Back to Dream Palace

It is a place we all know. An unforgettable — and totally forgotten place. Very few remember it, fewer are those who can talk about. As a reminder, I am coming to throw another bottle at the Amnesia Sea, in the hope that this tale will bring back your own memories.

Dreaming crystal

Dreaming Crystal, Jodorowsky imagined. His friend Moebius put it into pictures. This fabulous dreamy crystal inspired me years before I consciously found its way. Truely a gigantic palace. In astral often I have circled around until I finally landed there. Rest there. What a fabulous building! From a distance we do not notice its real dimensions. The closer we get, the more overwhelming they become. Inhuman. Superhuman.

The proportions are divine. This gigantic crystal has the shape of a pyramid suspended in the immediate space. A transparent pyramid that diffuses a soft light. We can only see it in the astral, we only know it in dreams, but we all know it very well.

The source of dreams

Sometimes the light of the pyramid seems to go out, and the whole universe enters the night of the centuries. The pyramid resembles a cement wall. Sometimes it becomes lively and raw, so lively that one cannot bear the glare of it. Other times the pyramid appears like a transparent cliff, very brightly lit, in which nothing can remain hidden. It seems that this light is the light of knowledge and that this pyramid is the source of all dreams.

This sparkling pyramid — large as a world, vast as a sea of ​​light — dances its motionless dance and mixes its subtle harmonies with the music of the spheres. It is suspended from an invisible thread called Antigravity. It fills the space without causing a stir. It slowly disappears just to reappear at the same time light years away. Nothing indicates its presence, nothing signaled its absence.


It is and at the same time it is not. I believe in it and at the same time I do not believe in it. It gives itself to be seen and offers itself to the visit. First a sort of reception hall. Like the lobby of a palace, but much larger. It is not reserved for beings as small as us. Most of the wickets are way too high.

With practice, we immediately go to the smallest counter, that of 5th generation humanoids. Below there is not. Nothing except the rats … A small hostess guides us to our lecture hall, trying not to step on us inadvertently. She’s ten times our height, the dwarf. Tell you the format of others!

In front of intelligent creatures from beyond space, humans often feel Trivial. Fussy. Insignificant. Not only their format crushes us, but also their intelligence, their creativity, their knowledge in all the fields including in innumerable fields of the universal knowledge of which we do not know even the existence.


The amphitheater is in a semicircle, steeply sloping, three or four rows of swivel and tilt bucket seats to observe the screen all around us, not only 360 ° horizontally, but also above and below. The floor of the auditorium is also a cristal screen, like the ceiling. The spectator – the pupil? – is immersed in a shimmering world of animated stereoscopic images — pleasant, alive, fragrant pictures.

At the beginning it is very impressive, especially for those who have not known Epcott Center in Florida, the Futuroscope in Poitiers or the Geode of the Cité des Sciences in Paris. Although these futuristic centers of ours do not come close to the amphitheater of daydreams. In addition to the full panoramic screen, the images are truly mind-blowing. In holographic relief, they contain a thousand times more information than our current images.

You only need to look at one to penetrate the culture it evokes, to understand the context, to immerse yourself in the mores of the protagonists, speak their language, share their beliefs, their tastes and their dislikes. Paradoxically, this profusion of meaning is not an embarrassment, but a real simplification.

These polysemouswhich have many meanings images are not addressed to the brain, but to the entire body of the viewer. They are immediately received, understood and stored in a new position of the assemblage point.

The dreamer

So ? What to conclude? We are flown secretly while we sleep. That’s for sure, no doubt. What else? What we think, dream, imagine, discover is inseminated when we sleep. Nothing comes from us. We are fiercely like avatars in a video game. Each has its own characteristics, appearance, weapons, qualities, etc. But no one can lift a finger without the fellow wielding the joystick.

Man is a dream, my friends. A waking dream for some chosen ones, a sleeping dream for all the others … The great William had already said it centuries ago, but few listened to him, and those who listened to him did not understand.

We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep. (William Shakespeare)

All your dreams

All our dreams, say so! No joke. It’s damn true. All our dreams are inseminated night after night, since birth. Dreams to understand, to evolve, to admit, to digest, to progress, to become an authentic galactic citizen. All our dreams come from there. All our dreams bring us back there. Endlessly we circle the super bright mega pyramid.

And while our tired physical bodies regain their vigor in a restful sleep, we sit quietly in our swivel chairs, tilted back in the anatomical backrest, gazing dumbfounded at the galactic aisles, the oversized vessels of the Former Gods, the worlds a thousand times larger and older than ours.

Life and nothing else

Life indeed? But what is life? To obey ? React without batting an eyelid to the electronic stimuli that our brain receives? Imagine an autonomy that we never have? What did we choose from there? Did we decide, before our incarnation, to choose this truncated pseudo-existence?

What about free will? I laugh at the thought of the books, the theses, the passionate discussions that have ignited Western intellectuals since the Renaissance …Pre-socratic philosophers of Ancient Greece were much less naive indeed…

Free will comes from ignorance of the real causes that make us act. (Democritus)

Yes, could this, or that, or something else be of a nature to limit our sacrosanct free will? Can everyone’s sacred freedom be subject to arbitrariness? It seems so … These are the cosmic laws. But you only have to look at how individual freedoms shrink like a cheap garment to understand that these cosmic laws are also ours here below. And how could it be otherwise? What’s at the top is like what’s at the bottom … (source) Frankly, I’m laughing when I should be whining.

What male gaiety, so sad and so deep / That, when we have just laughed, we should cry about it! (Alfred de Musset)

I know I am right. And all others are wrong. 
Bernard Werber