Energy Scheme


On the basis established by Hatha Yoga, I developed a new reki better suited to the time and environment, the reki of Erquy. It comes from the ancient Celts, modified by me in Erquy, port of Côtes d’Armor. It is a complete rebalancing of the energy scheme proposed to some lucky interns.


The effectiveness of this treatment has surprised many a trainee. My hands work on the first subtle layer surrounding the physical body – I don’t need to touch it. I harmonize the various layers of your invisible bodies and aura. A wave of well-being washes over you. Something has changed in your perception of the world and your inner feelings…

I found this ancient Celtic reki in the Akashic records during my astral journeys, and I became convinced that reki comes from here, as I explained elsewhere. The pretty port of Erquy was known and frequented from the highest antiquity. It was just right that his former glory was restored, I am working on it with this site that attracts millions of visitors worldwide. I also propose initiatory courses in which the reki plays a major role.


The Internship

You don’t need to have practiced yoga to apply for my individual courses. Just want to. Be really motivated. Curiosity is not a valid motive. Sincere interest is not enough either. This initiation that you will receive must be part of a life course that makes you able to make the right exercise.

The conditions are simple to meet: to be ready, totally ready, for supreme renunciation: goodbye ego, goodbye mind, no more pure reason, long live controlled madness on the path to the heart. Believe, yes, but without believing and while believing. Live to grow, renounce aging whatever your age. There’s no age limit to staying young.

There’s no age limit for the prime of life. Dream, perhaps, but a lucid dream. Waiting for the conscious, controlled dream that opens wide the doors to the other world. And dreaming, dreaming, always dreaming, louder and louder, truer and truer, better and better.

We spend the first half of our life forging a strong ego, and the second half to get rid of it. (Carl Gustav Jung)


The ego, the enemy of being, the obstacle to the realization of the true man. The great awakened one. The superman of humility. The eternal adept of open-heartedness. Those who don’t succeed will turn back, sheepishly, with their tails between their legs, shrivelled for life by this missed opportunity.

The bird of freedom flies in a straight line and never stops. (Carlos Castaneda)


The Energy Scheme

I call energetic scheme the subtle energy network that animates our physical body and gives it an opening to the outside world. The energy scheme includes:
– luminous fibres or nadis, in particular the three main ida, pingala and sushumna which carries the chakras,
– the energy centres or chakras, the main seven, the double secondary seven, and the four external to the physical body,
– knots or granthis, blockages in the energy circuit, or Hermes’ Caduceus
-the different subtle bodies, astral bodies etc. and the two or three layers of the aura,
-the silver cord, rather a tentacle of interconnection, a conglomerate of stretchable fibers that connect us with specific beings.

I am aware of innovating in this field, mentioning unknown realities, diverting subtle functions, correcting misconceptions. Please accept it with the same simplicity that I am showing you. Above all, do not see it as stupid pride or stupid triumphalism. I tell you what I see, I tell you my work, I tell you my experiences.

I learned subtle healing from my benefactor Tarots maker Jean-Claude Flornoy over thirty years ago. I made it evolve towards an energy rebalancing, to finally find its accomplished form, the reki of Erquy. The results are what fill me.

The reki of Erquy comes in line with the distant past of my lineage, the Celts of the Wolf Clan. It has something in common with Hatha yoga, if only through Sanskrit vocabulary. I also mix the words of the modern language. 



Yoga is the stopping of mental movements. The head is empty. Yoga in Sanskrit means yoke, method or rest. Yoga identifies three manifestations of subtle energy: 1-fibers or Nadis, 2-centers or Chakras, 3-knots or Granthis. Celtic yoga, the reki of Erquy unties the Granthis, stimulates the energy in the Nadis to bloom the lotus flowers that are the Chakras.

Let’s be clear, I have never practiced hatha yoga or any other yoga. My practice is limited to this new reki. It is not necessary to be a yogi to receive the benefits.

Yoga means method. My neo-reki is also a yoga. This is the method I use to stop the mental flow and restore energy perfection. My trainees can attest to this. The one who leaves my house is not like the one who arrived three days earlier.

No one comes to my place by chance.

There is no such thing as chance. Everything that happens is wanted. (Buddha)



The Chakras

The chakras have already been dealt with in three articles to which you may refer:

The Seven Main Chakras on the trunk and head — The fourteen chakras, comprising the seven main and seven secondary chakras on the limbs. They are double, right side and left side of the body, like ida and pingala. The eighteen chakras, the preceding fourteen plus four chakras outside the physical body, below the feet and above the fontanel.

