Our Gods Among The Great


I have already mentioned the story of the Great Gods of the Heart of the Galaxy. This legend is common in Asia. I just found out that it is not a legend. It happened. How did I know? I saw it. And I come back with enough observations to make a crispy toast.

Before going any further, a point is needed. I have already done it twenty times, I would do it again, the memory is so hard and short. We did not appear on earth by the mere grace of chance and necessity, following the evolutionary scheme imagined by Lamarck and described by Darwin. There was an intelligent intervention, but not necessarily divine.ie with the conception of God we have today  Little geniuses in genetics bent over our cradle. This is how you have to understand the old myths.

It is easier to blew an atom than a prejudice. (Albert Einstein)


dominant animal

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. The earth was chaos and empty. There was darkness on the face of the deep, and the Spirit of God hovered over the water. (Genesis 1 1-2)

The former gods, our designers / creators, came to earth to develop our planet. And secondarily to create us. We’re just a part of the job. Transforming the wild planets in order to put them into exploitation, that is the job of terraformers, those I call the former gods. Modify landscapes, develop cultivable plains, divert rivers, drain marshes, purify flora, sort fauna, improve the species, add new ones and top it off with an icing on the cake: the development of a dominant animal. A super-predator coupled with a protector, curator, planner, engineer, architect … In short, an animal that resembles creators in every way to be a worthy continuator of their work. You are, I am, all we are an almost perfect copy – aside from size, power and durability …

sixth day

Then God said, “Let us make man in our image and in our likeness. Let him rule over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, over the cattle, over all the earth, and over all the reptiles that crawl upon them. Earth.” God created man in his own image. He created man and woman. There was evening, there was morning. It was the sixth day. (Genesis 1 26-31)

They did that in their genetics labs with DNA from home, a bit. As well as a lot of local DNA. The bonobo, the snake, the pig and a few other critters from here were involved. The result is us, they really liked it. Flying little guys have cracked from the sky on the curve of our females. They came down here to fuck human.

fallen angels

When men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they took some among all those they chose to be wives. (Genesis 6 1-2)

The Bible calls them fallen angels. Not to say filthy angels. But I understand them. To love the human too much I took root down here. In short, understanding reigned among gods, and fear among men. Shouldn’t be muffling. Not to shine, not to show pride, no excess, neither to quit nor to kick nor to flinch nor to moan nor to grumble nor to mumble nor to tumble nor to twist your nose nor to protest nor to part nor to fart nor to peacock nor to rock nor to suck. Low profile, walk straight ahead, shave walls, change sidewalks and play dead if you care about life.



galactic heart

On the seventh day God rested. (Genesis 2 2)

Our designers, proud of their work, have set themselves up. Forgetting completely what they were and where they came from, they went to find the Great Gods of the Galactic Heart, also called the Sacred Heart. It is the central node of our galaxy the Milky Way.

We wonder what got into them. Here we are sooo far from the Center. The far away suburbs. The Galactic Heart is much more animated. And everything takes on super gigantic disproportionate proportions. Our tiny gods were getting smaller still. Nothing here is their size. Say we are half of theirs!

dwarf bus

Here is the testimony of Apollo on his return. “Nothing is on our scale. We are in constant danger there because of our tiny size. There is a body signage device that allows giants to spot the smallest creatures, but it does not support the super microbes less than 100m in size. With our 4m maxi, we are simply not allowed to walk there, for obvious safety reasons.

In addition, if the atmosphere is breathable, there is an extraordinary gravity due to the proximity of the central black hole. It exerts such a strong attraction on all beings that one cannot move around without an anti-gravity suit. There are none our size, so we have to travel by public shuttle, the dwarf bus. Similar to the Dwarves of Center Earth, but much larger. Despite this, it is still so small in front of the super giants that it does not leave its own site, an old corridor made of diamond-coated carbon concrete that leaves absolutely nothing to see of the landscape.


Fortunately, it seems, because this spectacle is frightening for dwarfs like us. What a bloody place! I don’t know what fly stung Dad but I know this: when he had the idea to come here with his sons and his darlings, amazing as he is, old Zeus did not have a flash of genius. What kind of reception was he expecting? The outward journey went well, that’s already it. There remains the return …

All the centers communicate. Getting to the Galactic Center is easy from the Solar Center. And the Earth Center communicates with the latter. Ereshkigal was happy to open the Seventh Gate for us. She even lent us fireproof outfits that she had made especially for us, in our measurements and colors. The seams did not hold, nor the colors. They have passed, but so have we and that’s all that matters.”  (source)Apollo, Voyage to the Galactic Center





What are you looking for here, little ones? roared a Great God. Zeus begins to shout his name and his title in the direction of a disproportionate eye which fixes them behind a prodigious magnifying glass. Your size shows clearly that you have come a long way, replies the hearing eye.

Zeus, annoyed, asks for a megaphone. So tiny? There is not any. The Great God grabs Zeus by the underpants and sticks him to his ear. – Howl your request !!! he roars.
The master of Olympus clings to his underpants so as not to slip bare ass into the ear canal, a gaping, disgusting cesspool, of an unbearable stench for such tiny nostrils.

Our worst weakness – that ridiculous size – is also our best asset in the Galactic Heart. We are so small that we can slip into the orifices of any kind of giant. Hence our excellent reputation as micro-surgeons, at least for those of us who can bear the stink. (source)Apollo, Voyage to the Galactic Center


Zeus, all trembling, makes his request. He has to scream every word, and his memory is faltering a bit. Its galactic is a little rusty, a little patoisy, but the great God has only to scramble to get it. While Zeus shouts at the risk of compromising his fragile balance, he clenched his fists on two tufts of ear hair, slippery, sticky and smelly.

“My father didn’t resign, he showed commendable stubbornness coupled with a real talent for mountaineering. Ten times he failed to break his bones as he slipped to the ground from the stratosphere where he was shaken by the deaf slimy giant ears.” (source)Apollo, Voyage to the Galactic Center

Zeus finally manages to make himself heard from the Enormous. The tiny god of gods claims for his family a prestigious title that the Great Gods can give him. His head is spinning from screaming. He holds on tighter before continuing. The title of Creator Gods is rarely given to simple terraformers like them. Zeus is aware of this. But if his lungs don’t let go, he can make a strong case. Zeus raises his head as much as he can.

“See my Papa: even covered in earwax, he has a bloody sense of honor.” (source)Apollo, Voyage to the Galactic Center

The Great God was first surprised, then stupefied. Finally he burst out laughing so violently that poor Zeus had a vertiginous fall of several tens of kilometers. The Great Gods are really great. A fatal fall, alas.

There’s nobody up there, pulling the strings of the puppet you are. (Friedrich Nietzsche)



Let’s live every day as if it were the last. Because one day it will be true.
Woody Allen