Ancient Super Weaponry


If you are a Zeus or Shiva liker, don’t regret them too bitterly: the Gods of the Silver Age were certainly not as cool as one might think: they had an appalling and varied arsenal of weapons.

Ramayana mentions the weapons of mass destruction kept by Shiva. One can recognize what appears to be a nuclear bomb, but the weapons here  mentioned have not yet been reinvented by the Doctors Strangelove of our time.

“The son of Drona, having established contact, discharged the Narayana.” So is called the divine weapon. Immediately, there was an explosion of violent winds, torrential rain, terrifying thunders, earthquakes, tsunamis, “and the mountains cracked open. When the ray struck the warriors, they became transparent and disappeared.” (source)Drona Parva, quoted by Michel Bougard, The chronicle of UFOs, p. 38

“A huge flaming projectile was launched. It burned with a smokeless fire. A deep darkness enveloped the troops and their weapons. A terrible wind started blowing, thick blood-colored clouds went down to ground level, the nature seemed mad and the sun rotated on itself. The enemies fell like charred twigs. 




The water of the rivers began to boil, all those who were trying to escape from there perished immediately. Atrociously burned, thousands of elephants and horses filled the air with their cries, as they ran terrified among the flames. After all this terrible confusion, a cool strong breeze dissipated the smoke and cleared the skyline. Terrifying show!

On the battlefield, burned by a terrible weapon which we had never heard of, thousands of dead were reduced to ashes. This powerful and terrible projectile was named Weapon of Agneya.

It looked like a long sharp spindle and was put inside a large guidance tube, which range could be adjusted.” (source)Hindu writings, 19th century

These lines, especially, show us the obvious fact: it is indeed a matter of arsenal in the modern sense of the word, with rockets and missiles, several kinds of bombs, tasers and laser guns , bombers, missile launchers, and perhaps also, tanks and other armored vehicles.




In any case, there are quite realistic descriptions of fighting suits and helmets: “The warriors attached to super-weapons had very tight clothes or special tunics and they all wore on their heads helmets that leaned on the shoulders.” (source)Ghatotrachabadma, 19th century

The Egyptian relief here, prior to 3500 BPBP = Before Present. (3500 BP corresponds to -1500) shows modern weapons, you can recognize here a helicopter, a jet fighter and another aircraft, very consistent with our current models.

This fresco gave birth to a controversy of very bad faith. And yet these frescoes are the exact illustration of Hindu texts: 

“We saw something in the sky that looked like a scarlet cloud as the cruel flames of a burning fire. From this mass emerged a huge Vimana painted in black that launched many blazing bullets; the sound it made by getting closer to the earth looked like that of a thousand drums rolling together. The Vimana approached the ground at incredible speed. It was hurling weapons glittering like gold, thousands of lightnings accompanied by loud explosions and hundreds of wheels of fire; it was a frightful tumult, during which people saw fall the horses, war elephants and thousands of soldiers killed by the explosions. The routed army was pursued by the terrible Vimana until it was destroyed.” (source)Drona Parva, 18th century


As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods : they kill us for their sport. (Bill Shakespeare)




The above descriptions are eloquent: they look like modern weapons, such as that of the Egyptian relief above.


Davenport and Mohenjo Daro

An ancient, heavily populated city of Pakistan (2,000 years before Christ by an unbelievable explosion that could be irreversibly provoked) atomic bomb or equivalent. This is the conclusion of a British researcher of Indian origin, David Davenport. This Sanskrit expert spent 12 years studying ancient texts and evidence on the site of the great ancient city of Mohenjo Daro.

For David Davenport, a thermonuclear explosion is not an absurd hypothesis. The description of the image of such weapon in the Mahabharata, section Drona Parva. The weapon is called Agneya: It was like a brilliant fusion whose heat burned the world like a fever. Then, the cold winds, the cardinal points became clear and light.

Looking at the burned walls, the second possibility seems to be the good one. Apparently, Indra is leading a cruel invasion. In the Rigveda, it is written, “Destroy the strongest as time rips clothes.”

Everyone was massacred on the spot. The finishing touch was a sudden holocaust of fire. Davenport is back from Pakistan with some samples of the city. The CNR had a serious analysis which surprised the researchers: the objects attributed by him seemed to be welded, vitrified by a heat up to 1500 ° C, then by a sudden cooling.

It seems we made the same natural choice. For Davenport, the destruction of kingdom Danda the Mohenjo-Daro, also available in English, meaning “island”, on which Mohenjo-Daro was built. Mohenjo Daro corresponds exactly to Nagasaki, said Davenport, whose discoveries were discovered in an astonishing book, “Atomic Destruction in 2000 BC”, in Milan, in 1979. There was an epicenter about 50 meters from wide where everything was crystallized or melted, he writes.

Sixty meters from the center, the bricks are melted and presage traces of a violent breath. The horrible and mysterious event that destroyed Mohenjo Daro 4,000 years ago was recorded in an ancient manuscript called the Mahabharata:

White smoke and a thousand times brighter than the sun rose with infinite brilliance and reduced the city secretly, in the story. Boiled water … thousands of horses and chariots were burned. the corpses of fallen soldiers have been mutilated by overwhelming heat to no longer look like human beings …

The description ends as follows:
It was a terrible sight to behold … never before had we seen such a horrible weapon.

The 30,000 inhabitants of the city have seven days to go out – this warning is clear that the destruction was scheduled. Obviously, some people have not yet been told, because 44 human skeletons were discovered in 1927, just a few years after the discovery of the city.

This is reminiscent of Sodom’s episode and Yahveh’s warning to Lot to leave the city before it was destroyed. And it also reminds Noah, in the multiple international versions of the flood, which is warned before the disaster. All these catastrophes seem to have been caused by the former gods, the terraformers of this planet, our dear creators themselves.

In Mohenjo Daro, many people could not escape. All the victims were surprised. For example, on a found father, a father and a girl in the street, face down and always in tenant. It is interesting to note that ancient texts refer repeatedly to Vimanas, or flying machines. They knew how to free themselves from gravity, it seems. Indian temples have cupolas that suggest the shape of these ancient UFOs.

The theory of Davenport has aroused great interest in the scientific community. William Sturm, a world renowned expert, said: the brick melting in Mohenjo was not caused by a normal fire … Professor Antonio Castellani, a space engineer in Rome, added: “It’s possible that has passed to Mohenjo Daro is not a natural phenomenon” (source)




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