The Age Of Patriarchs


As the Heroes of Greek mythology or the Devas of India, the Patriarchs of the Bible represent the brilliant civilization that preceded ours. They were bigger, stronger and wiser than us, and their lives lasted several centuries. The Patriarchs were bigger and stronger than us, and by many. Coming from the crossing of the former gods and men, or the former goddesses and women, the Patriarchs/ Heroes/ Devas belonged to the fourth humankind. We are the fifth.


Humanoid reptilians

Before them, the Titans had come from Alcor in Ursa Major. They were humanoid reptilians. They have terraformed this wild planet to make it habitable. Their exploits are countless. They straightened the Earth, creating the conditions for an eternal spring, that of the Golden Age, that of the Garden of Eden. This garden suspended above the north pole is that of the Titans of Alcor. The terraformers of Terra.

Then the Titans created the woman and the man, our direct ancestors, to cultivate this magnificent garden. The Adams and the Eves people have been our direct ancestors. They were called the Adamites. When the time came to quit our newly terraformed planet, the Titans told the Adamite people, “You are the gardeners of this garden and the guardians of this zoo. Everything that has been created here below has been designed and built for you. Grow like plants, multiply like them, and when you are as many as wise, come join us in Alcor.” Then the Titans have returned home.

For our giant ancestors, the Heroes / Patriarchs / Devas, it was a heartbreak. Most of them felt more divine than human. They wanted to follow their kin on the great ship. They wanted to see Alcor the magnificent. Some had the privilege of accompanying the gods and the Goddess to their home planet. Enoch and his people lived on Earth, then on Hyperborea, then on Alcor.


Christ Rama

Most demigods stayed, they became kings and queens of earthlings. Tyrants sometimes. Christs too, like Rama. Fifth generation humans, our ancestors, cultivated this beautiful garden where everything had been designed and made for them. They have built villages, built roads, reserved forests, lakes, moors and savannahs for all kinds of animals that fly, crawl or run. For our humanity, it was the time of Eden, the true golden age.



These times of innocence have woven a great complicity with plants and trees. The plant world knows secrets that it is ready to tell us. So “we must cultivate our garden.” (source)Voltaire, Candide That is why the garden of Adam –or Eden– is synonymous with paradise.

Slight downside: it was not paradise for everyone. For the gods, everything was going for the best, you think well, to be served by our children and to fuck our women. And for the males, it was hardly better. It was hell for the blacks in the gold and uranium mines, for the whites in the deserts of ice below Hyperborea, for the yellows in the tropical oven of Mu, for the reds in the unhealthy bunkers of Atlantis, for the bistres in the holds of Lemuria, formerly named Land of Punt, in the Indian Ocean.

A canonical age

Anyway, the men who are not so vindictive have kept the best memory of Eden’s prison. They still dream of the fabulous reign of Cronos, the god of time. Because thanks to long-lived potions such as nectar or ambrosia, the Titans enjoyed an extraordinary longevity. Their life was so long that their creatures – we are, my friends – believed them immortal.

Similarly, our direct ascendants, this intermediate race of Greek Heroes, Devas of India or Bible Patriarchs, lived much longer than we did. Lives of 500 years were common. But the Titans easily lived for millennia. As for Our Lady of Alcor, the Great Goddess, she was there at the beginning and she continues to watch over us. Its age is counted in tens of millions of years — 66million to be precise

The Patriarchs, the Bible tells us, lived several centuries, according to individuals. This is the primary meaning of the word patriarch: a very old person, but always fit, because the exceptional longevity was accompanied by a stunning youth. At four hundred, they were sixty. Take me: I’m 75, I have everything of a very young man. No kidding.This guy is nuts



Longevity of the Patriarchs

Adam begat Seth at 130, Adam lived 930 years. Seth begat Enosh at 105, Seth lived 912 years. Enosh begat Cain at 90, Enosh lived 905 years. Cain begat Mahalaéel at 70, Cain lived 910 years. Mahalaéel fathered Yéred at 65, Mahalaéel lived 895 years. Yered fathered Hénoch at 162, Yéred lived 962 years. Enoch begat Methuselah at 65, Enoch lived 365 years and then God took him with Him. Mathusalem begat 187, Mathusalem lived 969. Lemek begat 182, Lemek lived 777. Noah begat Shem, Ham, and Japheth at 500… Noah was 600 years old when the flood came. So the Flood was 1656 years after the Creation.

I specify that Enoch lived the triple of 365 years. His earthly life lasted 365 years allright, then followed by a second life of 365 years in the suspended paradise of Hyperborea, then a third life of 365 years on Alcor in Ursa Major. That’s 1095 years. We feel very stupid in front of such figures.

