barely three thousand years. Africa, the first land of development, still had in the last century the Amazons, armed arm of the dominant Matriarchy. Warriors quite similar to those of prehistory.

Throughout the world, thanks to sport in particular, modern warriors win victories and prizes. All occupations are now accessible to them, with the exception of some backward countries which see the emancipation of women with a negative eye. The traditionally male professions, including some bastions deemed inviolable, are open or in the process of being open thanks to the commitment of dedicated activists and admirable heroines.

It is unlikely, however, that heroism and death are necessary to make the evidence triumph. There are no deaf people worse than those who do not want to hear… The history, even of textbooks, cannot ignore this major phenomenon, the main characteristic of the last century, and which will see its culmination in the current century.

I am not black, I am not a woman, but I love the truth. Others will follow in my footsteps. It is already starting. Thank you to them. It takes a lot of men to defend women’s rights. And a lot of whites, yellows, reds and greens the Martians with us! to support the blacks and restore their rights.