Unconditional Love



“Everyone understands love, but very few people really know how to love. I talk about true love, giving love without wanting to “own”. Loving without attaching ; on the contrary, leaving the other free to exist outside and live for oneself.

“This is not to resign ourselves to not having the exclusivity and push the other to be unfaithful, but instead, it is to want as the highest proof of love that the other is first faithful to oneself.

“This love then implies understanding, total respect for the beloved and also for ourself. This means not imposing our will or our desires, not wanting to exercise any power over the other. Actually we really love when not using the weakness of the other to dominate with our strength.

“But for true love we must of course be fully aware that our current way of loving is often influenced by our emotional gaps related to childhood, by false or disparaging ideas that have been transmitted to us by our family, society, the so-called moral.

“When we hoped for and does everything for the other restores to us the love we may have missed in our childhood, we ask him/her something much too big for him/her. How could he/she be up to? No man or woman can replace this missing love …

“It is therefore necessary to mourn this, give up a better past, accept what was and forgive ourself for having had pain for so long. To move forward, we must also recognize a share of responsibility in everything and do not always flee in blaming the other.

“Then we need to see our own value, because we all have, we are all unique, special individuals, actually the children of God, as wonderful as we can be. Then begins a working resilience that enables us to fully transcend suffering so we can finally begin to love the being we are. Therefore we can also really love each other for what he/she and not for what we would like him/her to be.

“We must also bear in mind that the person we love is not one that completes us because we were already a whole being before meeting. Just remember that he/she is a “supplement”, someone who beautifies our existence but which fills in any case.

“So when he/she comes out of our lives, because quite often love stories come to an end, we will not collapse either. We even accept to let him/her go because we know deep within us that we can not prevent him/her from living what he/she has to live elsewhere. He/she is a free being, and we must respect his/her choice, even if it hurts …




“The people we met are never a coincidence! Every human being that accompanies us a long way, has something to teach us about us or we have something to teach him/her about him/her. We must therefore welcome the best, try to understand the message, intensely live each moment in his/her presence, and then let him/her go away when he/she decides, when something or someone else calls him/her elsewhere.

“A love like that is accessing the source of love in itself that will do that to give love to others become our essence, our highest priority. Especially we will realize then that by giving without expecting anything in return, we receive much.

“This true love, without any condition, without fear, without reproach, without expectation, is the only meaningful love, Love with a capital A. The rest is illusion and unnecessary suffering.” (source)Unconditional Love by Flavio Maronese

Giving without expecting a thing in return means receiving much. Who prays for others see his/her prayer answered. Act according to your pulse, be generous, your life will be. And a generous life, my dear friends, a generous life is the only worthwhile life. By means of grab, scratch, grumble and greed, narrowness of mind and heart, lack of momentum, step by step one becomes stone. Petrified in fear of being, one does prefer the absence, ignorance, night and nought.

Only the fireborn understand blue, said Carl Sandburg. Those burnt child are not afraid of fire, for the fire killed them, and then gave them a new life. In the flames of hell, those fireborn have had the courage or the desperation not to flee the pain once again but instead to jump where the flames are the highest. They consumed their flesh and bones to the last cell in the flames of hell, and then, phoenix of themselves, they were reborned from their ashes. Since they died in their lifetime, they won’t die when dying.




These children of drama and pain have a knack for removing misfortune. As some can bar the fire, the fire children bar the blues. They can take depression away. They can illuminate the darkness. They can dissipate anxieties. Since they had lived that before, since they died, since they were dead and then came back.