The hormone of long life

Our geneticists have high hopes for the study of the aging hormone. One can reasonably expect to prolong human life to a great extent in the coming decades. But two or three centuries would be a maximum. What dark moron will come again to talk to us about progress, positive evolution, increasing perfection? Our history is one of decline. Period.

Here is a learned text that reeks of ignorance and fatuity, accompanied by my clear translation.

‘Ageing is a biological process of great complexity –clearly: it is difficult to understand what is happening– the fundamental mechanisms of which have not yet been clarified –clearly: we understand only slab– It would therefore be, too simplistic to reduce aging to simple hormonal deficiencies, –why simplistic? Since we don’t understand a single bit?– that it would be enough to replace in order to slow down, or even stop, the inexorable evolution –yet the former gods succeeded in the best way– in an illusory search for an “eternal fountain of youth” –it did exist in the past, you donkeys! (source)



The Underworld Under the Earth

Everything was going well on pre-ancient earth, when a divine coup ruined the efforts of the first gods, precipitating the fall of their dynasty. Cronos found himself under Etna, forever defeated by Zeus. So Time went underground… This is what accredits the ancient legend of the Agartha, this underground world where men live several centuries, like the Patriarchs. We find this myth among the Sumerians, when the god Enki, creator of man, must give the Earth to his brother Enlil… to withdraw in the abzu. 

 There, in the depths of the subsoil, in the hollow of the earth, Enki and the gods who accompany him live indeed many decades… Maybe they’re still there?


Testaments of the Patriarchs

The Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs constitute a collection of twelve biblical books. Arrived in a Greek version, they relate the speeches and recommendations attributed to the twelve patriarchs sons of Jacob on their deathbed. First of all, they are ethical, resolutely moralizing. Their values are justice, love and truth. Love is thus presented as the foundation of social life and values forgiveness but is first accessible only within Israel before it can be extended to all men in divine salvation.

The intervention of the priestly messiah will inaugurate the era in which there will be no more evil and the Testament of Judah indicates what will be the royal messiah’s share before the arrival of God, which the author waits with great hope: indeed, when the two Messiahs have completed their task, it is God himself who comes to earth to live with men, in a final salvation that concerns — beyond Israel — all peoples. (source)

I do not hide from you that their reading is indigestible and tedious. The enumerations and the repetitions incline the reader to fall asleep, and the fervor of the beliefs leaves one wondering in the face of their naivety. How can we preach justice in such an unjust world? Is life just? Is death just? How can we preach love in a world of hatred? How can one believe in a god of love when one desperately seeks its effects here on earth? If God is love, his omnipotence is illusory. If God is Sabaoth, ruthless avenger, terrible warrior, why would he come here, if not to make war with us to take back what is his?

Of love, justice and truth, the Mother Goddess would be a more credible model than the dragon god or the good god. The two appear equally in the Bible as in the Torah. Whether they are called gods or devils, in the end they are only supermen. And mortal.



End of Long Time

With the defeat of Cronos comes the golden age of the Titans. Tit Ahn, the little ancients, so are described our creators in the language of the origins. The new gods, the Olympian Titans, are of a different kind, that of the Warlords. As masters of lightning, they use its energy for their deadly machines.

We saw what terrifying – and very modern weapons they possessed. This appalling arsenal gives us an idea of their technological superiority. In fact, despite the current passion for weapons of mass destruction, we’re not there yet. That’s coming. But to catch up, let’s count a few billion more years. Their goddess, Ana of Alcor, Empress of the Thousand Stars, began her reign 66 million years ago. She still lives and watches over her people.

The ancient gods, brilliant as they were, were only men. Often, Indigenous people have mistaken more civilized intruders for gods. Or for devils. This is often the same. The difference is difficult to make.



Time Gets the Hell Out

The silver age of the Patriarchs — or the Heroes — will end with a new blow to Cronos. Long Time has definitely left the Earth.Lives that stretched over hundreds, even thousands of years, belong to the past. A past that will gradually become incredible and will be called a children’s tale. The more men decline, the less they admit the power of the former gods.

You can’t imagine men who were once stronger than you. It’s just ego. It’s ethnocentrism, which is the same thing. And yet they were. The ram, symbol of Ulysses, is said ram in English. Ram the Ram, one of the princes heirs of the Second Atlantis knew a fantastic odyssey that took him to India where he reigned lavishly under the name of Rama. He is considered a god.

The odyssey of Ulysses would it be a Mediterranean adaptation of the odyssey of Rama?



I will beg my life on earth and on the waves, from the old to the new world, and I will tell people Enjoy life, take away misery, humans are all brothers, people of all countries.
Boris Vian