Fountain Whity


Young goddess Ana continues her tribulations at the Grand Central, among the Immense. His previous adventures were called Our Lady of Alcor, Her Highness, Ana and the Wolf. Now Ana is in a transparent and resistant flying bubble, irresistibly attracted by the Black Sun of the WAH, in other words the giant black hole that makes the Milky Way spiral.


The crazy bubble alarm shrieks her trills into the hypersensitive Ana’s eardrums. She doesn’t care. The deadly spin in which his vehicle slips can have only one way out: death. The end of beans. Ana doesn’t care. The goddess perceives the slightest stridences through the filters of her waterproof earphones but also behind the barrier emitted by her subtle body. At the same time, its sound environment breaks down into distinct musical lines, which complement each other in perfect harmony, underline each other without overlapping.

As the rotation becomes physically painful for the little one, the great power to love and change the world through the power of love awakens in the depths of her body. Everything is spiral, she said to herself. My body speaks to me, finally I understand her language. The beauty in her yearns. And his body recognizes the distant alchemy, the intimate organization of particle colonies, the hallucinating ballet of electrons around the throne of DNA.



A rich palette of sounds lines the inner ear of the young goddess. She plays leapfrog, mother-will you, bell-foot, one-two-three-sun. Have you ever climbed a ladder? And it’s spinning, it’s spinning faster and faster as the screams of alarms and overspeed engines rise in excess in the overalls. And it spins, and it vibrates, Ana says to herself. Everything is spiral: you breathe, you complain, you exhale, funeral. Now Ana can no longer ignore what happens. The bubble jumps like a cocktail shaker. It will fart, or crash, or both. It doesn’t matter because everything will end up flat like a spiral cake, the multiverse rolled to death in this unhealthy asshole.

This damn WAHword asshole even sucks in the light. It’s gay in there. Black with spirals of light that stretch, refine and blend. Eternal nightclub. Sounds mingle as they tangle. Gains to be known. A voice in the cabulle bine cabin bubble neck covers all the tintamarre. Hello? llo lo? Can you hear? The parameters of your bubble are lost. Lost, do you hear? You have to reset, eset, set.

What does he say? What?? It’s spinning so fast, faster than my thought. E-meter? Ram eater ?



Turn the spinning top, fulgure, permute, occult, reveal, give, take, too fast, do we need to reconnect? The head turns, the world is all in this extreme centrifugal movement, it leaves room for nothing else, my head has to be reset …  settings!! YES!!! That’s it ! reset settings! Quick, Ana. Stop it. Stop!

Fingers fly on the tablet. Settings reset!!!


It all stops

Everything stops clean. The movement, the spiral, the noises, the decor, the soundtrack, the bubble, even Ana who falls into syncope. Some time passes. Ana comes to. I mean. But that’s another one.

There are seringas, dahlias, worries. We see parrots, toucans, kiwis. We can hear the elephant, hyena or grey wolf. The night falls as soon as the sun goes down. Ana puts a finger on her mouth.
Where am I now?

Around her, in a scarf of living water, a host of objects, noises, colors, a cascade of emotions, thoughts, images, a sheaf of life filling a world in the making. The back of the black hole, the white fountain that no one had the chance to perceive.

Time has run out. The moment lingers at Trousse Chemise as at Clignancourt. The shadow of an instant brings out a world and the next instant gives birth to another. The fountain squirts as blindly as the black hole devours. Everything is returned in any way. Stopped time holds your body. Any still gesture is premeditated. Behind the scenes is the best solution.


Everything goes wrong

Ana closes one eye. The other. Open both. Look.
“Where is the white fountain? And the eternal Sunday? A dream that fades away. Where are you? As soon as you see it, as soon as you lose it.”

Ana just wakes up. She’s in a huge room, lost in a giant bed. Ana’s in the hospital. She calls. Nobody answers. She rings. No one comes. And suddenly she wakes up. Ana goes from one sleep to another and her reality gives way to a very dream carousel. What to believe? Where is she really? Is she still sleeping? Is she in Grand Central?

“Where is the great spiral? What has become of the Black Hole that sucks me, attracts me, stretches me… The Fountain Whity stretching its antennae?  Every time I wake up, is it a new dream or is it a new world?”



Everything works out

Ana could not decide between dream and real. How many times did she wake up in a new dream? But here, sitting in an armchair at her height, she feels complete and alive. She is happy. Earlier, a hunchback biscornu in a small outfit came to see her. He was the Refos — responsible for the outer stars — the Refos had his thumbs in the elastic of his pants. Disgusting, drooling, he congratulated Ana for her composure in the bubble battered by the big black hole.

“It was a simulation, of course, of course! We do not want the death of the sinner hahaha.”

Ana was never in danger. Ana went through a life-size test, she pulled it off. It is considered quite capable of leading a civilization developed on Ur d’Alcor of which it is sovereign, and still more capable of developing its first creation, the development of the planet Terra of Ra, the development of animal species adapted to the terrestrial environment and the accompaniment of developed living species such as large mammals and certain insects.

-Flies bigger than you, my little lady hahaha,” added the Refos, snapping the elastic on his underwear. To laugh, Ana snaps her mouth. The Refos takes a frightened look at her. She squints and pulls her tongue. The Refos flies in a race car.


The age of love

She is therefore confirmed in her position as Empress reigning over Ur and Mother Goddess over Terra. Without ceremony or graduation, the new Mother Goddess will be able to exercise her new talent on this spot of the galaxy. The Gods gave permission.

Her young age could have been a handicap, so the Ree added six more years to him. How does he do that? The simulation does it. The test of the bubble sucked by the WAH forced the baby to mature.

The approach of death abolishes age. Ana saw herself dead, she accepted her fate, which did not kill her made her stronger. She was eight years old. She has reached her sexual maturity, which gives her a better emotional and emotional balance, more compatible with the height of her responsibilities and the demands of her office.


The golden age

We offered him a super bubble to cross the galaxy without lost time and in maximum comfort. It is in this fabulous bubble that the young woman goes home, on Ur d’Alcor, Ursa Major. She knows that nothing will be the same for her and her people. For the Urians and Earthlings who are so cute.

The Great Goddess has her sexual majority. She is very great for the Earth as for Ur. With its twelve meters high, it will have to bend down to get through the doors. We’ll have new doors!! Life is beautiful. Terra is beautiful. Ur is magical. Ana is happy…

For humans on planet Terra, a golden age begins.




All the countries that no longer have a legend will be condemned to die of cold.
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