Water of Youth


There is a magic water, which gives health, good mood and long life. I fell in it when I was little. My mother rushed to get me out. Too late, I was drowned. So much for life. It will be another time… It is a special water, easy to obtain, the secret of which has been lost. Don’t think of it as a farce, but rather an ancient legend that may well become reality again. Take my word.


Make a wish

Its virtues are most desirable: a renewed youth, a life of several centuries, free from all disease. How to find it again? So try this. If by chance your steps lead you to Dark Forest, go to the Tomb of Merlin. Be sure to write a wish that you will slip into a stone slot.

The first time I saw this, I was in Jerusalem. The pious Jews, dressed in black, slipped vows and prayers into the interstices of the Wailing Wall. It is a colossal base that once supported the Temple of Solomon. This wall is made of cyclopean stones, like the base of the temple of Jupiter in Baalbek. So there were giant cranes in ancient times? But that’s another story…

After slipping your wish into the stone of the Tomb of Merlin, do not miss to go for a dip in the Fountain of Youth which is just a stone’s throw away. When you read this article, you’ll understand why.




The Water of Life

Lustral water, jade water, water of youth, elixir of long life, magic potion, soma, ambrosia, dew water, l’eau réale,royal water it bears many names according to places and times. The Hebrews called it the Water of the Patriarchs. In the Bible, the Patriarchs are endowed with an exceptional longevity: 700 years for Enoch, 900 years for Methuselah. This longevity could well come from this precious liquid. But it is mainly explained by their origin: the patriarchs belonged to the race of giants.

Lustral water, rejuvenating water, the elixir of long life, it bears many names in different places and times. The Hebrews called Water of the In the Bible, the Patriarchs are gifted with exceptional longevity: 700 years Enoch, Methuselah 900 years. This longevity might be due to the daily intake of this water.

In Mahabalipuram, in southern India, this ancient circular basin seems to have been dug with modern tools. It is, however, very old, and scientists in India and elsewhere are wondering what this magnificent basin could be used for. Let’s go! But to swim, pardi! To immerse your body, head included, in this beautiful pool filled with Eau de Vie. These capital letters show that I am not talking about alcohol, but about a particular water with beneficial virtues.


Preancient civilizations knew it very well, when we forgot about it. The pre-antiques used it extensively, when we no longer even know how to obtain it or what it could be used for.

Pre-antiquity, pre-antiquity, these barbarisms can shock some. May they forgive me. I couldn’t think of a better way to describe the prodigious period of the Golden Age, long before antiquity. The age lies in the so-called proto-historical period, which our scientists consider an era of barbarism. They are the barbarians, through ignorance. To avoid being one in my turn, I should have said proto-antiquity. But humor made me choose pre-antique. With all my apologies for the purists, I persist in my taste for gag.



Lightning water

The Sumerians drank the Water of Life, from a spring at the foot of the Tree of Life, the second magical tree of Nibiru, the wandering planet of the Anunna – actually another name for the earthly paradise.  This water that gives life, do not doubt it, is the water of lightning. The water that awakens. Water that makes the mind clear, free of engrams and the dominant ego.

On most Babylonian representations, the vulture gods of Sumer are represented with a pine cone brandished in one hand, and in the other hand a small basket or purse named situla. The pinecone represents the excitement of the pineapple, that is, the awakening. As for the situla, it is a kind of gourd that contains precisely this precious water among all, which gives long life and eternal youth.

The ancient Greeks cited the ambrosia, the divine water that delighted the gods of Olympus. Again, it must be lightning water. Before them, the Egyptians knew the Jade Water, made in the pyramid of Cheops. 

A French engineer of the last century made this discovery that I consider as major. Working on the physical properties of the water, he thinks he’s found the secret of the patriarchs.  During his experiments, the engineer Marcel Violet discovered a water of long life that owes nothing to lightning, but everything to cosmic particles. This discovery was made almost by chance… but we all know that chance does not exist.

There is no such thing as chance. Everything that happens is wanted. (Buddha)


The water of Harama

Bulgaria, like other European and Asian countries, has kept many traces of Ramaic culture. We see the linguistic similarities and kinship behind the word Hram, or Ahram, or Harama, which means both the temple, and also Father Mother Spirit. 

The Thracians, ancient name of this people, belong to one of the ancient hydraulic civilizations, that is to say, a culture of the masters of lightning. I have already mentioned the temples of awakening many times, I think their ancient name was Harama. Ancient hydraulic culture, Thrace is undoubtedly.

See these little niches carved into the stone of a Harama shrine, in order to collect the water of Jade, formerly produced in the Aztec, Mayan, Inca, Egyptian, Chinese, Russian, Bosnian and other pyramids. Pre-antiquity was a planetary civilization, so it should come as no surprise to find traces of it everywhere. “The ancients knew the geomagnetic force of the Earth and knew how to use it. See these niches arranged on the terrace of one of the main Bulgarian sanctuaries. These niches were filled with water or wine that our ancestors used to recharge and heal their bodies through the virtues of geomagnetism.”  (source)




Patomsky Crater 

I explain in another article how to obtain, and especially how to preserve and consume this mysterious lustral and sacred water that the ancients worshipped for its magical virtues. 

Rainwater must be collected in stone containers, any contact with the metal removing its effects. It had to come from a thunderstorm, in order to be vibrated by lightning. I find here the proof that this technique was known and practiced by the Thracians, ancestors of the Bulgarians.

In Siberia, not far from Irkutsk, there is a carved rock called the Patomsky crater. Its particular shape suggests that it has been sculpted. For what purpose? The scientific community is getting lost in speculation about the use of this strange rock. I will spare you their arguments, the details of which you will find here. You guessed my answer. The idea was to collect the rainwater, the storm water, in this natural stone container, so that it would be protected by mineral radiation after being vibrated by lightning. That’s what I think.

Unfortunately, I was not able to go there, but I bet that there is not far from there an eminence, some mound on which the ancients had fixed a metal antenna in order to make a lightning sensor. If by chance you have any info on the matter, please let me know. In recognition the lightning will bless you.



Cups and clams

On some dolmens, you can find bowls called cupules.See the photo Some of these cups are so big that you can swim in them. The cupules like all the other stone baths were used to bathe in the lustral water that comes from lightning.

In the old churches, there is still the ancient stoup where the priest blessed a little water that the faithful used to make their sign of the cross. Needless to say, all these ancient benitiers are in stone, or sometimes in mother-of-pearl, that of a giant bivalve brought back from the blessed islands by some navigator in the long run.

The first metal clams date from the eighteenth century, that of disasters.  For me, the Age of Enlightenment is mostly that of the morons. The sacred transmission had stopped with Philip the Fair and the fall of the Templars. After the Renaissance, devoted above all to the pleasures of the flesh, a burst of intellect without intuition took the place of awakening. The elite no longer understood the old rites, convinced that they were inventing a new world, and filling the treasures of the old. Any quarrel between the Ancients and the Moderns has rested, rests and will always rest on the same inexhaustible bullshit.



Regret is always an illusion.
Claude Sautet