Unconditional Love


Chosen, initiated? A chosen prophesies for all. An initiate hides his revelations behind codes and multiplies the barriers, his speech is only understood by initiates. I am neither. These pages are for the warriors of light, awakened or on the way to awakening. Let the others forgive me, they are not concerned.


Tune in

If I cannot stop them from reading me, I have a duty to warn them of the fatal errors that this reading may cause. In these times of baseness and mediocrity, vulgar, plagiaristic, incendiary, subsidiary sites, puerile, futile, useless, docile, stupid, stupid, obtuse, confused, diffuse, occluded, and mischievous books are there for these.

As for those who seek light and enlightenment, those who are already no more of the world,

, may my simple words give them the wings that they lack to carry them to their climax.

So that encamped at the top of yourself, you may contemplate the valleys of shadow to remember your former lives.


Save the love

Saving love means welcoming everyone. Not refusing anyone. Knowing how to give to each according to their merit and their level of awakening. Measure the boiling source, distribute it with accuracy and justice so that without intoxication everyone finds his account, and all are released. Beyond excess burns a fire that does not hurt. Shines a light that does not dazzle. Sings a bird that does not stop. Opens a love that never ends.

The best proof of love is in these pages, I share it with my internships, I serve the living water for my guests to live, I break the bread of tomorrow, the bread that penetrates every atom of your body, that expands to infinity all the fibers of your loving heart. We all want to love, we all need love.

What does it take to save love?
And how to regain the taste of life
Who can replace need with envy.



Grow happiness

Deprived of love in your childhood, you think you can’t love. Make no mistake. The recipe is deep in the heart of your heart. Dive and bring it back to your arms, your silk skin, your body of joy. No one will return the love you have missed. The joy that was stolen from you is lost forever. But tomorrow is not yet while yesterday is no more.

Happiness will come back. If you sing, he is delighted. Make him laugh, say sweet words like velvet, be soft as silk that undresses a body. Be the dress that reveals. The crease that enthralls. A million joys are sitting in your yard. They sing. You’re deaf.


Open your hand

Love? It’s so easy! It’s enough to give up owning once and for all. To know how to open the hand so that the other’s hand flies away on a path that belongs to him. If you love for yourself, you don’t love.

Love, everyone thinks they know, in reality very few people know how to love without wanting to own. Without tying the other, leaving him his sacred freedom. The highest proof of love is respect. If you must be jealous, let it be for your freedom. Remember to respect the freedom of your lover. If you must fight, let it be to offer the supreme gift. The gift that allows to be true to oneself.

Give him the best of yourself. Separate yourself from what you prefer, offer him the multiverse, it’s easy, we have the key in the heart. To abuse the weakness of the other to impose your strength, is it to love?

Is this how men live?
And their kisses far away follow them
Like past suns, Mr Carson.
Louis Aragon



Refuse the envy

Don’t choose. Life chooses for you. Don’t refuse. The moment doesn’t come back. Don’t despise. Happiness doesn’t wait. Be yourself if you want to be loved and start by loving yourself is the secret to please. To love you, ie not to idolize you. To appreciate you, not to succumb to your own charm. The ego doesn’t help. It repels. It makes the prettiest ugly. For shield, choose modesty. Humility will be good company if you can smile.

Have no bitterness in you, do not feel cheated by mocking destiny. Do not envy the proud ones, life will heal them from their excess of pride. Do not imitate those who strut about. Take off your donkey clogs. Go barefoot under the plane trees. Eros brandishes his sarbacane, he is the conquering love erasing your resentment.

His arrow reaches your heart, granting your prayer, balm for yesterday’s sorrows. Stand in his light with no pride. The stream will become river. And the river will be a sea.  


Stop feeling sorry for your past misfortunes, it’s offensive to your present happiness. Do you find it small? Grow up. Does it seem too cold? It’s you. Does it not suit you? Believe me, it comes from you. You are the misfortune that your smallness imposes on the world.

Mourn the sadness that is blighting and obscuring you. Be light to change. Without waiting for tomorrow, be human. What is the use of suffering? You’re the one who’s hurting the most. Don’t you get it? You’re your worst enemy. Come back. Tomorrow will calm your hunger. Finally! You’ll be your best friend. I promise.

You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star. (Friendrich Nietzsche)


Sing aloud

Do not seek love doctor, castor, unhealthy, swine. Refuse also love all pretty, too polite, soft. Never be afraid of love. Marry its madness. Be the sheets of its bed. The song that connects. The book read and reread.

Don’t run the streets, don’t make the short-scale to love, no impatience, it comes only at its time. Be first …

… You, my little madness,
my little grain of fantasy,
you who upset,
you who overturn
all that was my joy.
Line Renaud



Say thank you

Stand without crutches, without a cane. Tomorrow will come in time. Smile in the dirty morning, welcome the pale sky. Rejoice for the evil that no longer hurts you, for the silent sorrows that you have repaired, the eternal moments of shared happiness, for the sun filtering through your closed shutters.

You think you’re ill-loved? Who have you caressed today? To whom have you given the ration of friendship, the portion of tenderness, the unexpected gesture that opens his heart? Happiness smiles only after the fact. Spring is going somewhere, summer is going, fall is already here. Don’t be afraid. The good weather will come back later. Don’t wait for it. Learn to sing in the rain. Love likes it too.

