The Source And The Gods

This page has been sleeping on my hard drive for months. I have long hesitated to publish it so as not to offend the sensibilities and beliefs of my many readers of our globalized world. This site is read by millions of people in over 150 countries, I know very well that I can not address the global population as I would do for the French only.

Global levels of knowledge are very disparate, like beliefs, like cultures, like traditions. In France too, with the economic refugees and those of the zones of war or oppression, the population has internationalized, like the opinions and beliefs. Islamist terrorism is a reality here as elsewhere. More than anywhere else. We are not talking as freely about religious issues today as we could do before the killings of Charlie Hebdo and others.

This page is the result of many debates I had with my readers, and a large amount of correspondence with them. Their questions are respectable, so I respect them. Everyone is attached to one’s beliefs and doubts, I do not pretend to counter them, I am not entitled to do so. As in all pages of this site, I’m just trying to ask as many questions as possible. The answers lay in each of you.


What to believe?

For the free thinker that I am, faith in god is an aberration. Why ? Would I be an atheist? Not at all! I do not deny the notion of god. I am sure the gods existed and exist still. The gods, yes; but not the only god. There is a lot of confusion here. The unique god does not exist. There is the Source, it flows in each of us. It is impersonal, we can not talk to the Source, it can not answer our prayers. Our double can, so we take it for God. Invisible entities also profit from the credulity of the faithful to give them fake revelations.

On the other hand, the gods – or so-called ones – are indeed physical persons. They had to be since they were terraformers then the operators of our planet and its resources. Including living resources. Including humans. They are not gods in the modern sense of the term, but supermen. Giants.

These gods come from stars and different species. Some are reptilians, others are mammals, others something else. All are humanoid. The Egyptian and Hindu pantheons show us a flock of gods with a human body and an animal head.

The Elohim or the Olympians – they are the same – were people of knowledge: scientists, technicians, researchers. They are the ones who made our species, with genes they had brought into their genebanks. All the animals that populate the earth are also their creation. Ditto for plants, landscapes, and all the wonders we naively attribute to nature.

Their civilizations are billions of years old. Their historical memory is that of supermen who penetrate us very widely in all fields. We must respect them, and above all, fear them. In a single gesture they annihilated animal species, removed human lines, destroyed cities and kingdoms. And they could start again!

Their hyper-developed technology allows them to perform feats that look like magic to us. In our eyes, they are all-powerful. But they are demiurges, not gods. And they are aware of it, even if they have claimed the opposite to establish their domination over our naive and fearful ancestors. Their main scam is to have us believe in the existence of a single god.

These giants who dominate us so widely have absolute knowledge, or almost. Omnipotent, omniscient, they know much better than us where is the ultimate truth, since the time they pass on knowledge. They have access to all the super-civilizations of our galaxy, and probably beyond. They had plenty of time to assimilate the beliefs and knowledge of civilizations infinitely older than theirs.

So it is disturbing that they do not believe in God. In their system of thought, even the Source is non-existent. Of course, when they speak to humans, they express themselves quite differently. Do they tell us the truth? That is the question.

When Muhammad says to Allah, “There is no god but god,” either Muhammad misunderstood, or he invented that, or the archangel Gabriel knowingly imposed this error, or a demon was made to pass for the archangel.

Do not think that angels can not deceive us. Look at the fallen angels as they strive to our loss. They did it once, they still do it. Do you think you can differentiate an angel from a demon? Of course not. No human is capable of it. The gods have the power to impose their glory on us. We are dazzled by their light. Clarity is the second enemy of the warrior. Because it is tricky. Remember: no invocation!

Yahveh, Allah or Elijah – they are the same – are gods among many others. There are plenty in the Bible. Christianity and Judaism bypass the difficulty by claiming that these are just different names for a single god. Yeah … Se non è vero, è bene trovato. If it is not true, it is well found.


Hindus say that there are thirty thousand gods. On Hyperborea, the terraforming gods were thirty millions. The invention of the unique god was initiated by Judaism who knowingly confused the pseudo-gods – who are living beings, thus mortal – with the impersonal Source. This invention of the unique god is 2500 years old – or a little more. It was issued first of all for political reasons.


The ontological argument

“Jesus does exist, I speak to him every day” I am told very often. Yes, you are talking to a guide and this guide answers you. Yes, you take it for Jesus. Did he confirm it? If so, should we take it on word? This guide could be two distinct entities: primo, your astral double. The emanation of your immortal soul. It guides you throughout your life. It helps you in your trials. It rejoices in your achievements.

