The Big Freezer


13,000 years ago, as we have seen, an unknown geological or meteorological phenomenon caused the disappearance of tens of thousands of reindeer, mammoths and other large mammals.

In a few moments the temperature of certain areas fell by 80 °, resulting in the immediate freezing of all living species. At the same time, an explosion or other comparable phenomenon shredded large animals in horrible and spectacular way. What was it? The mystery is total.

Whatever the cause, natural or not, of this planetary accident was, we can be sure that these events were simultaneous and happened very quickly. Effectively, any delay between the breaking action of the wave and the exposure to extreme cold would have prevented a healthy freezing, without eveidence of decay, as it is the case with most animals. On the other hand, the conservation of chitin on some horns shows that the freezing did not last more than an hour.

The shortness of the delay of freezing of the heart of some large animals implies a sudden exposure to temperatures below -40°C. The hypothesis of an abrupt change of position of the polar region becomes extremely plausible then.




These thousands of mammoths frozen when alive attest of an almost instant climate change. The advent of polar climate, after a shift of the Earth’s crust, is not an implausible scenario. If it is reluctant to geologists, it is because they are accustomed to the extreme slowness of geological movements. An yet, at the turn of each era, occured very brief events, which have sealed in a few hours the fate of the world for hundreds of millenia. The change of the polar position is one of them. And the extreme rapidity of this change of position is confirmed by both the frozen mammoths and by dozens of legends and folk traditions.

In China, the behavior of Emperor Yao gives us many indications that the change of position of the poles was an abrupt slide, cause or consequence of a terrible and global cataclysm, the Flood. Quickly or not, the poles have changed of position a large number of times.


A More Radical Theory

Some authors incline towards a still more radical theory. According to them, the various ice ages that have succeeded one another on this planet could have a close relationship with the movement of poles. That the poles have moved several times during geological eras is no longer a secret for anyone. The geologists have identified several successive locations for the North. Pole, causing each time new movements of winds and ocean currents.




This could explain the numerous climatic changes, the alternation of ice ages and abrupt warmings that our planet seems to know for too long time to attribute them to human activity. When the last ice age began, according to anthropologists, we were still wearing diapers in woolly mammoth. The rumor runs that a new shift of the poles is not excluded. Other authors, following the American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce, believe that these large animals have been destroyed by man, who would have invented explosives for this purpose.

It is true that, when examining the mangled remains of animals, one feels that a violent explosion preceded -or resulted- in a sudden temperature change. On that fact, archaeologists are obtuse. Or two-faced. Or both?

At the time of this animal slaughter, we did not wear underpants in beaver skin. The globalized world was shared between multiple empires, among which the empire of Rama and the Atlantean empire. We have effectively descriptions of a confusing arsenal of destructive power. The great world war which ended the empire of Rama and the first Atlantis was a nuclear war. The devastating nuclear winter that followed lasted a hundred thousand years.

Geologists call it the last ice age … The Antarctic continent, at the time habitable and developed, permanently disappeared under a thick ice sheet, which only begins to melt today …

In this perspective, the destruction of these large animals can and should be attributed to a human cause. Several Asian legends mention this fact. “By that time, large animals had become pervasive, they exhausted food supplies and crops men who came to complain to the gods Then the gods gathered in a large animal vast plain, and they destroyed them. ”  How? The story does not say. A bomb ? A pilot error, such as prehistoric UFO?


The Nibiru Hypothesis

Indeed, it is to pilot error that my spatiotemporal investigation led me gently. Piloting a giant machine like the mother ship of Anunna -an oceanic spaceship ​​3,300 km in diameter- does not tolerate any mistake. Yet this is what happened. During a landing in the polar zone, following a wrong move, the mother-ship suddenly absorbed all the energy available in its immediate environment. Imagine a heat pump with a disproportionate size. The startup is enough to immediately drop the temperature. Hence the striking phenomenon I described: “In a few minutes the temperature in some areas fell by 80 °, resulting in the immediate freezing of all living species.”


Today we talk too much about human rights instead of recalling human duties.
Alain Daniélou