The Subtle Body

Broad topic. There is so much nonsense about it, you’d better forget it. I like to tell you what I see, what I care for, what I live with all the time. Once again, I have to talk about me. There are lots of books, so many videos on Youtube or so, you’d better don’t care. Let me put in plain words what is simple, so simple that I’m flabbergasted.

When I see what I see and hear what I hear, I’m happy to think what I think, said Fernand Raynaud. We do not know what he thinks, but we do without it. You will not know what I think about it, but you guess, do not you? In the picture above, I showed the physical body, the subtle body and the aura. Move the mouse over the image to read the description. When I look at you, that’s how I see you.

You’ll find the description of a whole slew of subtle bodies beyond the one I’m pointing out. There is great confusion in this mania of catalogs and enumerations. Let us be clear: I will only speak to you here about the certain, which I have verified by myself, and not what I have read, imagined, or heard of.

The more we talk, the less we know. The more we describe, the more we are wrong. The first thing to do in this arduous search for a truth that deserves is to sharpen your connection with the Spirit. Like me, like all living beings, you have a direct connection with the Spirit. It goes through our brightness, the aura, which is another name for the mind – not capitalized.

Castaneda tells us how. There are so many practical details in his books, so many precise instructions – though often mischievous – this sorcerer remains, after all these years, my favorite author. The truth deserves. Does that mean I’m lying? Or that I cheat? If I do not tell you the truth, I lie to you. If I deliver it to you, where is your merit? In this case, I cheat.

The books are good that they do not deliver to the first flipper came. Being a reader is a passion, a priesthood. It is necessary to decipher, to examine, to feel the text, to make the words ring in the mouth, to be moved, to delight in them. The only one that must be earned is the truth beyond the truth. Simplicity itself. Naked. All pure texts unveil a brief piece of her splendid body. By luck or grace, may I reveal the ankle! A toe ? The living veil of Isis is thus frightened for the voracious and tenacious and precious reader.

The Isis veil is like a second skin that covers the first. It’s called the subtle body, at least that’s the name Flornoy gave him. The subtle body is not just that layer of a few centimeters thick that covers the physical body. The subtle body contains the physical body. He is a little taller than him, he is all around, but he is also in the physical body. Through it, our body perceives things and subtle beings.

To feel the subtle body of a subject, one must be oneself sensitive. A sensitive person can easily become a healer. Every healer is sensitive. One approaches the palm of one’s hand from the voluntary subject, gently, very slowly, and suddenly one feels a slight resistance. Very light. It is the subtle body. There is a second envelope around both bodies. The naguals call it brightness, the enchanters call it the aura. It is not a body, yet it penetrates the subtle body. It touches us very closely.

The brightness appears to the sensuous seeing as a bright glow or dull, depending on the subjects. It can be soap-shaped or pumpkin-shaped or egg-shaped. The egg-shaped aura is the most widespread. A large majority of humans have this form. Some, in a poor physical and moral condition, have a distended aura, which reaches several meters in diameter. Its outlines are vague, fluctuating. It is more or less shaped like a pumpkin or Moroccan pouf.

The higher the aura, the closer the death. The narrower the aura, the better the warrior. Impeccable warriors have very compact auras. One could think the opposite. From someone who makes a strong impression, it will be said that he has a powerful aura. From there to imagine this aura bigger than the others, there is only one step. Do not make it. The larger the aura, the more the spirit dilutes, the less resistant the body.

The impeccable warrior shows a compact aura, a parallelepiped with rounded corners, the aura of soap. The more compact the aura, the more the subtle body is thick and toned. On the contrary, pumpkin auras have a subtle body that is so elusive that it sticks to the skin, to the point that it is difficult for a sensitive person to spot it. One might think that there is no longer a subtle body. No chance. If it were, the subject would be dead.

The chakram – or their ending? – are located on the subtle body, ventral side. When a sensitive can touch them, he feels them vibrate under the pulp of his fingers. The healer does more. He knows how to clean the chakram, how to reactivate the flow of energy from one to the other, how to remove the shunts – energy derivations to get around a chakra more or less clogged, or inactive. Thus the healer can restore an optimal energy scheme, conducive to awakening, internalization. Factor of spiritual success.


All these techniques were taught to me by my benefactor Jean-Claude Flornoy, who had them from a mysterious gypsy from Lyon, unknown to the community. I developed them for 25 years. They evolved with my perception, my degree of enlightenment and the energy of the time. These techniques are one of the bases of my current practice that I call the Erquy reki. Reki or re-checked? Relax, read this.

Now that you have learned a few basics necessary for understanding the subtle body, and before dealing with its interface function between you and your soul, allow me to return to the dilemma that I have submitted to you all at once. hour. The truth deserves. Does that mean I’m lying? Or that I cheat? If I do not tell you the truth, I lie to you. If I deliver it to you, where is your merit? In this case, I cheat.

A dilemma is a question that imposes one or the other answer. The wise man will always refuse to let himself be trapped by a dilemma, that absurd pincer that closes on his victim. He reacts.

Am I lying? Ask yourself the question. In the depths of yourself a flashing light comes on. If I tell the truth, he is green. If I lie, it blinks red. No need to meet us.

Am I cheating? In your opinion ? My cheating would be to reveal bits of truth to people who have only the merit of having found this site. Hey ! It’s not nothing. Do not you believe that the truth protects itself? If you meet it here, that pays for my efforts.



Listen to your body. What you don’t know, your body knows.
JC Flornoy