Vampires And Succubi



Black Lilith, first wife of Adam, was free and independent. She was not made out  one of his ribs, as Eve did.

The daughters of Lilith are free and independent. They face life with courage and death with insubordination.

Full of endurance, cheeky, they are on the barricades and not away back to treat the wounded – they leave the task to the daughters of Eve. 

Oh you Lilith girls, leave without remorse your stepsisters this role where they excel. Your destiny is your fight. Your fate is elsewhere.

On a soul warrior, fierce and reckless, Lilith confronts the Devil in hell and God in heaven with the same aplomb in her body, the same impulse in her heart and the same indifference in her mind.

 She is represented in multiple traits, such as Kali, another Black goddess of Hindu pantheon. Her destiny is her fight. She doesn’t need a man, not only one. Her fate is elsewhere. 

She may also appear wearing a tiara, accompanied by a lioness and owls, with claws and wings of a bird of prey. Because Lilith, too, is a daughter of the Snake People. She is one of the aspects of the Earth.  In the Gnostic magic, she embodies the sensuality of the Mother Goddess who presides over the carnal pleasures.

Her qualities of  goddess of love and death made of her a very conjured deity in sexual magic.” (Source)




There are several prayers or invocations to Lilith. The most famous was issued in 1592 by an entity to Sir Edward Kelly, the assistant of John Dee during a session of astral vision. 

“Even the name of Lilith evokes the darkness: Leila or Lavlah means night, darkness. She merges with the numerous Black Virgins like Isis, Kali, the black Sarah, Mary of Egypt, whose places of worship were often established on the location of ancient sites of initiation.

These black virgins, far prior to Christianity, are the ancient goddesses of life, death, fertility and earth forces. Lilith is hardly mentioned in the Bible, we must consult the Talmud and the Zohar, to better know her history.”  With Agrat, Mahalath and Naamah, Lilith is considered to be one of the mothers of the devils or Nephilim. She would have slept with the Elohim“She is said the mother of Ormuzd or Hormiz. In another legend, it is Asmodeus, Prince of Demons, who is his son. She appears then as a demonic creature with a woman’s face, with wings and wearing long hair. In the Testament of Solomon, she is a wandering woman who visits pregnant women to strangle their newborn.”




So it was usual to protect women and children by amulets supposed to take the demon away.

Until the 16th century in Central Europe, we woke up the children smiling in their sleep for fear that they “play with Lilith”, the devil seduced them to carry them away.

In the Vendidad, one of the books of Zoroaster, there is one of the bases of the Jewish myth of Lilith:

“The man who soils himself while sleeping is supposed to have had sex with a succubus who will conceive of him a demonic child.” 

Lilith also presides over the sexual act and directs the incubi and succubi, encourages women to enjoy their bodies, and gives them orgasms and erotic passions. Lilith the seductress also assails men, she provokes to malefic reports. In Johann 1717, Jakob Schudt said: “The Jews of Frankfurt firmly believe that when a man ejaculates, his semen forms evil spirits with the help of Lilith. The seed spread on the ground impregnates Lilith and gives her sons.”

This fear of succubi has been omnipresent until the 20th century. The most striking example is that of Huysmans: victim of a very intense erotic dream, he was awakened just in time to see a succubus vanish into the air.

The disorder of the sheets, the footprint that was drawn on them, convinced him of the physical presence of the demon who had spent the night with him.  In Western demonology, Lilith is the Queen of Stryges, these winged demon vampires. Equipped with horns and claws, they destroy men after giving them erotic pleasures. 

In the Middle Ages, the image of the Stryge was synonymous with Ghoul and witch, they were accused of removing children and killing them in order to use their flesh and blood for making potions and witchcraft.




However, the true origin of the myth of Lilith lies in a passage of The Alphabet of Ben Sirah, Kabbalistic book of the eleventh century.

But for me, the essence of the matter lies in this great forgotten secret: before the guys, the girls have ruled, and when it comes to fight, they fought like beasts. So notice to macho: shut up, low profile, change sidewalk, and raise your hat in front of a lady. She deserves your respect. Yes man, that’s it.


Only the small secrets need to be protected. The great are kept secret by public incredulity.
Marshall McLuhan