Peace Venue


Full moon of Mars. We felt him the god of war. Flying Astral, dear friends, we experienced a psychic attack. Some of you have realized this, two have reacted in time to stand up to the aggressors. But the others did not pick up anything. They coped with it without much inconvenience.


Caution led me to stop the experience, however fascinating. These attacks represent a real danger. Everything that happens to the astral body has immediate repercussions on the physical body. It was therefore necessary to act quickly and without qualms. Safety was that price. I watch over a motley group, the levels are not comparable between seasoned warriors and new explorers, full of good will certainly, but inexperienced and therefore fragile.

Now everything is back to normal, the last consequences are fading.


No sweat

I have selected the most talented who will form a shock troop. With their help and that of Sita, we will secure an astral plane closer to our daily dreams. It can provide a safer place of consciousness for future astral encounters. I do not wish to dwell on the activities of this small group which must remain in the shadows. Acting in full light, we angered the Powers and the Hierarchies. And it shits. Once is enough …

The activity of the Flying Astral therefore stops here, constrained and forced. I was suggested to continue in minor mode, I do not rule out doing it later. If new conditions allow. I must first clearly determine the area from which the risks are banned by relying on the hard core of explorers who have agreed to help me. I chose them for their qualities, they accepted with enthusiasm. We will go there quiet. Peaceful. Relaxed. Comfortable. Refreshed. Cool. No sweat.

Together we will prepare for what could be a fifth cycle. If no one comes to eat my head by then. And if the gods, the egregores, the korrigans, the devils, the zombies, all the saints, Ogoun Ferraille, the evil entities, all the demons, the fairies, the goblins, the trolls, the elementals, the merdouzils, Yann An Aod,Yann Of Seashore, Celtic legend the AnkouAn old man personnifying Death, Celtic legend the living dead and their allies allow us to do so. Note that I will refrain from invoking any of them if I were you. Danger. This is no joke. No poke.



Some of you have felt it. Since the interruption of night flights, I have switched to exclusive transmitter mode. I send you waves of positive energy so that your feelings are harmonious and soothed. Four months during that worked. According to your own unanimous statements, you have gained serenity and detachment. Lightness and liveliness are other assets that come up often in your comments. You will be able to find this precious inner peace to cultivate and share it. I will develop these toning shows in 15 day cycles. The first one starts very soon:


From April 1 to April 15

This new workshop will be a channeling experience (see note at end of article) centered on well-being. No need for crystal, you just need to connect in consciousness with my energy for a short time during the day.

There will be no night flight. My energy sendings will make you experience multiple synchronicities, new behaviors and sensations. I’ll give you the wavelength, for the first week it will be: see the fairies. During the day, and only by daytime, whatever your occupation, you will have the fleeting or enduring impression of seeing a fairy. Or to feel fairies presence. A fragrance will evoke them, a music, a dance step …

Do not approach, do not try to contact, observe them from a distance. Don’t get their attention. Fairies are indifferent, they don’t care about humans. Centuries ago it was different. But we disappointed them a lot, now they despise us. Not anyone as a person. They despise our species and its ridiculous material concerns.

Their opinion doesn’t matter. The simple fact of observing them will give you oceans of peace. Enjoy and keep their light in shades of blue. They belong to a fresher world, closer to the origin. Their time is not ours. Fairies live by the times. They feed in a ray of sunlight. They live ten thousand years and according to the fashion as seen in Vanity Fairies they change their wardrobe several times a year.

I repeat, it will happen during the day. In the clear light of the first days of spring. Your nighttime dreams belong to you, they are not useful in this experience. You will have an active role. It will be up to you to capture and transform my scalar wave emissions. So you can meet people and tell me about your discoveries. Your reports will allow me to guide you. I will ensure everyone’s protection.

You can register now as usual: recent photo and donation on the site, 25 € – or more: your donations allow me to welcome penniless warriors.

This workshop will begin on April 1 for two weeks of shows and personalized follow-up. Last day will be the 15th. If the experiment is conclusive, you can renewed after a 15-day break. So you can measure your achievements and be perfectly sure nothing bad is happening.

I specify that it is not about adventure, but of preparatory training. It is not coaching, but initiation. Do not ask me for advice or guidance for your conduct of life, I am not intended to answer it. I work on the energetic, not the emotional of the psychological aspects which do not concern me. Tonicity, vitality, serenity will be at the forefront of our concerns.


The coming of peace

The name of Astral Volants is no longer relevant. Let’s leave it dormant. This new experience – which is not a night flight, I repeat – is called Peace Venue. If you have the desire to walk under its tall trees and flowered vaults in the first scents of spring, register now. Enjoy the day ride. It seems to me the best way to extend the workshop without putting the members at risk. For you, it is a way to stay active on the air, therefore a good preparation for the resumption of astral flights.

This venue is no avenue. It does not continue indefinitely until the blue horizon. Peace sets in, accept it, up to you to maintain it. After your participation, observe 15 days of interruption. Of meditation. Of digestion. The balance sheet done, you can resume with profit.

I will follow each one on a daily basis. I will only accept a limited number of applications. Previous experience has shown that safety takes precedence over everything else. I therefore limit the participants.

Trust yourself. You are the key to your victory and mine. Thank you for your commitment.


Channeling Note

It is the faculty of perceiving emanations from the past or from elsewhere. I noticed very young that I had this gift. I cultivated it. Over the years I have connected more and more closely with these emanations. I acquired fluidity, precision and a sense of timing. So I recommend its practice to everyone. It does not present any risk of intrusion or unwanted encounter since the energy transfers circulate along a secure channel. Hence the name channeling.

“Every day is an opportunity to give birth to yourself in pain… or in sweetness.”
Lisa Azuelos