Jade Water and Brazen Sea


Solomon’s temple contained many wonders where it would be wrong not to see technological achievements. The twenty four antennas that overcame the building were lightning rods, or rather lightning sensors. In addition, Hiram, the architect of the temple, had cast in bronze a huge pool where Solomon was taking his ritual bath. This bronze pool was named brazen Sea. (source)II Kings xxv, 13 and Jeremiah LII, 17 

“Nearer to the altar of burnt offerings in the east, stretching a little towards the south, was placed the brazen sea. It was a huge bronze vase, intended to store water in the temple for the use of priests. This vessel was ten cubits in diameter, and thirty in circumference, for it was round and five cubits deep. The edge was decorated with a cord, and embellished with apples or balls in semi-relief. The foot was a hollow paralleliped ten cubits square, and two cubits high.

The vessel was named the sea because of its vast capacity. His cup alone contained 2000 baths of water, and 1000 feet; in all 3000 baths. He was supported on twelve bronze oxen, arranged in four groups of three oxen, directed towards the four parts of the world, and leaving between them four passages, which made the basin accessible under the sea, where the priests went to purify themselves. Water was drawn from the vase by four taps which poured it into the basin.” (source)

I think that the lightning sensors and the brazen sea are two elements of a lightning catcher. Two parts of a machine to change men into gods. Lightning vibrated water in the Sea of brass to makeLightning water or Jade water.

“The brazen Sea – Hebrew: yam moustak – of the Bible was a large round pool of molten brass, which was in Solomon’s temple entrance This pool was 6 meters deep and 12 meters in diameter ; about thirty-six meters in circumference ; the edge was decorated with two rows of carved flowers ; the walls had to thickness width of a hand and the entire basin was supported by twelve oxen, also in bronze. In this pool the high priests were making their ablutions.

It was broken by the Chaldeans in the destruction of the temple and transported in pieces to Babylon.” (Source)Robert Charroux, The unknown mysterious book

The lightning temples all had their pool. We know that of Osireion at Abydos, Egypt. We know that of Harappa, India, on the forecourt of the temple. We know the Akapana basin, on top of pyramid of Tiwanaku, Peru. 



And the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt, was surrounded by a large pool, like the pyramids of the Sun and the Moon in Teotihuacan, Mexico. Lightningwater plays a central role in ancient technology of fulgural awakening. The ancient Egyptians called it Jade Water, and Native Americans originally called the Water of Tlaloc. This all-powerful god was the god of thunder, agriculture and irrigation.

I have shown why these three things are united under his divinity: the Andes, the rain runs down the mountains and irrigates over its descent countless vegetable farming terraces that cover most of the cliffs. 

If the water is not “blessed” by lightning, the earth will be less -or not- fertile. Tintin in Tibet meets an old Lama levitating without warning. Do you remember the name of this old lama? Blessed Lightning(Source)Hergé, Tintin au Tibet In Hergé comics, lightning plays a singular role that deserves exegesis.

Chac in the Andes or Tlaloc in the Sierras of Mexico were both dripping gods. In both cases, the rain god is also the crops one. Was it the same person? As for lightning, it is found at the origin of everything.

Andean peaks Cities were lightning catchers. Lightning brought water that gives life to bodies and plants, and brought awakening that gives life to mind. Lightning brought vril energy, which also rotates machinery and shines lights.

The former gods enriched large amounts of water for their consumption, that of their animals and their crops. Irrigation water, vibrated by lightning and enriched by developped nitrates, was producing abundant and varied crops, which were the envy of the valleys where the primitive hunters were barely enough to survive.

The jade water is not only beneficial for agriculture. Our ancestors knew benefit in many ways. They drank small quantities, its virtues were innumerable: healing, energy balance, rejuvenation or awakening.

All around the world, insiders and immersing in water pools of lightning, ie that of Akapana to Tihuanaco, or the central basin of Teotihuacan, or the pool of Osireion of Abydos Egypt, or the Harappa pool India, and as the ancient metal pools.




For Solomon was not the only one to bathe in a pool of brass: the ancient Chinese dignitaries made their ablutions in the basins of the same type. Here is a photo taken at the tombs of the Ming Dynasty, where you can see a perfect copy of the famous Brazen Sea of Solomon. We know that the great biblical king went to China with his mysterious spaceship. Could it Solomon who launched the fashion of this magical bath to China? Or was it a habit so widespread, following the teaching of the gods astronauts? dives into the pool

I guess they were connected to a lightning catcher, as the brazen Sea. I suspect also that these pools were full of Jade Water. Doesn’t jade belong to Chinese tradition?

There were several quality of lightning water, which was more or less effective depending on the amount of vril that water received. It is possible to produce Jade water without lightning help.

A French engineer of the last century made this discovery I find prodigious. By working on the physical properties of the water, he discovered the secret of the patriarchs: a long life water that owes nothing to lightning, and everything to the cosmic particles.


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