Wizard Options


Powers are like awakening: they tumble without warning, they leave without warning. The impeccable warrior makes sure not to get attached to them. All attachment is a hindrance. Quickly said. Hard to do. The ego blocks you. The ego is so made that it takes all your progress. If you listen to it, soon it pretend to be the author of your awakening, because it is your priority. But not its, believe me. No spiritual progress may come from your ego. Your awakening is the end of its reign. If you can do it, he will have to withdraw on tiptoe. And that pisses him off.

The heart of the path

All attachment is a hindrance, okay, but the absence of attachment is a big sore. I know that it is advisable to erase his personal history, I employ myself without sacrificing my present. Love is largely absent from Nagualism, as it is in Hinayana Buddhism. Yes, okay, but here we are immersed in the Judeo-Islamic-Christian culture. We have a heart and we use it. Not always for the best, but after all we have a heart. We have this tradition of courtship and courtly love. We court women. We are gallant, we watch over her, we are attentive. At least we should. These are our western roots.

In the name of impeccability, do you have to live as a jealous monk, far from humans, far from the heart, full of resentment? I do not know. Some do. Some find their account there. I did it, it didn’t work for me. But not at all. Our needs are different because our faults are not the same. We all have a different job, each one does it in their own personal style. I chose, like Juan Matus, the path that has the heart. It’s my choice, this right has nothing to do with nagualism. For me it is a plus. For others it would be a minus.

The old seers

Carlito did not follow that path, it is his choice. The naguals follow each other and hardly resemble each other, as we can see in the books of Castaneda which evoke four generations of naguals. In any case, the detached attitude that it is advisable to have in relation to the powers is a constant of nagualism. Los viejos videntes, the old seers were starved of powers – especially over matter – which led them to their sad destiny.

Poor ghosts harnessed to some obscure task, they live in slow motion an eternity of junk, frustrated minds deprived of the body and its pleasures, yet still linked to it and dependent on its good preservation, somewhere in the bowels of the earth , where he waits in his bandages for the sad end of his eternal hell, under the pickaxes of looters or the brushes of archaeologists … There is looting and looting. The reasons are different, but for the old seer the result is the same. Brutally pulled from his limbo, he is quickly propelled towards the certain nothingness of the beak of the Eagle, nothingness that he fears for good fractions of eternity to chew on maggots. Yes, it’s the world upside down.

Impassive, if not indifferent

The one who seeks powers is like the one who watches for awakening. The disappointment will be there. The impeccable warrior does not allow himself to be devoured by any ambition. Humbly he accepts. He devotes himself to the cause that is his. He has no expectations for himself, who belongs to this world of the living. He moderates his emotions. All his emotions. Stay in the Middle Way. Quiet, detached, he is not surprised at anything in order to be able to marvel at everything. And also, not to give in to terror …

Compared to the powers he receives, the impeccable warrior makes it a point not to jump for joy when he discovers them, as well as not to sink into despair when they leave. Because they always go away. Nothing lasts, and when the powers ebb, the guru becomes the crook. He changes clientele and addresses the naive. With a few phony formulas and sleight of hand, he secured a naïve clientele that was easy to satisfy, fearful and therefore easy to control, passive and therefore easy to keep.

Donations are passed on from person to person. But it is a question of not mistaking the legatee. If the person does not have sufficient control, this gift can harm them, if not kill them. In the past, I have passed on such and such a gift without my knowledge. In several cases, it went wrong. The person who received the donation did not use it properly. His gift has disappeared, the person has sunk into megalomania, depression or madness. Since then I carefully select the people I receive. A simple contact may be enough to transmit. Donations are like viruses, they’re contagious.

Transmission can also be voluntary and total. An aging healer will choose from his relatives a grandson or a niece who seems to him gifted to transmit his talent to them. He will choose it carefully and make sure that the load of power and the enormous responsibilities that it brings are well handled by the new healer. The main enemy is himself. His ego will want to take advantage of the situation and restore his image. This is the usual ego strategy. To attribute to oneself an evolution, a progress, a success as if it were the only author, whereas it is the opposite. Often, if not always, the ego is a brake on inner progress, not a help. It would be a crime not to pass on such a valuable asset.

How is the transmission going? The simplest in the world. Each healer, seer, prophet or visionary will orchestrate the thing as he pleases. There is no accepted ritual, because in this area nothing is official. Few writings address these questions. They are secret and take place in the most complete privacy. Only the donee and recipient will be present. Period. There is only one constant: all or nothing is transmitted. Except in the case of wizard options.



Eventual power

A wizard option is a gift of power that a wizard gives to a protégé – apprentice, patient, friend, etc. The power is engramed in the body of the subject, who knows nothing about it and will eventually discover it only if he needs it: it is a virtual power, subject to conditions of use. This gift is discreet. It escapes ordinary consciousness, it is only accessible from the left side. Only experienced clairvoyants know when to give or when they receive this kind of gift. And again, not every time. It happens in the living, it happens all by itself, or rather it is the body that does it. The mind has nothing to do with it. Generosity either. There is no idea of ​​reward in this kind of donation. It’s free. One day, if the need arises in the receiver, this gift will be available at the right time. But the gift can also remain unknown and never be used.

