Zohar Devils



There is a book very popular among esotericists and Kabalists, which was written in the thirteenth century by Rabbi Moses de Leon under the title Sefer ha-Zohar, or Book of Splendour.

 The Book of Splendor provides a plethora of stories about the fallen angels. The Nephilim and their offspring half-human, half divine are out of favor in the Bible which outlawed the Book of Enoch. It is a delight for the gourmet to read the litanies of the Sefer-ha-Zohar looking for names, customs and achievements of these unconventional beings. “The Nefilim Aza and Azael were then on earth, taught Rabbi Yossi because the Holy One, blessed be He, had expelled them from above, his sacred place.”

To those who wonder how the Nefilim can survive in this world, Rabbi Hiya replied: “These beings are from the people of “flying birds on Earth” (source)Genesis 1, 20 

We have seen how they appear to men under a human form. To those who wonder how they can be transformed, I will answer: unlimited are the powers of the Mind. The Nephilim get transformed at will. “When they descended, they got impregnated with the Aether of the world and they looked like men.” But these choices are irreversible. Angels do not have enough personal power to regain their first appearance once they were “embodied”. By choosing to stay, the Nephilim had to give up their return ticket. 

“So Aza and Azael rebelled in the Above and the Holy One, blessed be He, made them fall from it. Then they got embodied on earth and remained trapped in this earthly body they could not leave. They prostituted themselves with the women of this world and until the present day they still remain.” (source)Moses de Leon, Sepher ha-Zohar

Azaëlle and Yesaëlle teach witchcraft to humans.” (source)Moses de Leon, Sepher ha-Zohar

“Those of Aza have given birth to sons they called Anakim, Giants, and Giborim, Heroes. As for them, the Nefilim, they were called “the sons of Elohim” as it has been told.” (Source)Moses de Leon, Sepher ha-Zohar 

The Elohim were the brightest of geneticists. They worked hard, they had been a lot of trouble to create pure, specialized, operative and easy to train lineages. All this bread soup might wreck their great genetic planning.

But the damage being done, it was necessary to remedy it.




“The great mixture is composed of five species of peoples: the Nefilim or Fallen, the Guiborim or Heroes, the Anakim or giants, the Refaim or Shadows, the Emim and the Amalékim.” The Elohim were not going to leave behind them such a mess. “Of the Nefilim it is said: “The sons of Elohim saw the daughters of man were beautiful and they desired them. It is they who made themselves fall from Above because they had married all these women.” (Source)Genesis 6, 2

Men were becoming numerous, they coveted the land of giants. YHVH promised to some men lands still occupied by the giants. (source)Joshua 14:3 

“Now give me this hill country that the Lord has promised me at that moment. At the time, you learned that some Anakim lived there in large fortified cities. f the Lord help me, I dispossess them as he said.” (Source)Joshua 14:12 Same happened to David, who defeated Goliath, the Philistine giant. The giants were an endangered species when the Hebrews entered the Promised Land. 

“Moses said to YHVH: “Give me a land” and YHVH said: “There is a beautiful land, really beautiful. It is yours. You can lead your people there.” Then YHVH gave Moses the name of this land and Moses said: “Canaan? But this is the land of giants!” YHVH said: “They are dying. You have the ark. You will overcome it.” Then Moses regained confidence and the next day he was dead.” (Source)Xavier Séguin, Eden Saga the website of Splendors

With the help of the gods, men got rid of the giants as they had gotten rid of the Neanderthals. As everyone knows, history repeats itself a little. At the age it has, it is an excusable senility…


A person often meets destiny on the road taken to avoid it.
Jean de La Fontaine