Atlas’ Achievement

In Greek mythology, Atlas is a superhero who carries the enormous mass of the earth. Here is what it means. Atlas, son of Poseidon is also his heir. As such, he reigns over Atlantis. This is according to Plato a big island that I think is artificial. At the controls of this gigantic ship, Commander Atlas. He has at his fingertips the digital bar and the two pushers that enabled him to direct Atlantis, circular flying island with a diameter of 3300 km.

Atlas embodies all the excess of the sons of Time, the gigantic Titans. The Titans are the gods of the silver race, giants with great longevity and boundless strength. Sons of Uranos, Heaven, god of the gods of the golden age, the Titans measure more than 4m and live more than two thousand years.

Carrying the Earth

The most famous ones are Cronus the Time, and Iapetus, father of clever Prometheus, father of men, and of Epimetheus the simpleton, husband of beautiful Pandora, the first woman; and of Atlas the Almighty, that the greek sculptor represented carrying a sphere. Might it be the Earth?

Observing the sphere carried by Atlas, we can see the zodiac signs representing the twelve constellations: Greeks from the 5th century before J.-C. saw the celestial globe in it, with all its worlds and stars. But they might have been wrong about this. Representing the zodiac signs on the globe doesn’t proove it is a celestial globe. It may be a subtle way to indicate that the Earth, carried by Atlas, changed its focus from the canopy of heaven. There was a time, the time of Eden, when the Earth was perpendicular to ecliptic.

Atlas’ figure is a pictural way for transmitting to posterity this incredible information: Earth’s axis has not always been steep, and Atlas would have been responsible for it. So this myth tells us : Atlas carried the Earth, like his cousin Prometheus carried the fire. Such an amazing performance, bigger than Hercules’ labors! What does it mean exactly? As unbelievable as it can be, Atlas could carry the Earth. Atlantes’ faith moved mountains and even more, as Jesus said.

Effectively, the ancient gods found the way to modify the Earth’s slope in the sky. Instead of forming an angle of 23.27 degrees from the ecliptic, as Earth is in our days, they set it back to the perfect perpendicular. This prodigious achievement seemed to have only benefits. And so started on Earth the Golden Age: Eden. How did they do that? It seemed that previous gods controlled numerous sciences from which we know almost nothing. Gravitology is a part of them.


The Secret Of Antigravity

It seems indeed that the Atlanteans could remove the weight of the heaviest monoliths;  so they might have built these cyclopean fortresses in the Andes, in Egypt and Greece, where 200-tons blocks were lifted and adjusted thanks to antigravity. Certainly, the Earth weighs much heavier than the most enormous stones, and these first insights don’t exactly answer how they did it. Chiefly, why did they do it? Why redirecting Earth’s axis?

Their first purpose was to stimulate the production of geo-energy, the energy naturally produced by stars’ and planets’ rotation. A planet such as Earth, out of its formation, acts as a rotor-stator, the stator being the cristalline core, and the rotor being the rest of the globe. This geo-energy flows over Earth’s crust in the form of parallel strips, 30 miles wide, called the sacred streams. They’re coming from East and going west. Their width may change with areas.

Looking For Vril Energy

The Atlanteans knew that straightening the Earth’s axis would increase the quantity and quality of this renewable, clean, and free energy that we may call geo-energy or Vril energy. So they straightened Earth’s axis. What straightened its orbit too. Sun’s rays became perpendicular to Earth everywhere, and hotter then. This has resulted in the accelerated melting of Würm’s and Wisconsin’s glaciers, or even former ice age glaciers. Thus it provoked a big change, a single season ever, only different in different regions of the globe.

The absolute winter at the poles, the sweltering summer in the tropics, and an eternal spring in our temperate latitudes, so multiple harvests per year. This was the time of the Garden of Eden, the age when gods lived among men. It could have happened 12,000 years ago, when anthropologists note the emergence of agriculture in different parts of the world: plants and livestock appear suddenly. No one has satisfactorily explained to this spontaneous growth.


There is another interpretation of the myth of Atlas, in the hypothesis of the changing of the moon. The different periods of gigantism found on our planet could be explained by the coming closer of a satellite, until its final crushing which would mark the end of a geological era or the start of the following era, if you prefer. The current moon was then dangerously close to the Earth, and the Giants knew it was time for them to leave this planet-trap.

But one of them, Prince Atlas made a colossal feat: with a quantum shot, he managed to move away the moon far from our planet, even a little too far. No longer compensated by the lunar attraction, Earth’s gravity became too strong for the Titans. Atlas and his family still had to leave the Middle Earth. The age of the men had come. Yet the achievement of Atlas, his shot a little too powerful, had propelled our satellite to the limit of the terrestrial attraction. One day or another, the Moon will escape the Earth and will resume its course to the nearest star, the Sun.

GNAP! The Sun has devoured the moon… End of a geological era. On Earth, without satellite to compensate, gravity has become unbearable.

Homo sapiens are doomed to disappear: their bodies are too big and their bones are too fragile. Before leaving, they buried their knowledge in books, they taught their successors. For the scholars geneticists Homo Sapiens have made a new species, named the Smurfs, better adapted to the new conditions of life on the planet which they inherit, with his great history…   

Between them, the Smurfs are called the Little People, and call us the Great Ancients.




Atlas Blunder 

I am long held to this explanation of the earthcarrier Atlas’ myth, even if I was not satisfied with how did Atlas accomplish this feat? How could be changed the axis and the seat of a planet? And for what reason ? Several readers pointed out to me that I did not answer these questions. Because I do not know.

Since then, I had a flash. Atlas has not completed any feat, he made a blunder. And what blunder! We still pay high price for it.


Le Soleil a rendez-vous avec la lune Mais la Lune ne vient pas et le Soleil l’attend. —— The Sun has a rendezvous with the moon But the moon does not come and the Sun awaits. (Charles Trenet)


It’s time to gloat.
Hubert Reeves