Arkaim, Urals



Geostationary position stabilized in their gigantic bubble-ship over the North Pole, terraforming astronauts are seeking the ideal site to establish their first land base.

Their shuttles are lightning fast and still more dazzling: Ezekiel and Erich von Däniken call them chariots of the gods. “The Spirit of God hovered over the surface of the waters.” Such are the first lines of Bible’s Genesis.

What if the Spirit of God was the name of his aircraft? Like Lindbergh with his Spirit of Saint Louis? We could read: The aircraft of the terraformers hovered on the surface of the waters … What suddenly becomes more understandable, and much less miraculous. Concluding that it happened just after the great flood, about 13 millennia ago.

Now we will have to move much further back. At the time of the true origin of this planet, what could be called Genesis of Genesis.

In their ultrasonic aircraft, the visitors of the stars left the mother ship in stationary orbit above the North Pole. In concentric circles around the pole, they search the mountain ranges

They scrutinize the mountain ranges in search of a specific website, suitable for the installation of a spaceport. It should be in high position, located near a remarkable point, that flight instruments can detect easily. It must have the various water resources and minerals. It must have enough space to build their ideal city, in terms of their artificial planet, Hyperborea.




The Ural region was chosen for its rich subsoil of the two main resources of the universe, ie gold and uranium. The ancient astronauts have found the ideal base at some 4.000 kilometers of the pole, in the present Kazakhstan. They gave it the name of their place of origin, not that of their ship Hyperborea, but that of their home planet in a distant constellation. Subsequently, all human explorers met this divine custom.

Their planet was named Ur, so they baptize the area Urals. No chance: their constellation is the best known and most recognizable in the northern sky: the Big Dipper, Latin Ursa Major, French Grande Ourse, where is found the sound UR, or OR.


Hooray for Urals

Urals evokes nostalgia they had to their homeland in the sky. These demigods, despite their great power, were mortal like us, susceptible to emotions, capable of sorrow, getting the blues, feeling depressed. Urals means for them sounds, noises, even perfumes: those of their dear galaxy Ur, lost in this great whole, the All, Al or El, ie the vast universe above their heads. Urals was some comfort in this lost world.




Their ideal city was called Arkaim. Rediscovered in the 80s, this very ancient city is built of cyclopean blocks, which are all over the signing of ancient astronauts, like the Andean cities, tne pyramids of Cairo and the spaceport of Baalbek.

Arkaim! Mystery of memory, doomy timeways, sacred relic, just imagine that through all these millennia, the name derived intact until our days when it still refers to what is first, primitive, archaic. the ARK root is found in Greek, with the Archontes, in the Bible with Noah’s Arch, the Ark of the Covenant, the Archaea, and the Archangels. In English, many words contain the same root: ark, arch, archaic, archives, monarch, matriarch.

As always, visitors built Arkaim according to the plans of their model city, with its four cardinal entries corresponding to the four rivers of Eden, ie the four channels of Atlantis. Cross streets there reproduce the concentric canals of Atlantis and Hyperborea, which channels much later were found in Amsterdam, after the same sources.




Visitors’ name was Archaea. Mythologies designate them under a multitude of names: Olympians, Devas, Hyperboreans, Atlanteans, Balam, Viracocha, Anunna. The Bible calls them Elohim, ie El ambassadors.

To transform the wild Earth into a habitable planet, the terraforming works require considerable energy. The ancient astronauts use several types: nuclear, lightning, solar, hydro, geothermal and even subtle, called vril

The impressive logistics implementation in this type of expedition to all. The organization of the Roman Empire in its conquest of phases is largely based. The gods had Rome a magical asset: their mother ship in space station. They were all machines, all the experts and all the latest technology … as well as many others that we do not know yet. But all that was left in space.

That’s why it is difficult to exhume the material traces of their passage on earth. Too precious to be tarnished, technology remained on board. seasoned professionals, they lost little way.

But they were not infallible. Accidents occurred, with their shuttles called UFOs. Urals precisely, metal parts within nanotechnology have been discovered by the thousands. Dated well before the appearance of man admitted, these nano-rooms were really … archaic. Puzzled, Russian scientists have raised the possibility of a UFO crash.


The Registered Planet

More surprising even. The stunning Creator’s Map of Pr. Chuvyrov (source) presents a much older civilization, mastering water, essential for agriculture, mining, and nuclear industry. Spotted a long time ago, perhaps from the very beginning 4 billion years ago, the planet Earth was already mapped, modeled, planned. Subtracted from the lust of cosmic adversaries during terrifying struggles, the Earth has issued its mineral resources since immemorial time. To us, fifth humanity, fifth wave of systematic resources exploitation, are left no more than crumbs.




The Arkaim prospectors had the card, they got all files, all photos, all pins. They were quick to find major mining sites. And operation became, as everywhere, to unreason.

The left trail is chilling, terrifying: Kholat Syakhi Mount, the Mount of the Dead. The “natural” radioactivity in the area -particularly high as that of Brittany, just as unnatural to me- combined with the proven presence of UFO phenomena, is enough to make me curious.

Gold, fundamental part of their existence, was found in quantity, near the river that still bears the name of gold in French, ie or. At the confluence of the Or River and the Ural River, has been standing for centuries the city of Orenburg, the Golden Fortress. Place names has carefully preserved the original trace. That of age GOLD.

As for the steel base material less noble, but necessary, they do not fail. Mount Magnitnaïa at almost pure iron ore, was an endless supply, coupled with an ultra powerful natural beacon for aircraft instruments.

The Bible says that UR, small Chaldean town and Abraham’s homeland, was the first city built by men. That may be true. Yet Arkaim was the first city built by the gods.

Arkaim, Urals was the first implementation of a multi-millennium expertise, witnessing a less and less discreet settlement. The borders of Siberia, a harsh and inhospitable region, would serve as the base camp for a major planetary change.




All spoken languages ​​on earth are derived from the divine language spoken in Arkaim. It is called the language of Ur, also called the language of El. Therefore it is possible, trusting only sounds, not the writings, to find the elements of this galactic language, to welcome future visitors in their own language. Classy, right?


This page has been written from the researcher Alain AILLET work. Be blessed, my dear Alain.


The devil’s most beautiful trick is to persuade you that he doesn’t exist!
Charles Baudelaire