I discovered the process at 20 in the pages of Castaneda. Years later, I received many of these discreet donations from my benefactor. During a magical trip in Dordogne, he explained himself. He mentioned their existence without going into detail. For him, it’s happening outside of mind control. No need therefore to try to understand. Especially since the donor’s conscience does not register what his body is doing. Everything comes from the body. I should say bodies, let’s not forget the different subtle bodies, energy bodies, astral bodies, heart bodies, etc.

Assemblage Point

When a sorcerer is in contact with an apprentice or a patient, his body emits a wave which shifts the assemblage point of the person to a new position. It will allow him to speak in tongues, to see the invisible, to cure scrofula or to play the didgeridoo with his ass. No, I’m kidding, but do you ever know? These things are often so filled with humor, an attentive observer might collapse laughing all the time, so hilarious the synchronicities could be. The Living is not lacking in humor, no comedian is so gifted.

Wizard options are gifts of power that can arise spontaneously, when a sufficiently strong energy bridge has been established between the requester and the wizard. Requests are rarely made, except in the case of the tenant at Castaneda. You are asked to take off your shoes when entering so as not to let in dirt from outside. Transmission, in the tenant’s case, occurs through sex. A mode of transmission widely used by gurus …

The tenant, a former clairvoyant who comes to see the new naguals to fill up with energy, appears to the donor in the form and in the sex which flatters his libido. For example, a girlfriend who went missing in an accident. How to resist ? A similar thing happened to me long ago. My benefactor was talkative and very taciturn on these issues, which was not his habit.

Call of Intent

It wasn’t until much later, a long time after he left, that I began to figure it out. I know he gave me great gifts of power, but did he know it himself? In any case, he did not transmit anything to me in the tenant’s way, nor by using ritual, pentagram, goat, owl, magic formula, potions, ointments, herbal teas, potions, no, nothing like that. He gave me gifts of power that can suddenly arise in me, but how do I recognize them? Donations come to us from everywhere as soon as we are able to receive them. Impossible to identify their origin. Traceability is not essential here.

Until the day when I discovered, when I really needed it, that I could move objects at a distance. Formerly, during one of my immersions in sects, I had practiced in vain, an old technique which was to allow an object to take off above a table. A thousand times I have tried, convinced that it is enough to want to be able. Well no. Willpower is not enough. There has to be intention. And personal intention is not enough either. It takes a boost from up there. Intention with a capital I. It shifts the assemblage point.

But it doesn’t always work, that’s what is beautiful. The impeccable warrior does not wait for the result of his action. He acts as he breathes, without counting, without sparing himself. Whether it gives something or nothing does not depend on his wanting, but on the great Intention up there. It is not a person, it is not a biological being, it is a force that goes. She goes where the warriors beckon her. But she is often short-sighted …

The personal intention of a warrior signals to him, then it comes to help him or not. It depends. According to what? I don’t know. Divine arbitrariness?

Shai Korma

Why is this one spoiled and receives everything without effort, why this one shits without horizon, without love, without work, without money and now without housing? Divine arbitrariness. Others will say karma, not me. Karma ? I do not know such a crap. Tell me about korma, yes, I love shai korma chicken. Karma no.

This doctrine aimed to keep the people on the right path. It is a form of counter-initiation. The aim of the doctrine is no longer awakening, but falling asleep. Believing in karma prevents the being from growing in strength and wisdom. He loses his freedom and his courage. Everything seems rigged to him. Certainly it is, but not to break us or to strengthen our ego. Global rigging helps us to progress.

Whoever believes in karma and its punishments lives in permanent self-analysis which maintains constant guilt. A warrior who lets guilt take hold of his mind is a lost warrior.

Whoever believes in karma and its rewards and feels blessed for such a great virtue is just a sordid asshole. Ego prevents from working on oneself to get higher.ailleurs ? It remains stuck to the material life like a fly on glue.




So one day I was able to move an object and it avoided an accident. I had never done such a thing before. Without doubt this power existed in me in a latent way, it was awakened by the vital need that I had for it at that moment. Yes, it must be that. I was about to bury the question when I saw a see-through figure superimposed on the stage.

I immediately recognized my benefactor. I may have heard his laugh, like the raven of the Vale of No Return. Yes, when I exercised this new power, in filigree, Flornoy winked at me. I had just discovered one of the wizard options he gave me. This watermark, the only signature of the donor … No pride in it. A post-mortem wink is not from the ego from beyond the grave.

The filigree trick might not happen every time, but if it does happen to you, you will see what it does. Funny and upsetting. Especially when the donee is dead. I experienced this long after the death of my benefactor.


He who conquers himself is the most valiant of warriors.