From Atlantis To Sumer



At the dawn of our history, developed civilizations seem to have arisen from nothing. More than ever, credible historians must ask themselves the question of their origin.


A Former Civilization Still Unknown

Facing these orphan civilizations, without any known procreator, some people succumb to the extra-terrestrial temptation. Aliens came here to manufacture us, simply, before returning home whistling. 

For some researchers, the ancient gods are terrestrial. A former civilization. A very brilliant culture, which flourished on its continent-island, keeping jealously secret its prodigious powers. If we no longer find any trace of it, it is because it lies at the bottom of the Atlantic, or under the ice of Antarctica.

But no, traces exist. Evidence are here, in front of our eyes, while we strive to look elsewhere. The evidence, the visible traces, are of course the first civilizations, these ‘orphans’ which seems to come out of the nothingness.

On this side of the Atlantic is another possible origin: Sumer.


The Sumer Mystery

Zecharia Sitchin has become known to fans of sensational Archaeology by publishing, years ago, his famous book “The Twelfth Planet”.

Listen to what he says about Sumer: Sumer as we know now, was the country of a people full of talent, cunning, which occupied the site of the current southern Iraq. Sumerians were the first to record and describe the events of the past, telling the legends of their gods, in the usual form of statues and statuettes in a position of devotion.

There, in the great fertile plain watered by the mighty rivers that are the Euphrates and Tigris, the first known human civilization, 6000 years ago, began to flourish “suddenly”, “unexpectedly”, “in a surprisingly abrupt manner,” all scientists agree.

It was a civilization to which we own, today, virtually all the beginnings of what we consider to be an advanced civilization: the wheel and the wheel transport, the brick, which made possible the rise in building very high; the stove and oven, fundamentals for the industry, whether cooking or metallurgy; astronomy and mathematics; cities and urban life; royalty and laws;  temples and priesthood; time measurement, timing, parties…

From beer to recipes, art music and its instruments, and first of all writing and how to fix it, everything, absolutely everything appeared for the first time here in Sumer.” (source)Zecharia Sitchin, The Twelfth planet 

Zecharia Sitchin gives us here the official version of our prime history. 




How surprising! The old rebel has swallowed certain approximations that archaeologists have erected into a dogma. The wheel has perhaps not been invented in Sumer, as the Olmecs also had. Historians refuse to consider anyhow. Another doubtful point: the temples were probably not invented by the Sumerians either, since there are traces of temples long before on the Neolithic sites of Göbekli Tepe and Çatal Hüyük, in Turkey. Not to mention the temples of Teotihuacan or Tihuanaco.

But historians refuse to admit their real antiquity. It is nevertheless true that a host of inventions arose without warning in Sumer. As Egypt and Olmecs civilizations, Sumer appeared immediately developed, refined even. The Sumerians, a people of cultivators urbanized and civilized, were at the opposite of their rough and half-wild ancestors, Neolithic hunter-gatherers. But on this subject also we’re probably blinded by the phony catechism of Archaeology, chilly, as we know, for over a century.

First or not, the Sumerians could not learn it all on their own in such a short time. Like the Egyptians and Olmecs, and as the Ramas in India or Mu in the Pacific, they drew all their knowledge from a previous source, whether alien or not.

These ancient supermen traveling in the stars. Everything happens as if the world that then was not limited to this planet, or even the solar system. Our instructors rode very ancient comets and the stars familiar terms.




They have founded empires on earth, it is obvious that even the archaeologists are struggling to deny. They also founded empires on other planets , and then this evidence will take longer to be admitted , believe me . The fact is that without these travelers stars, our planet would not be what it is, our ancient civilizations never existed , cyclopean monuments would erect not be over all the earth , crushing evidence of superiority well real.

The civilized world before the flood mastered an astounding technology. Fashion eerily similar to ours, the cities had sidewalks and rooftops could accommodate flying machines . And one fatal blow , in the space of one terrible night , all these wonders have disappeared. That’s why all these early civilizations , all of these “orphan” do not come from nothing but ocean which is sunken Atlantis. So we can just call them the seven daughters of Atlas .

That’s why all these early civilizations, all of these “orphan people” were born from a mother country. They probably came out of the same nothingness where Atlantis was located. Thus they might be called the Seven Daughters of Atlas.


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