The End of Giants


The ancient mythologies unanimously describe our origins as the golden age of the good giants, creators and instructors of men. So educated, so powerful and so kind that they were called gods.

When the Bible tells us that the giant gods have created us in their own image, it is the truth. But what it omits to say is that the image is not the size. The good giants wanted us smaller than them. Much smaller. Because of the enormous gravity which would come and condemn them.

During the Silver Age, some giants are still there, but they are no longer the good gods, instructors of men. Weakened by a gravity which was unbearable to them, they are only concerned by their survival. The Bible is right when it says they have created us in their own image. They wanted to survive through us. 

However, I consider that the giants are not the gods. The Giants are the angels. [ge-an] [an-ge] is the same word in French verlan, ie reverse slang. Formerly called les Jehans, which gave les gens, ie people. Some legends accredit this thesis, like the myth of Ahura Mazda and the flyng giants.




These giants were the servants of the gods, like the angels ; moreover they had wings, like the angels. In the Bible, some angels or archangels are much taller than humans. 

Anyway the Angels / Giants were the servants of the gods. The gods are human size when with humans, but they can be giants if they wish to. The gods change their appearance at will. No sweat, they are gods. They made us at their exact likeness, but much smaller: so that we are better suited to the coming era …

Indeed, we have seen how the successive moons, moving closer to the earth, caused the phenomena of gigantism. After the crushing, the surviving giants showed a pitiful appearance. They become vindictive, clumsy. Their movements are slowed. Their heart can no longer send the blood into the ends of their great bodies.



We know that the giraffe, to overcome this phenomenon, has a second heart to mid-neck that serves as a stopover point for good oxygenation of the brain. But the giraffe has had plenty of time to evolve, while the last giants, hit by the collapse of their moon and the sudden appearance of an inconceivable gravity, have had only time to hide in caves. But the Gods had foreseen. In their genetic labs, scientists had designed a new species to succeed the giants, a species whose small size would be ideally suited for the future gravity. Thus, these foresight giants have been taken for the former gods. But they were not.

Without the moon to balance the Earth’s gravity, the giants have degenerated in the depths of their caves. They began to behave badly with human smurfs. They ended sleepy, uttering here and there roaring grunts to maintain terror. Without humans, the decrepit giants would have starved. They needed large amounts of protein… They introduced a rule – cruel to human race, but vital to them – the law of human sacrifice. There are many stories in which humans have to feed these ogres by providing young men and girls alive. King Kong is the modern resurgence of those old myths.

The gods are always hungry, never get enough / And this is death and death ever renewed. (Georges Brassens)

These giants who become villains like moths, hidden away in deep caverns, are probably the archetype of the demons in hell, the fallen angels of the Bible or of Sumer. If there is God and the Devil, isn’t it because the giants were so good in the beginning and became so bad in the end. They did not leave us a good impression. The problem of Good and Evil does it take its origin here? The giants have not endured gravity. They are dead, the poor fellows.


Superman and the Ogres

Bad giants… Rejected monsters… Greek mythology shows us a famous one, the Minotaur, hidden at the end of his labyrinth. Note that the myth is generous, it presents us both the fallen giant and the cause of his decline: the spiral of the labyrinth is the one that made the moon until its fall, cause of the decline of the monster.

The giant easy-going king became a man-eater. The fatigue of gravity imposes on the former gods an awkward behavior. The movements are slowed as those of the Cyclops Polyphemus in front of Ulysses. 

Indeed, we remember how easily the wily Ulysses managed to escape, with all his crew, the grip of Polyphemus the clumsy cyclops. Ulysses is a wise guy, but passed for a clumsy fool… Polyphemus belongs to to the last generation of the Cyclops, decadent shepherds who ate human flesh occasionally. The first Cyclops belonged to the golden race. They were masters of the lightning and the forge, good gods, favorable to men and allies of Zeus.




The decline is clear. Again, Greek mythology accords with the thesis of Hörbiger. It has been exposed by Denis Saurat in Atlantis and the reign of the giantsBut it is more complete in the book Moon Myths and Man by HS Bellamy which inspired me this article. 

The existence of former giants is a productive thesis… With it, so many riddles are answered… So many current myths find a resonance: Superman, Green Giant, Grendizer, Shrek, King Kong, the Superman of Nietzsche, Micromegas of Voltaire, Gargantua of Rabelais, Gulliver of Swift …  Aren’t they but nostalgia for the great giants of the golden age?


Giants are dead and gone they won’t ever return
We won’t cry and go to their caves anymore
Where our children were sacrificed for the Lower World
The ogres won’t have the flesh of our flesh
The fiercest died disappointed to be born


Life is a random opposed to destiny. (Serge Gainsbourg)


Doubt is an unpleasant mental state, but certainty is absurd.