The Changing Of The Gods


After having created us, the ancient giants wanted to study our race more closely. Uniting our women, some gods – or some angels – have created a race of giants called the Nephilim or Nefilim. But it was not planned by the Plan. And these giants were troublesome …

That’s basically what Bible and Sumer Genesis said, agreeing on this point with Greek mythology and a few others around the world. In this condensed form, the thing is hardly understandable.

Genetic Bug

Why did those particular giants, sons of gods and men, became wicked and cruel? Why did the Plan oppose the mating of gods and men? Is there any genetic bug they wanted to escape? I’m certainly not the first to ask this question. And certainly not the only one not to be answered …  

Until then I had not found a satisfactory answer. Of course the various religions have their more or less moralizing versions: sins of the flesh, crime against nature, unworthy of men and other very contemporary nonsense. 

The truth is quite different. I have not really understood until I integrate the hypothesis of successive moons as explained by Hörbiger. And then everything becomes clear. Giant gods knew condemned, so they created our species. Because only a small species could live under the terrible gravity that our planet has experienced when its attraction has not been compensated by that of the moon.

This decline probably occurred several times in the history of our species.  Several times, after a long period of low gravity so gigantism, the loss of a moon led to the requirement for living species to adapt or disappear. Thus disappeared  giant trees. 

Thus disappeared dinosaurs. Thus disappeared the Uranians of Golden Age


After the early times of paradise on earth, the technological and refined civilization of super-giant gods gave way to the demigods. The old gods, the Titans who were Planet Rectifiers, using the energy of the earth, bowed to Zeus and the new gods, the Olympians who became Masters of Lightning. This is a coup, a vulgar coup. Zeus decided that his father Cronos-Time has enough time prevailed. 

Olympus Mons

He dethrones him from his palace in heaven, and set up his own palace on Mount Olympus, Greece. Not to be confused with the Martian volcano of the same name, Olympus Mons, Latin name of Mount Olympus in Greece.

Shield volcano on Mars, Olympus Mons is the highest known relief of our solar system, with a diameter of more than 600 km to the base and an altitude of 26 km, three times Everest. Such dimensions ignite the imagination of some SF writers … as Dan Simmons making this volcano the stay of the Olympian gods, instead of Mount Olympus, Greece, where they are according to mythology.

But according to me, the original mount Olympus was neither in Greece nor on Mars. It was situated at the center of Hyperborea island, which actually was a planet-spacecraft for the use of terraforming gods who came to our planet a long time ago.


In Hebrew mythology, no divine coup, but several divine generations are mentionned too.  First prevail Elohim, gods creators, shaping the man with clay, like Prometheus did. Then comes the reign of Yahweh, which is a Master of Lightning like Zeus. The gods are mortal. They are all different.

Some bring peace, like Quetzalcoatl and Viracocha, some used lightning as a weapon, like Yahweh or Zeus. Some were designers and creators – like Prometheus or Elohim.  Others were destructive like Shiva and Kali.

It takes all sorts to make a world. And the Gods are like other men. Mortal all the same. Only much bigger and with a much greater knowledge and with a much longer life. But that was before …

Tomorrow the Smurfs



What awaits us is even stranger. Too many of us on earth, and it will not work out. Unless a massacre with atomic bombs, pandemic or aggravated pollution. By dint of asking, someone will find the final solution: getting out. We’re going to another place in space, I don’t know where, on a located, adequate, accessible and welcoming planet. But we will not leave our home planet to become wild again, with no one to care for. No, we will not do that.

We will create a smaller species, which will have enough room to grow. Smurfs. The Little People. We will give them the keys, and leave the Earth for our new world.

But we still keep an eye on them …


I know I am right. And all others are wrong. 
Bernard Werber