The Luminous Filaments

Less known but equally important for optimal functioning of the energy scheme, Nadis are light fibers. The same as those described by Castaneda as part of what he calls our cocoon or our brightness. This cocoon is equivalent to the first two subtle bodies.

Filaments or nadissee below are transmitters of energy, therefore of information. Physics teaches us that any transmission of energy conveys information. Through their thread are transmitted thoughts, ideas, images, emotions, memories and even hugs!


Head or Body?

Hindu yoga and Japanese reiki keep a cautious silence on this matter of aura. Castaneda did not mention it either. I’m not surprised, very few people can see auras and feel subtle bodies. Those who talk about them don’t know. Their site or books do not report a direct experience, but their readings, often misunderstood.

With caution, I am giving you a brief account of my research. These are the fruits of a thirty-year practice and its constant evolution. Everything is changing faster and faster. The energy rate of the Earth is boosted by solar flares whose rate and power are unprecedented. In terms of energy, what was true twenty years ago is in the process of expiring, or even already expired. How to achieve a result by blindly following prescriptions and practices that are millennia old?

Unlike the teacher who transmits what he has received, the sage adapts his teaching. The wise man addresses the whole being, not his head, as the teacher does. The student is not mistaken: he loves the wise and shuns the teacher. 

Speak to my body, my head is sick.


The Aura

When Castaneda was writing his books, the aura was smaller and compact. It grew up a lot. The warrior’s soap aura he’s talking about is no longer visible. Now warriors show a solid aura, surrounded by a subtle shell impervious to intrusions as to any type of radiation. The aura of the current warriors is not spherical, but in the shape of almond or egg. It can stretch around the physical body over a radius of twenty meters, sometimes much more.

I measured yesterday on the beach of Guen in Erquy the aura of Noémie: her subtle bodies/ auras were still perceived at 200 meters. She measured mine to get the same result.

The egg of light of our aura consists of several layers less and less material as they move away from the physical body. Here I move away from Noémie who will test my subtle bodies up to 200m away.


Innumerable Nadis

First mentioned in the Chāndogya Upaniṣad, this Sanskrit term, Nāḍī, means tube, channel; vessel, vein, artery; hollow stem, flute. In yoga, the term nadi refers mainly to an energy channel. There are three major nadis that circulate around the central axis of the physical body, ida, pingala and sushumna. They are vehicles of three energies, male and female for ida and pingala, neutral for sushumna. The subtle energy is electric in nature.

The physical body surrounded by its subtle bodies evokes bright nesting eggs that form our luminosity or aura. The latter is formed by the concretion of thousands of luminous filaments or nadis.

Countless nadis irrigate the entire physical body. Some traditions number 72,000, others 360,000. Acupuncture meridians may correspond to certain nadis. It is certain that these nadis are the luminous fibers of the aura cocoon, as described by the nagualist philosophy.


Nagualism and Reki

When you see, men look different, like fibers of light. Like white cobwebs, very fine threads that go from head to navel. The man then looks like an egg of living fibers. His arms and legs become luminous threads of silk glittering in all directions. Every man is in contact with everything else thanks to a bundle of long fibers gushed from the center of his belly. These fibres connect man to his entire environment, they preserve his balance, they give him stability. ( Nagual Carlos Castaneda)

Some will be surprised if I call nagualism philosophy. It is wisdom, no doubt. And it is also a philosophy of action. Let us recall that philosophy manifests itself in two ways, through action and the search for knowledge.

Having practiced it for half a century, I understood that nagualism uses action to transmit knowledge.


The Caduceus of Hermes

Six nadis are more important than the others, at least the most studied: ida, pingala, sushumna, brahmani, chitrani and vijnani. The Celtic reki focuses on the three that form the caduceus of Hermes: ida, pingala and sushumna.

The caduceus is one of the attributes of the god Hermes in Greek mythology, represented as a laurel or olive stick surmounted by two wings and surrounded by two interlaced snakes.

The bay stick represents the central channel, the two snakes are the lateral channels. The caduceus is not a symbol. No need to have an object in the form of a caduceus, no need to invoke Hermes. The caduceus evokes the rise of energy of the kundalini which will boost one after the other the seven chakras of the trunk and the head, and when the crown of the little king rocks, when opens the fontanel, the energy comes out through the sahasrara chakra at the top of the skull and connects the being to the cosmic energy.

