The Real Dream


First we dream about it, then the dream comes true. Provided we dream like the sorcerers. With the controlled dream. First we shape the future in astral, when we sleep. Operative magic. And then when it’s ripe and ready, it comes for good. But what is good? Before or after? Before life or after dream? Tell me how do you sleep, I’ll tell you what you live…


Dream? Is it real?

Dream first, dream on your feet, sleep again, sleep on your feet. Dream is a life you can’t afford. It’s also real life. Reality is illusory. Illusion is real. The crowd is afraid of the sorcerer, shaman and prophet. The crowd doesn’t want to see themselves in the ice. The sorcerer holds out the mirror, the crowd is too afraid to see themselves there. It’s not reality that’s scary. What scares us is that it’s real.

Rivalry between dream and reality? Rather, dream. The close and daring union of dream and reality. The dream is considered unreal, the reality is also for some, Hindus in particular. And me too. What we call reality is the distorted perception of an elusive world. A world that is changing too fast for us to grasp in complexity. Never mind! The brain makes it up. A program erases the incomprehensible and always gives us the same image of a fictional reality, even more false than the fake news on the web or tv news. We can be fooled. Let me give it back. Bweeeeh!

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I therefore solemnly declare the existence of a perceptive world largely ignored, yet fundamental. I call it realdreamness. Some say daydreaming, but daydream is illusion. I invent it at every moment. Do the same! Be sure that it is true since you create it.




Some people wonder what it takes me from time to time to let go of unconscious delirium. Delirium? No. To de-read,French: dé-lire, delirium ie unlearn to read. Just like dé-chant.Discussant In medieval music, the discussant is a sacred and vocal musical style, and also a polyphonic writing process. It consists in the addition of a countermelody, no longer below the plain chant fragment (as in the primitive organum) but above. From the eleventh century, it distinguished itself from the parallel organum. (Wikiblabla)

The former fold that Sion has: When you go through Wikipecker the Encyclo, you understand the interest of unlearning to read. Learn to be red instead. It’s a beautiful colour. So learn to de-read. The hidden force behind the words. The hidden sound behind the meaning. It is beyond logic: it is beyond all of us. It is the language of the dead, computers, robots, household appliances and the Marrakech Express. Among other things. Everything goes up, use it to grow. Put a higher ceiling, buy a longer bed. Change clothes, put on bigger ones.

It’s not just disappointment. It’s also singing in a certain way. Singing in a different way. Similarly, you can read in a different way: delirium. I practice it, it’s so practical! And so democratic. How many donkeys read without understanding, Wikikaka or not. All the time. The words for them are boiled for the cats. They swallow them round, without chewing. Do not digest them. Waste. These guys shit brand new words that could be used elsewhere.


Unspeakable you are

That’s why it’s so hard for me to describe the unspeakable. To put in words the inexplicable. I need words to make you short. It’s about touching the sky. Humor is the weapon. Humility, the shield. What can derail you brings you closer to your mystery. This stranger in you who looks at you without saying anything. Learn to read it. Listen to a delirium here to describe you.

Unspeakable, WO: What cannot be said. Inexpressible.

You’re unspeakable. So am I. Everyone is. And yet many sciences claim to tell us. The being is saussonné slice by slice by so many disciplines, to increase confusion. Understanding is illusion if the being is unspeakable. Your presence? Mine? Individual existence is incomprehensible. Life itself is inexplicable. No equation is going to tell me what I’m doing here, where my insane gifts are coming from, why they’re going up so much — it scares the hell out of me, no bullshit — why me? I already talked about it , read again Why me?


Mot LierreIvy word

This site has only one goal: to assist in the awakening of the greatest number. To make the short-scale. To swing without counting kicks in the asses. Shake the coconut trees, then catch the nut on the ball. To conquer without peril one triumphs without glory, writes Pierre Corneille who at last news was neither stoneFrench: Pierre nor crow.French: Corneille If he shone by the tragedy, he wrote dazzling comedies… signed by Molière!Mot Lierre? At least that’s what we thought for a century, but the CNRS provides evidence to the contrary. Unspeakable Molière!



Ich weiss Nietzsche

Daydreaming first. Above all! Bedridden dreams are better than sleeping standing up. Standing up? Beware! Mud guard. It is true that you believe strong enough to give it existence. His Superhuman is a creator god.

Every night, we live hundreds of dreams during the sleep phase that psychologists call REM sleep. What happens in our dreams? Most sleepers don’t remember anything. Yet, in my opinion, it is the essence of our double life that escapes us. Yes, perfectly, double life. And this one, if everyone has it, few live it.



We’re not as simple as you might think. Not so complicated as psychologists, psychiatrists, psychoanalysts and other psychotherapists think. These specialists are special. Specious. They make their business grow with twisted words that describe biased realities. Our complexity lies in ignorance of ourselves. Ignorance of dreaming. Ignorance of half of our lives. The prison of our half-lives

The motto that fits us: I don’t know. Ich weiss nicht.
The moral that goes with it: I don’t want to know. I just don’t care.

If you ignore your ignorance, someone else leads the dance. An inner demon pulls the strings of the puppet you are. Don’t you care? Then you’re dead. In your lifetime, yes. A living dead. Break the ice. Open your eyes. Many are zombies, out of movies. The undead like it so much because they say who we are. Female or male. Phone call and mail. Fake news for sale.



Conscious dream

So, if you’ve been following me, daydreaming is more real than ordinary reality. Question: How to short-circuit the makeup done by the brain? If it has programs that distort the dream and give us –when we wake up– a grotesque and incoherent and partial picture, is it a protection or a censorship? To escape the brain, simply cut off your head. Do without him and his programs. Using the other intelligence, the body

When you leave your body, you leave the brain in the pseudo corpse that you leave behind. And yet we have a piercing sight without eyes, a super fine hearing without ears, a clear understanding, an infused science that makes us know everything and grasp everything in the moment. The solution seems clear: we must practice the conscious dream. We are aware of our dream as we live it, in astral itself. We have crossed the ultimate barrier between the living and the far-sighted.

When we are in astral, outside the body, the brain is not with us. It cannot distort what we experience live. When we reintegrate our body, the memory of the dream is in us, safeguarded, so the brain cannot cloud the dream. It remains as understandable as when one lived it in astral. One must be asleep to be awake. Joking, yes, but half-joking. This world is illusion. Only dreaming brings us closer to the essential, even more absent from the ordinary plan at the end of Kaliyuga.


Soon: Conscious dream, controlled dream.



The only hope for humankind is in the transformation of the individual.
Jiddu Krishnamurti