A Stop On The Path


A stop on the path doesn’t mean road end. Even less the end of the Way. Who can claim to succeed? A liar or a madman. I am a bit of both, but only a little bit. I would not dare to adorn myself with the feathers of the peacock that I am not. The end of the road is the Fool. Still he walks on. I imagine he must be a kind of Magician of the other world. The world of life after life.


I’m not there yet, ifever I reach it. Nor can I mention a fulfillment of Judgment or of the World. The story of my life in agreement with the major mysteries must therefore stop at the Sun. For the moment. Here, therefore, my path of life ends in agreement with the major mysteries of the initiatory tarot. I do not want to develop my vision of the mysteries that still remain to me, it would be to let go of the bridle to the mind. My benefactor was wrong to risk it, what he said is not worth tripette and may even lead you astray. I try in this site to transmit only verified elements, experiences that I actually lived or that I collected from reliable witnesses.

I refer you to your own experience, whether you have arrived at the Judgment, the World, or the Mat. As for me, I work hard, a foot that I take while working, which shows my contortionist gifts. Yes, it may seem acrobatic, and yet I get my hands in the pockets and fingers in the nose. That’s also cotton. Try, you will see.

To those who have followed patiently my way of life modeled on the arcana, I give appointment in these pages for the eventual continuation, if it comes. Good things come to those who wait for. I learned patience, I who had none. While waiting for the end of the road, do like me, follow all the pretty paths that open under your feet. They all lead to happiness.

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Utopy is just what have not been tried yet.
Theodore Monod