Don’t be afraid of the world, my friend. The world should be afraid of you. (Lao Surlam)


Positive. So much love is waiting for you on the other side. So many hugs, so many hidden joys, so many souls drifting, so many hearts to find where you can nest, so many summers in the sky of glory, so many shivers, so many looks, so many sparkling streams caressing the rocks, so much that night has only a time, Love every moment shakes your child’s heart: be kind, say thank you. Love lives here.

Be you ever

See your own worth already. You are unique, as wonderful as it is possible to be. Then you can start your work of resilience to transcend suffering and to fully love the being you are. You will really love the other person for what they are and not for what you want them to be.

Do not imagine that the one you love is your complement. You must be whole before, and for that there are other methods. First unify the three people that make you up. When your body, heart and mind are in harmony and merge, you are truly you for the first time. You can’t love until you’re complete. You’re desperate to find someone to complete you. To desire this fusion dependency with the other is to prepare a fusion confusion.

You don’t know where I start, I don’t know where you end up, almost sang Georges Moustaki. This example is not to be followed if you want to live a love based on mutual respect.



Open your arms

Love is not to put in a cage. You must let go of the other if he expresses the desire. He will let you go in the same way. Nothing can stop anyone from living his life. Who does not like. The freedom to choose at every moment of life is the only true freedom. To want to hold is hateful. This is not the way you will revive a failed love. On the contrary, you will precipitate its end.

It is difficult to leave someone you love. It can be stressful to leave someone you love. How will you experience separation? Can the other one take the loss? There is only one way to say goodbye. Throwing the other one out like an old kleenex is unworthy of the happy hours spent together. It is the total negation of the past relationship which, before becoming tiring or suffocating, was beautiful, enriching, fulfilling. It deserves gratitude. Beyond that, may your joy remain. Bleibet deine Freud.

To let it go, you have to know how to open your arms. Turned towards the sky, your wide open palm saw a dragonfly land there. If you close your fingers, you’ll crush it or keep it captive. Keep your hand open, so the dragonfly can fly when it pleases.



Meetings are never the result of chance, because there is no chance. We deserve all our meetings.

There is no such thing as chance. Everything that happens is wanted. (Buddha)


Every human being who accompanies us a part of the way, every encounter has something to teach you and so have you. Welcome him at best, live intensely every moment of sharing and let him leave when he decides, when something or someone else calls him elsewhere.

To love in this way is to access the source of love in oneself. The heart opens. You take two steps in another version of yourself.

The memory of the external facts of my life has largely faded in my mind or disappeared. But the encounters with the other reality, the collision with the unconscious, have indelibly permeated my memory. There was always plenty and wealth there. Everything else goes into the background. (Carl Gustav Jung)


Your life has changed. Giving love to others becomes top priority. Giving without waiting will be your way, your new way of life. All past difficulties will burn in your inner fire. Your path has heart. How to live differently?

The blue sky on us can collapse
And the earth may well crumble
I don’t care if you love me
I don’t care about the world

As long as love floods my mornings
As long as my body will shudder under your hands
I don’t care about the problems
My love, since you love me…

Édith Piaf



Gives now

Unconditional love is love +++. It can be about your partner or your partner, it can also be dedicated to your whole family, your country, your religion. But here, caution, we must walk on eggshells. Unconditional love of the homeland can lead to the worst ends. The unconditional love of a sect, ideology or religion often borders on stupidity, proceeds from laziness and leads to terrorism.

Also I advise not to make slip a global feeling that flourishes and that raises towards a profession of faith that submits and that underlies.

By giving without waiting for anything in return, one receives infinitely. Who prays for others sees his prayer answered. Act according to your impulse, be generous, life will repay you. And a generous life is a life worth living. By force of rapacity, of scratching, of grumbling, of avarice, of narrowness of mind as of heart, of absence of impulse, by force of being hard one becomes stone. We petrify ourselves in the anxiety of being, so we prefer the absence, the ignorance, the nothingness to life.

The verb to love is difficult to conjugate: its past is not simple, its present is only indicative, and its future is always conditional. (Jean Cocteau)


Rise from the ashes

Only the fireborn understand blue, said Carl Sandburg. The fireborn, those who have burned in the flames of hell.

Those who have had the courage or the despair not to flee from the pain but to jump where the flames are highest.

Those who have consumed every last cell of their body, heart and mind in the flames of hell.

The same ones that are born from their ashes, phoenix of themselves, those who died during their lives.

Blessed are they! Happy are they forever!

They are the first born of this humanity, the fifth. They are the only humans worthy of this beautiful name.

They alone will not die when the death of the body takes them.



These children, gals and guys, crossing drama and pain, have a gift for removing misfortune. Other blue children may block fire, the fireborn block blues. They remove depression. They illuminate darkness. They dispel the anxieties. They have passed through, they have passed away, they have returned.

“If you don’t die while you are alive, you will die while dying” (Motto of the Teutonic Knights)


For nothing that was hidden will remain hidden longer. The time is coming when all will be revealed.
The Bible