The caduceus is a reminder. It shows ida and pingala wrapping around sushumna, the rectilinear central channel. The two snakes indicate, among other things, the reptilian origin of the energetic scheme, like that of the archaic brain, called reptilian.

Ida and pingala do not cross at the location of the chakras, but their movement irrigates the chakras. The side channels ida and pingala and axial channel sushumna originate in the first chakra, the Mulhadara base center located on the pelvic floor.

The ida/pingala structure evokes that of the DNA molecules of living cells. DNA consists of two anti-parallel and complementary strands, wrapped around each other to form a double helix.

In biochemistry, two biopolymers are said to be anti-parallel if they are oriented parallel to each other, but in the opposite direction. The two main examples of this molecular configuration are the double helix of DNA and the sheet β of proteins. The structure of DNA is universal, it is found in all living beings.



The Double Helix

Parallel, oriented in opposite directions… The same goes for ida and pingala. As a child, I felt these two channels in balance, without any notion of yoga or reiki or any idea of what was happening to me.

I perceived in me two spirals of energies without beginning or end. They turned in the opposite direction around the central axis of my body, one ascended while the other descended. The top of the top occurred when the two volutes synchronized their anti-parallel race. One was going up at exactly the same rate as the other was going down. Their synchronous whirling was exhilarating me like a drug.

Harmony filled me. I lost track of time and space. In my vertigo, the whole world revolved around me. I no longer knew where I was, who I was, what I was doing, nor what were the limits of my body where I felt the cosmos pulsating.


The Snake’s Egg

Sushumna, the cosmic fire channel, would be less thick than a hair. This fact was written so long ago that it cannot be believed. too many energy events have upset this planet since then. The end of kaliyuga is a period of exceptional energy inflation.

I found that sushumna could become so powerful that it exceeded the diameter of the physical body. This phenomenon can be observed from the 6th degree of awakening. Is it larger in the awakened of the 7th degree? As soon as I know it, I’ll let you know.

Sushumna corresponds to the subtle spinal cord. It does not circulate in the spine but at the epicenter of the physical body. It carries the 7 chakras as a circulation channel of the Kundalini, this “divine power” represented by a coiled snake. A proof that former gods were Reptilians?

The lateral channels are also snakes. By adding the reptilian brain, we will easily understand that our reptilian creators have bequeathed us much more than a material body.

On this point, the Gnosis was wrong. Unless the great Goddess who gave us this gift is reptilian, too? Which is the case, I am forced to admit. In any case, we came from the Serpent’s egg.

The Serpent’s Egg is a 1977 German film directed by Ingmar Bergman. The title refers to a tirade of Brutus in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar: “And therefore think him as a snake’s egg Which hatch’d, would as his kind grow mischievous And kill him in the shell.”




I don’t know what Shakespeare meant by that, but I’m sure of one thing. The snake egg and the bear bear tell the same story. An incredible story.

The ouroboros or uroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. The ouroboros entered Western tradition via ancient Egyptian iconography and the Greek magical tradition. It was adopted as a symbol in Gnosticism (source).

Terrible tendency to see only symbols everywhere! The symbol is the little that remains when you have forgotten the essential. Abstract abstraction that challenges concrete reality. All these pseudo-symbols transmitted by the ancient Egyptian, Chinese or Inca-Maya, are the representation of a forgotten world, inconceivable events, terrifying beings, humanoids greater and more powerful than us.

The Reptilian Egg of Hyperborea

The so-called symbol of the snake biting its tail, as well as the so-called symbol of the snake’s egg, are two ways of showing the gigantic sphere where the Serpent People lived. This egg was Hyperborea, the mother ship of reptilians from Alcor in Ursa Major.

But to imagine this, we must accept an evidence that goes wrong: these reptilians astronauts were much more knowledgeable, more powerful, more evolved than us. It can hurt, that’s how it is. Those who admit it now will be the heroes of the future.


Hieronymus Bosch represented the world in a transparent sphere, just like the mother ship of the Reptilians. I bet he would often visit the Akashic Annals … That’s where I found most of the unpublished information from this site.


Several Lives of Patience

Yogis have assured for millennia that breathing is the link between body and mind, and that if we control our breath, we can control all aspects of our being. But it can take a life, even several! As is often the case, Asian bio-energy techniques are complicated, approximate and slow to act. Everything happens as if the belief in multiple reincarnations diminished the urgency of awakening.

