God In You

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There was no time, there was no space. And despite that, one day, the single being wanted to divide in two, to see what it does … As he liked it, he split again. And then again in two. And in two. And in two. Up to billions of myriads of infinities of beings in billions of myriads of infinities of planets in billions of myriads of infinities of galaxies …


Division Multiplies the One

You understand the trick. The one god divided, and in doing so he multiplied. Each living is a fraction of the Living One. A holographic fraction. That is to say a perfect, complete image, which remains perfect and complete whatever the number of times God divides it. Each living person carries in him the signature of the Unique. His mission, if he accepts it, is to realize the Unique in him. To develop the divine virtuality. To join the Unit and reign over it all.

There is no time, there is no space. These two pseudo-dimensions are illusions, inherent constraints of matter, to allow us to progress. We do not progress without constraints. The child delivered to himself can cultivate laziness and ignorance. Its character gets sour and spoils. He becomes uncontrollable before adolescence. The young child needs limits to experience his freedom. Welcome to the materiality! Only the Spirit is limitless, beyond the time and space that constrain mortal creatures.


God or You?

One does not progress without constraints. Between two lives, when the spirit hovers in the kingdom of the Spirit, no improvement is possible. The individual mind stagnates eternally in the state it is in. One does not progress in eternity. To progress takes time. You need space. To know time and space, you have to incarnate. To take one’s own material, atoms, molecules, cells and all that follows, and for a time, for the space of a time, to forget our celestial origin, to lose sight of our ethereal essence, to ignore our immortal and moreover uncreated soul.

The goal of all this? The ultimate goal of this adventure of life always restarted? To become god ourselves, to rekindle in us the divine spark of our origin. God created man in his image, says the Bible and other religious mythologies do chorus. God made man in his own image, and man gave it back to him well, answers Voltaire. And Maupassant. And others. Me for example.

If God made you in his image, he has many images in his pocket! Because, like him, you are unique. No one looks like you enough to be you, not even your twin. Myriad unique people rush into the galactic subway every night… And the One has a lot to deal with, galaxies!! Work, work… Wanna give a helping hand?



What if the ultimate goal, the goal of the game, the ultimate stake in all this big bazaar, was knowledge? Increase to infinity the universal, timeless, instantaneous knowledge? Yes, I believe that knowing is the only reasonable goal. What if the whole was anything but reasonable? 

Toute connaissance est une co-naissance, wrote Paul Claudel. All knowledge is a co-birth. Born with knowledge. This echoes the Pythagorean theory of the soul, “all knowledge is a reminiscence“, quoted by Plato in the Menaon. Yessir!

God is the arbiter of himself on the path of knowledge. God the Father, man of power, in search of the Holy Spirit, a Goddess for the Greeks, the consort for the gods Ases, for those of Hinduism as for the Elohim. The union of Shiva and Shakti is only worth the love of the Child God, their offspring.

In ancient Egypt, we find the original model of the holy trinity: Isis, Osiris, Horus. For the ancient Egyptians too, the Spirit is woman. And for the Sumerians as well. And for the ancient Celts. This is what we can say if we paint the portrait of God through various religious mythologies. A god that wears in French the sweet name of Il-Elle. Or Elle-Il.



God the Human

Theological exegesis is mirrored in the genesis of Eden Saga, the vision of our origins that I patiently reconstruct and give you in these pages gradually as my discoveries.

I confess that this quest is for a most exciting truth seeker that can be imagined. I never dared to imagine myself in such a crazy equip. See, science is against me. Religions are against me. Politics and our leaders are against me. The haves are against me. The gods are against me. The devils are against me. The innumerable cohort of liars and cheats is against me.

You who read me, you are my strength, my hope and my support. If the grain does not die, the flower will not come. If the flower does not fade, will not come the fruit. I must die to give life. Thus the god-son of God became man to experience in his flesh the sufferings and the enjoyments of the world. The bargains and the goodies of life. Hatred and sorrow, sweets and pains, laughter and the worst, elsewhere and the best. This is how men live, whether their kisses follow them or not. (source)

God became man, the Great Goddess became a woman, Jesus became a tramp to suffer in his skin daily rejection, scorn, violence, stupidity and ignorance. God descended among us to suffer as we do, and to enjoy as we do. I like this scenario. He comes from Christianity, yes, and why not? All religions are right in what they say and wrong in what they deny. Negation is a door slamming like a slap. Approval is a mouth that puts a kiss on your suffering cheek.

Here is God, that’s his word. He is human, too human even. We wished him better than us. Why is that ? He made us in his image, our faults are his, like the rest. Everything here belongs to him. He created this world with the sweat of his angels. And with an impressive array of death and destruction gear, life machinery and construction.


The divine man

This portrait of God concerns you. If it speaks to you, you will recognize it as true. It should make you follow its example. You have incarnated for that. Each of us came here for a specific task, but we all forgot about it when we were born. Your sacred mission is to find what you are born here and now. There’s no chance. Everything is remotely controlled. The question is by whom, and for what.

You too are here to cut yourself in two, one half judging the other, the double marrying the one, the broken egg revealing two Renés, ie two Reborn.French firstname: René, Latin: Renatus This is the secret of the arcane XV The Tower. You’ve been there, you’re not the same anymore. God speaks to you, a god lives in you. Do not take yourself for him, you remain a man. For ever. This is how. This is the human condition.

Yet here you are different. More yourself, and yet another. Someone you did not suspect you took your place. Your body no longer obeys you, it is under his command. The occurring. He who in the dark envied your light. He is incarnated, your old self is dead, welcome to the new.

To understand where you come from is to know who you are to guess where you are going. (Lao Surlam)



Take yourself

Do not be afraid. If you look better, you will recognize yourself. This new character who lives in your body, who makes your heart beat, who directs your mind, it is you, you can be sure of it. It’s you but better. Your reticence, your modesty and your shame, your mediocrity, your failings and your meanness, finished, gone, gone. You are naked in the face of life, all alone in the world where you are astonished to be still.

Where does this wisdom come from? This serenity? Yes, where are you from? Who can say it? Not you anyway.

Another year again
With its chin in its hand
I wonder where it brings
I don’t take anything