Neolithic Trepanation



Acquire the divine powers of our creators was a recurrent view among all the people who frequented the Former Gods. Unaware of the fact, a clever Anthropologist nevertheless found a gorgeous track.

Loïc Hibon, the courageous anthropologist who dares tracking errors in his discipline, did not merely point out that the skulls of Neanderthals were not necessarily larger than ours. He also hit on a problem of considerable importance in connection with proto-historic human skulls. 

“Within the context of a Master in anthropology, I took over the case study of the Causses region, and it turns out that searches in the various protohistoric sites over there have delivered over 160 healed trepanation … Even if the goals of these operations remain subject to speculation, some elements are worth noting: there is no obvious link with the traumatology and the association with pathological bone marks is very uncommon. Currently, the assumptions main concern a purely ritual practice or a”symbolic” operation integrated into traditional medicine. In any case, the operation was well controlled, over 70% of the holes being healed. 

Casually, Loïc Hibon adds that little phrase with serious consequences: 

“The survival rate could have been even higher than 90%.” (Source)

The ancient therefore had a perfect asepsis. One can not help but see modern surgical techniques, in an operating room with a robotic instrumentation. This is what perfection bone scar reminds me. Assumptions specialists speak of symbolic operations? Something is wrong in this beautiful presentation. Symbolic operations? Really? That’s that way we call what we cannot understand.

That way one took the dolmens for tombs and the bladders for lanterns.French proverb meaning “to pull the wool over your eyes” There is intellectual laziness inside. Especially since these surgical procedures were extended until recently, in southern Algeria, for example. Albert Slosman thinks this region is an ancient Atlantean colony. 




So trepanations have been practiced there since Atlantis, according to Slosman: “The skill of the first “surgeons” was transmitted from father to son to perpetuate itself even in the early 20th century,” he wrote.

Dr. Verneau had studied the question in 1897: “There are still a little people of trephining men with strange medical morals coming from who knows where; who practice this unique trephining operation since who knows when; who has learned it from who knows who; and who still wild and inaccessible to modern medical ideas, surprise us by their operating boldness and effective results.” (Source)Les Chaouïas et la trépanation du crâne dans l’Aurès, par Malbot (H.), Verneau (R.), 1897, L ‘Anthropologie, tome 8, pp 1-18 et 174-204, Masson et Cie Editeurs, Paris Here are the instruments found by Dr. Verneau, which have probably not changed for ten millennia. “This human skull is more than 7000 years old. He has undergone surgery, and clinical signs indicate that the operation was perfectly successful.” (Source) 

 If the operation had resulted in the death of the patient, the bone would not have healed, as it is the case in almost all trepanations of which traces were found. So this is a technique -or an art- in which practitioners had acquired a superior ability. Many skulls show evidence of trepanation. The skull below comes from Peru, another Atlantean colony.  It underwent a successful double trepanation 10,000 years ago. And this is not a symbolic operation. The practices of these barefoot surgeons are not Orthodox, but they succeed. Would you risk your life for a symbol?

Without doubt, the trepanation had a specific, unbelievable goal. A goal they have achieved, in most cases. What was that goal? Nothing less than the opening of the fontanelle, an open brain operation aiming to establish a direct line with the transcendence, or to say simply, to turn man into god. 



Awakening at the end of the scalpel. Operation living Buddha. Let there be light! The operation was probably on the pineal gland or epiphysis, to excite it perhaps with an electric method. This is a softer version of the awakening through lightning that the adherents received in the pyramids.

The risk for life and mental health is probably the same with a scalpel and/or with lightning: hotdog or vegetable. But the first technique seems easier (?) to implement.

“At the same time, there was a practice of cutting up fragments of post-mortem skulls, but the goals sought remain uncertain. Nevertheless, the two practices were closely intertwined: many sites deliver samples of both types, and above all, 20% of the trepaned skulls bear traces of a post-mortem sampling.” (source)
An explanation is possible, in my opinion. Thanks to the action on the epiphysis, the trepaned subject had acquired divine powers. Also, after his death, the faithful wanted to keep relics impregnated with his vibratory rate and his Ka. Post-mortem samples would therefore be taken as relics.
According to Doctor Melvin Morse, “God is present in our brain”. (source)Melvin Morse, The Divine Connexion  Through his experience as a pediatrician, he has witnessed many experiences at the frontiers of death (NDE): hundreds of children reanimated after a clinical death have taught him Many exciting things.
Thus Dr. Morse has acquired the conviction that we all have, within our brain, a “direct line with God.” A device, located in the right temporal lobe, would, according to him, allow communication with the universal memory where all past, present and future events are stored.
This “divine point” we all have, but in a latent state. In this age of iron hyper-materialist, its power is asleep in most of us. In the case of certain beings returning from a deep coma, the shock of the NDE has reactivated the divine device of the right temporal lobe: they live in a world of synchronicity, telekinesis, telepathy, clairvoyance, infused science and other wonders.
The most curious thing is that the great majority of trepanations have been made precisely in this zone, the right temporal lobe. This can not be a coincidence, no one believes in it any more than Dr. Morse.
One of his professors of medicine claimed that recourse to coincidences was mostly intellectual laziness, for 99% of the coincidences are not. “God does not play dice” Einstein whispered when he was told of chance as the first cause. We must therefore think that the surgical operations aimed at a certain point of the right temporal lobe, why not the divine point?
All ancient human populations have invested their ingenuity and courage with one goal: to obtain the unlimited powers held by their creators, the giant gods before.
These supermen before the flood had acquired virtually unlimited powers through lightning. Without sparing their pain, they had scattered the planet with “terrifying power” to receive baptisms by the fire of heaven.
Lightning, divine trigger, has the power to release latent forces within us. The boosting of our electrical circuit – the central nervous system – can toast the neurons or activate the divine point, somewhere in our brain.
Becoming god or dying grilled … That has the mouth. It would seem like the judgment of God that was practiced in the Middle Ages: the accused had to win a superhuman trial to insinuate himself. Baptism by the fire of heaven!
The one who receives the living god and who does not die becomes god himself. He gained powers: clairvoyance, prescience, healing … and even some gadgets: to burn medals at a distance, to make the smell of the perfume of his hands, to reveal stigmata on his body …
He sometimes wins wonders for himself, as youthfulness and longevity. Or he dies on the electric chair. It is perhaps to avoid this inconvenience that their descendants have resorted to trepanations. But whatever may have been the risk, everything happens as if our distant ancestors had always chosen the divine path.
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At all times, the candidates to the great power have used countless and delirious strategies to avoid the syndrome of the barbecue. Mystics will be surprised to discover that enlightenment is not a question of moral or spiritual elevation. Awakening has nothing to do with the merits or efforts of a being. Awakening is automatic.
Awakening is a purely physical phenomenon, or physicochemical phenomenon, which can be easily provoked outside of any religious context. Awakening is a simple matter of vibratory rate. As soon as the vibrational rate of a being exceeds such a level, the being “awakens”. Now how to increase the vibratory rate of the planet?
It climbs very well on its own these days. The question is how to increase individual vibration rates. Shamanism and Buddhism offer us spiritual means, to acquire inner control. It’s good but it’s long. To achieve the same result, the alumni knew very well that


Do not look for followers. You will have only zeros.
Friedrich Nietzsche