The Glory of Shekinah


Moses had access to all the mysteries of ancient Atlantis, piously preserved by the son of Osiris. And Moses fled with the most valuable collections of Egyptian property: the machine to change human into god. Holy from the Holies. It is understood that the cheated and robbed Pharaoh to be thrown to the pursuit of sacrilege and his gang. It was reckoning without the ability of Moses to wield divine powers. Kept in the background a secret gallery for millennia, the Holy of Holies had stored a lot of energy.

Enough in any case to create a gravitational field that drove back the waters of the Red Sea. Velikowsky sees another cause to the sudden reflux of water. Between the two, the player chooses … or not. The miracles of Moses may well come from the Shekinah shining on the Seat of Mercy. If the object is valuable enough for an insider like Moses wants to flee with, it is not obviously for the market value, but for the divine powers the device confers. Remember Moses was no bicycle thief.

“The Glory of Shekinah was the visible presence of God, considered feminine in esoteric Judaism. So Moses said to have been married to the Shekinah. In the Phoenician theology, divinity was often called the face or manifestation of God, and the Hebrews speak of the Shekinah in exactly the same meaning. This abstract term tends to supplant all older names, more anthropomorphic, for the Holy Spirit.”

Note the masculinization of the Spirit, which in the earlier tradition was Woman. And for a simple reason!

Shekinah could come from the Akkadian Shek, gift and Inah or Inanna, Sumerian goddess of enlightenment, the Egyptian Isis. Shekinah could mean “gift of Isis.” Isis, our Divine Mother, to whom we owe our immortal soul. Isis, in the form of lightning, which gave the old “perfect spirit.” It is not surprising in this context that the Spirit was female. The awakening, gift of Isis. It is the soul that is embodied in us, the light goes down, and in the French language the soul and the light, too, are women.



“An apocryphal document quotes Jesus of Nazareth referring to the Holy Spirit as” My Mother. “And the Manicheans called the Mother of Christ the “Virgin of Light.” This Shekinah Glory, the light that signals the presence of God, is always Woman to the old clairvoyant.

She is Eurydice in Orphism. She is the queen of the Ocean of Light for Enoch. She is Egyptian goddess Isis. She is Ishtar in the Stars. She is the Bride, the Light with which the Unseen married at the dawn of creation. And from the joy of this union was born the spiritual universe. Shekinah and God are one and indissoluble.” (Rosae Crucis)

The author is not far from the naked truth, he is approaching –what a pity– through allegory and symbolism. But the symbolism is what remains when one has forgotten everything. It’s a dirty trend of the present time, facing the radiation of the Ark as many other devices, to evade reality considering only the symbolic aspect. The ark issued a wave of transmutation. How can ignore the electromagnetic aspect of this device? Why take refuge in mental-mental taradiddles, symbolism, spirituality, faith, but certainly not the pie. Why rabbiing, why wide opening the eyes a hundred times to see nothing?

The Ark of the Covenant was a machine, an electric capacitor emitting a certain frequency radiation which transform human into god. The Ark of the Covenant was a capacitor providing electric shock able to kill or to awaken – according to the trimming of the device.

That is why it was so delicate to handle that it required the experience of a perfectly formed and disciplined para-military troop, the Levites. It is under the control of the Levites that Moses put the ark after his descent from Mount Sinai. The Levites will endeavor so to serve the ark three generations later, when Menelik son of the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon, will go with the Ark on the orders of his father, Solomon himself makes sure that the Levites will escort the convoy and ensure the proper functioning of the device.

Because the Ark of the Covenant knows no failure when it is handled with the appropriate science. With this machine, initiation is nothing less than symbolic: the transmutation of being is ensured forthwith. We understand better the challenge posed by the possession of such a tool. It seems that Moses received the initiation of the pharaohs, if he was not Pharaoh himself. He could understand how the Ark was working and how to take advantage of it. For him the possession of the Ark was a vital necessity.  What an ideal means to establish his authority over his people! Without this device to make gods, it is doubtful that Moses had become would have become the founder of a new religion. It will be objected that Jesus has passed the same challenge without using gadget.

Oh yeah? What about his miracles, from whom was he holding the key? From arkangel Gabriel? From the Holy Spirit? What is the Holy Spirit ? Let me say: where did Jesus meet Him? It is said that Jesus would have been educated in Egypt and initiated into the mysteries of Isis. If he knew the sleights of hand of the priests of Isis, there are chances he had received the rays of a machine similar to the Ark of the Covenant. Jesus did not say everything about himself. It is even quite possible that the source of his spiritual vocation comes from the educational and initiatory stay in Egypt.

Parodying Slosman, one could write “Jesus the Egyptian”: the flight to Egypt betrays years of study and initiation. Another aspect of the Ark holds the attention: its destructive, dangerous side. 

The high power capacitor was probably coupled with a wave device of the type X-ray, laser, or Gamma. Set on the proper frequency and amplitude this wave could transmute the human brain, triggering what the spiritual literature calls awakening: the recovery of our lost powers. You can imagine that the wave was powerful enough to kill an ox. Without grounding, they risked a fatal short circuit. What was convenient for Moses and his gang of insiders, the Levites. They were priests, but also fighters in any case, able to defend their device.

And to avoid unplanned electric shocks. In such precarious conditions than those of exodus, how to keep the uninitiated away from the precious Holy of Holies? The thing would have been an impossible task without the deterrent power of electric shocks. You can also see things differently. The mythical literature is replete with descriptions of ray-launching weapons that heal or hurt. We have reviewed them above. The Ark was working in the same way that the crown of Osiris, the thunderbolt of Zeus, the vajra of Indra or the Xiuhcoatl of Quetzalcoatl




Isis, the great goddess Isis personified the awakening by lightning as she confesses herself in a manuscript of Nag Hammadi. So there is no ambiguity about the role of the Ark and how to use it, this inspired artist whose name I know gave us his truth, which is good. He shows Isis in her place, sitting on the mercy seat. Why mercy? This seat can awaken, but it can kill. Depending. In this seat the neophyte fears for his life, the initiate is delighted for his soul. 

The awakening was really a worldwide quest. Now the worldwide quest is money. What signs the absolute decline that overwhelms us. Rich people, you are a pity. A shroud has no pockets. What is the use of your gold when you’re on the other side?


Pass for an idiot in the eyes of a fool is a gourmet delight.
Georges Courteline