Life Comes From The Heart

Life comes from the heart, yes, that’s my opinion. And what a life! I say it aloud. The voice is life. The voice is the body of the soul. As long as the voice lives, we survive with it. But I want to talk to you about any other chosen. There is a fabric that is emerging. A tissue of loving hearts that gather on the air, and sometimes in life meet. A cloth of love, of gift, of renewal.

Yes, I want to talk to you again about scalar waves, which are the waves that carry love. Love is a force that goes. Nothing stops, nothing scares him. Love gives, he gives himself and receives himself. It is a more powerful energy than all the others. Inexhaustible, it does not pollute, on the contrary: it purifies. By plugging on this love energy, we can all, it’s easy, send love to this poor land of people. They always need.

The human earth is thirsty for love. It dries up, splits, dies. You who read me, you who dream better, you who feel the strength of this world with your arms, open your heart. Give what you have as more precious – not money, not gold. Even better. Give your love. Give and you will receive. Submit and you will give more. Love does not diminish when it gives, it increases. It multiplies. Just like scalar waves.

When we join the group that every day sends love without expecting anything in return, we are moved. Some are upset. We feel that vibrates in unison, this flame, this sacred fire, the keen intent to see the world finally change. When we are part of this community of more than eight hundred people, we are at peace, we know that what we do is right.

We give. We give ourselves. In a sacred society, the beings who were from the college THE POPE live of the gift. It is logical since they give their talents, they perform miracles, they teach, they heal, they help souls to carry this body of glory and misery. I live on donations too. The gift is free, it comes first from the heart. Put everything to work again. Faith and doubt. I am aware that we are creating a sacred society. It spreads all over the earth, by the scalar waves, by the episodes that rejoice, by the initiates who occur and speak.

I feel it blooming all around me. Opens a new page of Eden Saga, the saga of loving ones, of acting people who remember that the warrior does not wait for results of his actions. Yet he’s acting. He has to do it. This is the Rule. It is not written. It is learned by the practice of impeccability. It’s the warrior’s passport.

I call the initiates who are still hidden. I call the healers who do not dare to practice. I call hidden talents, worn as a shame, barely tolerated, scorned, perhaps denied. Your strength is your life. You have incarnated here and now for a good reason. Do not throw your wreath at the nettles. Accept to wear it, and at the same time never comb it.

Accept your gift, let it express itself, you will be asked to do it, around you, listen to these requests, reveal yourself. I know that we are much more numerous than the few scouts who dare to approach this chapter. Infinitely more numerous. I see babies awake all around me. They will be tomorrow either a force or a ruin. Who will educate them, lead them to themselves, show them the path that has the heart, in a society that does not?

The world changes a little more each time a new awakener incarnates. The world smiles a little more each time a hidden talent comes out in the open. Talent has no pride. The ego kills donations, like the thirst for money. The ego is the little king. In the initiatory tarot, it is represented by the crown. The fontanelle, the sahasrara chakra is also called the crown chakra. It is necessary to fall the crown to awake, it is the image of THE HOUSE-GOD. We must not refuse power or powers, but it is important to do so with humility. To draw neither glory nor pecuniary benefit from a gift received from more powerful than oneself.

I’m healing, but I’m not the one who heals. That one I call the inner healer. Christians call it grace. Castaneda calls it Intention. It does not matter what name it is given, that of a god, that of a man. The healer is a sleeping power that must be awakened. The time has come. We are more and more numerous. There are awakeners in every village, every neighborhood. And the bonds between the awakeners are being tightened. It’s a canvas, a sacred fabric, a magical web – yes, the web can be used for that too!

I feel an awakening of nature, and nature is us. Renewal is us. The spring of this century is us. Brand new love, again us. The joy of rebirth, always us. Dawn, the rising sun, the dawn, the life that is coming, we still, we, too, finally. Each awake becomes awake in turn in the great chain of love.

Divine genius, you give me incredible strength! Divine delight, you endlessly inundate me with your clarity, I love you. I love to love you. I love your love, I love everything in you. Your grace, your sublime righteousness, your magic strength, your erotic power, the velvet silk of your orgasmic skin, your pout-smile of Mona Lisa, all the treasures of Golconda.

There is a fabric that is emerging. Love is the common point, the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. Love is my path. If you want, you can walk with me. Every day, if you want, you can join the scalar group. Every day, or whenever you can, or whenever you want, open your heart to the heart of the world. Give it its glory. Make yourself this gift to yourself, offer yourself to this new world that you already feel throbing in you.

This cloth is made of women and men who look like you. Who are alike. They come together, they love together, because they want, and if you want you can join them. Each thread makes the fabric precious. The present is waiting for you. Your present which you make present. It’s your choice, no one will do it for you. Everything is open and free. The gift has its laws. It’s up to you.

The way is not important. The point is to get to the center of yourself.
Albert Camus