Second, an opportunistic entity posing as Jesus. Or – according to your religion – for Allah / Elijah, Yahveh, Buddha, Brahma, Shiva, etc. This entity can give you good or bad advice. It’s up to you to judge. It’s up to you to make a difference.


Forced religion

In most countries, newcomers are asked about their religion. Bullshit. I do not practice any, I do not believe in a supreme god, and yet I am neither pagan nor atheist. The pagan practices the old religion, those of the Druids, that of Rama of Hyperborea. I do not practice any religion. I know that the gods existed, that they exist still. I do not worship them. I’m suspicious. The atheist denies the existence of the gods. Of all the gods. And in my opinion the atheist is wrong.

I am a light seeker. My quest is that of truth. No religion can help me for that, it should first be purified of all the shit it picked up along the way. Religions are human, therefore imperfect. Revealed religions are revealed by former fake gods, so imperfect too. Moreover they have been revealed to men, imperfect in essence. In these conditions, how can one believe it?

The truth ? All religions contain some – or they once contained it. But all religions diffuse untruths. They are right in what they say, but they are wrong in what they deny.

My practice is that of love. Only love gives peace. It imposes tolerance, empathy, all the values ​​that will make tomorrow a better world. Unconditional love deserves all my respect. It remains an ideal. Sometimes dangerous. If we slap you, turn the other cheek – that’s a nice utopia. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth – that’s a pretty crap.



Christian converted to Sufism, Rene Guénon warns us: counter-initiation exists, it is more widespread (much more) than the real one. His fellow Sufi master Idries Shah tells us an eloquent story. That of Mevlana who organizes a group of students in a remote town of Konia. He can not continue to go there every week, so he leaves them a curriculum and designates one of the students to keep order in the small troop. But here it is: the designated student is very fast for the elected, the new master. He teaches, he punishes, he criticizes, he corrects right and wrong.

Several years go by without Djal Aladdin Rumi aka Mevalana coming back. Finally he returns to visit his distant school. He notices the damage done by the proud student. He banishes him from the study group and tells the students, “To suffer the law of a bad master is worse than not to have it, and in all these years you have made no progress. more distant from the Way than you were before him.”

Who can give the initiation? Among Catholics, every baptized person can baptize. But baptism is a sacrament, not an initiation. Few humans are able to initiate. Few insiders can. Sects or lodges have initiatic only the name. Hermeticism, freemasonry, rose-cross, no secret to look for, no initiation to find there. All these private clubs practice only the cultivation of the mind. So the ego.

Initiation, the true one, is a step on the way. It happens when the petitioner is ready. If you seek her, she will not come. If you cultivate holiness, initiation will laugh at you. If you devote yourself to vice, she will flee you. Or not … Morality is a political invention to keep the masses in the right path: one who does not disturb the vices of the elite.

Evangelism, proselytism, forced conversions, yuck. Some religions want to convince at all costs. They are still recruiting more new members. They inspire me with great distrust. Christianity, Islam and Buddhism are proselytes religions. In contrast, Judaism or Hinduism, for example, do not. It is very difficult to become a Jew, almost impossible to become a Hindu. These two religions are only transmitted by race … say by heredity, since “race” is a taboo word.


The meaning of the sacred

The Amerindians are shocked to see other religions crepe the bun. They are stunned to hear whites, blacks or yellows insult themselves in the name of their gods. For the Amerindians, Wakan Tanka is in the heart of all, no need to talk about it. The report to Wakan Tanka happens in the secret of the heart. No temple, mosque, synagogue or church. The sense of the sacred is innate, it is in us. Or not. It has nothing to do with religiosity, ritual practices, obligatory prayers, and all the fashions invented by men to distinguish themselves from other men. Religion separates. Spirituality brings together. Because it happens in the inner silence, it does not splash.

Certainly the Amerindians have religious rites: sundance, sweat lodge. But there is no – there was no theological debate or catechism. No dogma. No credo. Everyone was free to meet Wakan Tanka by any way. Drugs were one. Like ayahuasca, Mescalito the peyote or calumet of peace. The sorcerer / shaman was only a man of knowledge, and not an obligatory intermediary, like priests or imams.

Before colonization, the ancient Amerindians practiced a model secularism. Never did spiritual matters interfere with the life of the tribe. If only we could follow this beautiful example!

And if they could follow it to themselves! With the general enthusiasm for their old practices, they organize a whole hierarchy similar to that of Catholics and Buddhists. They proselytize, they try, they recruit, they spread their rituals and their sacred objects. Soon they will have bishops, cardinals, even a pope. And they will argue about their rites …

Have you said progress?