In the West it is not the same. The Celtic yoga that I practice is derived from very ancient forms of energetic cleansing. The Templars were aware of it and used it abundantly. Their position of rising energy is one of the most effective asanas to achieve this goal. The kundalini rise occurs in about twenty minutes.



Sushumna is the channel of «cosmic fire». If in the physical body it corresponds to the spinal cord, in the dimension of the subtle body, it is considered as the circulation channel of the Kundalini, the latent spiritual energy which some consider to be the energetic expression of divine power and which is represented in the form of a coiled serpent. Again the illustration of our reptilian origin.

Located in the center, in the axial channel and in front of the spine, sushumna, whose refers to a neutral energy corresponding to the balance between lunar and solar energy.

It would be connected without being confused, with the central nervous system or cerebrospinal system. By crossing the column, it crosses and feeds all the chakras. At the origin of the control of all the functions of the organism, it allows to regulate our physical and psychic activities.



Cord or Tentacle?

I’m working on a group of nadis called the silver cord. This filament is supposed to connect our astral body to our physical body, but I have doubts about that. That’s not what I see on me. Picked from the web, here is a quote that describes our nadis.

These fibers form rivers of light, giving rise to rivers, themselves splitting into smaller and smaller tributaries. They do not stop at the border of the physical body, but go far beyond. They form a Kanda, or cosmic egg, like the cocoon of nagualism.

I see the description, not of our aura, but of a tentacle emitted by the belly chakra. This tentacle is improperly called the silver cord. Its function is not to connect the astral body to the physical body, as is often believed. It has other more concrete, very valuable functions.

This tentacle originates halfway between the navel and pubis. It is infinitely expandable in space as in time. Its innumerable ramifications are all laid on different places of subtle bodies that belong to relatives, friends, vague acquaintances or complete strangers.

These external ramifications, or nadis, are communication channels that connect to dozens or even hundreds of people. Animals sometimes.

Hence the relevance of the description given above: These fibers form rivers of light, giving rise to rivers, themselves splitting into tributaries, smaller and smaller.


Inexcusable Confusion

Their function being etheric communication, some authors may have believed that the tentacle linked the being to its etheric body. It is not so. One evolves in astral and ether in perfect freedom, without the slightest thread to the paw or elsewhere. I wonder how these authors could have confused a simple cord with a coaxial link composed of multiple communication links. The only answer that comes to mind is that these authors did not have their third eye open. The art of seeing was unknown to them.

“Seeing” is a particular way of feeling like you know something beyond a shadow of a doubt. (Carlos Castaneda)


This did not stop them from talking at length about a phenomenon they had not witnessed. Anyway, this inexcusable confusion has made its way into literature, cinema, comics. Jodorowski also fell into the panel when he describes the silver cord connecting Alef Thau to his astral body. (source)Alef Thau by Jodorowski and Arno



The Knots or Granthis

Granthi means both knot and in medicine, gland. Hatha yoga helps the rise of kundalini and reaches awakening. This is also the purpose of the reki. Three points prevent kundalini along the central channel. These granthis must be unlocked. They would be located on the first, fourth and sixth chakra.

At the perineum chakra, there is Brahma granthi, connected to the earth element. This knot comes from desire for possession and attachment to the physical world. To unlock Brahma granthi, one must overcome attachment to life, to the body, to fears related to death, to illness, to poverty. It’s a huge letting go.

Vishnu granthi at the heart chakra level comes from attachment to the ego. Unraveling this knot means merging into unconditional love, overcoming self-satisfaction and the cult of one’s personality. The heart opens, the ego diminishes.

The first half of life is devoted to forming a healthy ego, the second half is going inward and letting go of it. (Carl Gustav Jung)


In the third eye’s chakra, Rudra granthi comes from attachment to the causal body, the desire for incarnation. It is related to rational thinking, logic, reasoning and the will to understand. When Rudra granthi is erased, the third eye opens.


You can apply for this internship by using the contact form. My answer will not be long, I will give you the procedure to follow.

The best way to see me is to teleport. The only drawback is to travel without luggage. There is the train: in Lamballe station, get the bus to Erquy. I advise you the car, by far the safest (strikes sncf to predict) and the most convenient (door to door, no change).

If you come from far away, choose the plane. Even further? ? Galactic shuttle. Without luggage? Teleportation. In a hurry? Instant teleportation. Otherwise give up. Give up. Trust the signs.



You have to dance in chains.
Friedrich Nietzsche