Dolmens Were Not Tombs



A majority of archaelogists has to say that dolmens were built for a cult of the dead and designed to be tombs, as the pyramids. In both cases, they are wrong, as we have seen. They argue some skeletons of Gaul and Celtic chiefs were undug in some of them. I say that many tombs are found in cathedrals, and it doesn’t mean at all they were built on this purpose. 


Happily other hypothesis are available. Some considered dolmens as rooms for awakening, as we have seen too, and menhirs as network of Earth acupuncture. This idea is based on the work of geobiologists of the last century, which showed the emissions of form waves by megaliths. To be sure, Michel Manciet tested a standing stone near Saint-Emilion. “If the menhirs have auras and powers, they radiate form waves. I was going to attempt a unique experiment, enhance the wine against a young menhir from the Middle Neolithic.”

After verification by drinking, he found that one hour of menhir of Saint-Emilion made improvements on the wine as much as six years in a barrel! “The change is significant. Indeed, the control wine is rough and has no substance in the mouth. On the contrary, the same wine treated on the menhir is very pleasant to drink. It is rounded, supple and well saturates palate with excellent length. The young wine was enhanced, this second experiment is also a success.

What also seems surprising is the power of the form waves generated by the menhir. Indeed, a pyramid like Cheops’ improves a young wine in four to five weeks. With this standing stone, one hour is sufficient to improve a young wine, what makes a time difference of 1 to 600 related to the maturation of wine in a pyramid! Tradition also attributes to this menhir the ability to relieve persons suffering from rheumatism.” (source)

 The improvement of the wine was also done in the Romanesque crypts. In several monasteries, some greedy monks still do it. Actually, there is a wine improving ritual that needs no stone, but energy Vril called it Intent. The former Priests used it at every Mass: the consecration of the wine. Its effect on the quality and the roundness of the “consecrated? drink was not a secret to them. However, the wave qualities of medieval crypts and aisles do not equal those of menhirs and dolmens.

The Celts had felt it, and they used the stone tablesThis is the meaning of the Celtic word Taol-men, which gave dolmen in Breton for rituals of initiation, because their druids considered them as sacred.

 No doubt, the standing stones are sacred, but certainly not objects of worship. For their builders, they had a technical function, to create a polarized field to channel the sacred flows, the Vril energy. Most of the menhirs were part of alignments more or less long, the transmission lines of lightning machines. On this other lightning trap that was the pyramid of Cheops, electricity followed metallic conductors. Here, there was no metal, but the creation of electrical fields.

Some U.S. engineers work on this mode of transmission of electricity. They promise us that soon we will not have to plug our devices to the mains because the power will be routed through the air, along fields, ionized or not, time will tell. This preposterous idea inspires mistrust, we will quickly be tired of having hair on end when crossing these fields. For the sensitive people already disturbed by the proximity of a power line, the worst is feared.




This is not the point anyway. But that kind of research means that such electrical conductivity is possible. So our hypothesis makes sense: these alignments could well have been Vril power lines. To create these particular fields, it is not enough planting a big stone in the ground is not enough, or else our stupid cement electric poles would not need to lay cables. Before erecting standing stones, you must know exactely where to put them. For this, the help of a shaman is necessary.

First, the clairvoyant designates the vibration points where menhirs will be planted. For an alignment, he will follow a line of energetic fault generated by a geobiological accident like a “Druidic well” for example. Then the stones are extracted from the quarry with the correct polarity. The polarity of a stone depends on its original orientation in the quarry. The top, or zenith of the stone, is positive. The bottom, or nadir, is negative. Lateral directions, north, east, south, west, are of lesser importance.

A sensitive person can easily feel the polarization of a stone. In the sixties, to observe the street paving people in Paris was my delight. Almost all Portuguese, they used to roll the cobbles in all directions before their stomach, until they find the good side, the one they had to put on the sand layer. In fact, and although they have not been able to express it in words, they did only search the polarity of the stone, in order to orientate it as it was in the rock from the quarry.

To create a force field, the shaman had to plant the large stones on the points he had marked, taking care to alternate the polarities of stones: one in true polarity, positive upward, and the following on in reverse polarity, positive downward, and so on. This creates a natural conductor field that connects the tips of the menhirs. In this way, the current can travel great distances. And the Atlanteans used it in a threefold purpose.


Awakening + Energy + Fertilizers


“Some dragons look dead when in fact they are in a state of deep meditation”
Lewis Trondheim