Black Lilith


“I am Black Lilith, Adam’s first wife, free from all eternity, rebellious and dangerous. My embrace turns my lovers into slaves without will. I consume mortals as well as gods and angels. They also call me insatiable.”

First wife of Adam, before Eve, Lilith is not derived from him, but she is his equal and as such, rebellious. For a few decades, she has become a figurehead of feminism and homosexuality. This is in Assyria that can be found the first traces of the myth of Lilith, our obscure mother. 

“Under many appearances, both seductive and bewitching, vampire or succubus, but always scary, it is often shown in the guise of a beautiful naked woman, adorned with a long wavy hair. The first two human partners were Adam and Lilith, they were created in order to respond a clear desire of the Creator: there would be equality of rights between man and woman. Talmudic tradition even says that they had been created united by the back. Between Adam and Lilith, a conflict soon arose, whose pretext was how they would make love – what would be the respective positions of the one and the other? Conflict reflecting claims to social supremacy.

Lilith contested the claims of her husband to be the head of the family, showing the equivalence of her rights within the couple, given the conditions of their creation. Adam refused to budge, asserting he was the only master. The situation became even worse. When Lilith was rendered to the evidence that the stubbornness of Adam was hopeless, she resolved to the ultimate possible approach: she invoked the name of the Ineffable.  Then miraculously she received wings and went through the air out of the Garden of Eden. Broken hearted, Adam implored the Almighty: “Master of the world, the woman You gave me is gone!” The Creator, moved by the distress of Adam, sent three angels, Snwy, Snsnwy and Snglf, in search of Lilith to persuade her to return to her home with her husband. Lilith would not listen, even after the angels had reported the sentence of the Lord: 

she would give birth to many children
and one hundred of her sons should die every day.



Desperate by the appalling cruelty of the punishment, she tried to throw herself into the Red Sea. Driven by remorse, the three angels granted her she would have full power over the newborn children, for eight days after birth for boys, for twenty days for girls, in addition, she would have an unlimited power over children born outside marriage.




However, she would lose these powers whenever she see the image of these angels. By chance Lilith has lost nothing of her charm. Samael, master of the fallen angels, found her crying on her mistakes and her loneliness and at once felt in love with her. Samael and Lilith both believe to equality for genders and of their origins. They settled together in the valley of Gehenna. Lilith thus became the Queen of Darkness, the eternal feminine in its dark, magical and sensual aspect.” (source)

Black Lilith is especially rebellious. It is his revolt against the dictatorship of the male that has made it so diabolical. The dominant caste, that of the males, can not tolerate the first woman who dared to refuse the omnipotent Law issued by the males. Then Lilith was expelled from the holy books, both Christians and Jews decided to ignore the mothers of all mothers. To make up for this loss, sweet Eve came out of the awesome brains of males. It has been featured because, coming out of Adam’s rib, she is like him, less than him, and he is totally submissive to him. Today all those who revolt against the inequality of the sexes are certainly girls of Lilith. Those who live with it are Eve’s daughters.


Lilith and the poets

“And later the soldiers, telling after stopping
How they had taken Jesus of Nazareth,
Said they had seen,
on the dark mountain
The Daughter of Satan, the great woman of shadow
This Lilith we call Isis
along the Nile.”

(source)Victor Hugo, The End of Satan


“So he loved Lilith, Adam‘s first wife, who was not created from man. She was made of red earth, like Eve, but of inhuman matter; she was similar to the snake, it was she who tempted the serpent to tempt the others…” (source)Marcel Schw

 “Adam had a first wife of which the Bible does not speak, but that the Talmud lets us know. Her name was Lilith.  Formed, not of one of his ribs, but of the red earth of which he himself was kneaded, she was not the flesh of his flesh. She separated from him voluntarily. He still lived in innocence when she left him to go to those regions where the Persians settled long after and where lived then preadamites smarter and more beautiful than men. She therefore had no part in Adam’s sin (…)

So she escaped the curse pronounced against Eve and her seed. She is free of pain and death; having no soul to save, she is incapable of merit as demerit. Whatever she does, she does neither good nor bad. Her daughters, she had of a mysterious hymen, are immortal like her and, like her, free of their actions and their thoughts, as they can neither gain nor lose before God. Now, my son, I recognize by certain signs, the creature that made you fall, this Leila, was a daughter of Lilith.” (source)Anatole France, The Daughter of Lilith




Do you come from Heaven or rise from the abyss,
Beauty? Your gaze, divine and infernal,
Pours out confusedly benevolence and crime,
And one may for that, compare you to wine.

You contain in your eyes the sunset and the dawn;
You scatter perfumes like a stormy night;
Your kisses are a philtre, your mouth an amphora,
Which make the hero weak and the child courageous.

Do you come from the stars or rise from the black pit?
Destiny, bewitched, follows your skirts like a dog;
You sow at random joy and disaster,
And you govern all things but answer for nothing.

You walk upon corpses which you mock, O Beauty!
Of your jewels Horror is not the least charming,
And Murder, among your dearest trinkets,
Dances amorously upon your proud belly.

The dazzled moth flies toward you, O candle!
Crepitates, flames and says: ‘Blessed be this flambeau!’
The panting lover bending o’er his fair one
Looks like a dying man caressing his own tomb,

Whether you come from heaven or from hell, who cares,
O Beauty! Huge, fearful, ingenuous monster!
If your regard, your smile, your foot, open for me
An Infinite I love but have not ever known?




From God or Satan, who cares? Angel or Siren,
Who cares, if you make, — fay with the velvet eyes,
Rhythm, perfume, glimmer; my one and only queen!
The world less hideous, the minutes less leaden? (source)Charles Baudelaire, Hymn To Beauty


The human condition is like that of flocks trotting in the dust, driven to the abattoir at the sound of the flute, by interchangeable shepherds.
Henri de Monfreid