The Great Flood


The biblical Flood is a subject of debate within the scientific community. If all the scientists agree on the occurrence of many local floods, with some major ones, in the period of the Boreal thaw, they had not yet found any trace of a universal flood.

The complex civilization that precedeed ours is quite forgotten: it goes back to the flood. And yet, we find traces of it in most traditions, and  on all continents. 

 In the Bible, it is the time of Eden and the Elohim. In the Greek mythology, it is the age of the Olympian gods. In the Germanic mythology, it is the era of the Valhalla gods. In the Irish mythology, it is the age of Cuchulainn and the Tuatha De DanannIn the Hindu tradition, it is known by the name of Rama’s Empire. In Greece, it is mentioned by the philosopher Plato, who called it Atlantis, and told us its splendor and its terrible fall. The ancient Egyptians called it Amenta.

They also revered the memory of this divine race to which belonged their gods Osiris and Isis. All these traditions, and many other ones, agree that the flood engulfed the island of Atlantis, and its almost divine inhabitants.

The Nibiru Hypothesis

In the theory of the gods astronauts and vagabond planets, Nibiru, Asgaard, Valhalla, Atlantis, Mu, etc. the deluge would have a human, or rather divine, origin. A pilot error.

The mother ship of the Atlanteans or Anounnaki missed its takeoff, it fell heavily to the sea, its gigantic size caused a giant tsunami, the destruction of all coastal civilizations, but the captain Atlas avoided the divine disaster : the giant spaceship was able to regain space and its native Pleiades. The innumerable catastrophes that struck the elders and fed hundreds of legends all find their source in these facts.

A simple steering error. On a flying saucer – and floating – of 3300 km in diameter, it causes serious water damage …


In the case of Hyperborea, there was no mistake in steering, but a sudden withdrawal of energy: on arriving above the pole, a gigantic machine – the same or his brother – pumped all the energy heat he needed. Hence the sudden drop in temperatures. It is necessary to imagine a heat pump lined with a vacuum pump. Oxygen, photons, electrons, everything that can be transformed into motor energy has been sucked by the huge machine. The sunlight had become invisible under the icy shadow of the ship.

As it hovered over the boreal ice, humans called it Hyperborea, the earth above the pole. And the gods who live there have become Hyperboreans. But this is only a hypothesis, even if I have a big weakness for her …

After The Flood

In any case, the deluge which saw the disappearance of Atlantis island also saw that of their brilliant civilization. And for the survivors, a brutal return to the wild.

The harder they come, the harder they fall, as the Reggae Bible says. Human beings experienced the bitterness of a radical change: survival in a hostile environment, loss of culture, tradition, expertise and knowledge. Thanks to their scientific knowledge, the Ancient Gods had foreseen this disaster and were prepared to it. Can the flood be dated? If there are no geological traces of a world flood,  we find mythical traces in all traditions around the world. The biblical flood, that of Noah and his ark, possibly occured around 9,500 or 9,600 BC.


The Flood according to Woolley

That is at least what Andrew Collins upholds. Curiously, this date corresponds to the dating of a clay layer 3 yards thick, in the ruins of Ur, the city of Abraham. Here is the story. In 1929, Leonard Woolley was making excavations in the site of the famous city of Chaldea. The excavations have gone through heaps of rubbish, to a dept of 12 yards where appeared a layer of alluvial clay. The foreman stopped.

 “We have reached the river bed. The clay layer is higher than the river”, said Woolley. “Keep on digging.”

Experience? Luck? Intuition? The archaeologist was right. After a thickness of two yards of pure clay, the layers of potsherds and flints have flared up. The clay layer represented a very long interruption of life in Ur. For Woolley, this alluvial layer could be laid down only by a huge wave. He saw there a material proof a big Flood… unless this was just a local flood? The dating gave a date between -9,500 and -9,600. Would the archaeologist have discovered the traces of the Flood?

Hard to say, all the more that floods that may deposit alluvions in the bed of a river were commonplace during this period of Boreal thaw. Woolley should have drilled distantly from the river, to verify the presence of an alluvial layer, and to bring the proof of its non-river nature, and so diluvian. But he was missing money and time, as often.

A few years later, these checkings were made by other archaeologists. The excavations have shown then that the so-called Flood of Leonard Woolley was just a little river flood. There were so many local floods, sometimes important, and several major Floods: one around 2,000 BC and another one around 9,500 BC. The oldest Flood, and probably the main one, is a huge wave that has planed the Earth more than 12,000 years ago, around 10,500 BC.

This date of -10,500 is often presented as that of the first universal flood. In fact, it was the date announced by the US clairvoyant Edgar Cayce. After that, a cohort of essayists believed to find facts that supported this date of -10,500, even if they had to stretch the time a little to make it correspond with the date announced by the clairvoyant. So we will quote it cautiously. It seems that a Flood had indeed taken place in 9,500 BC, ie a thousand years after the date announced by Cayce.


Authors like Velikovsky or Viollet found traces of a universal flood much closer to us, around 2,000 BC. And maybe there were other major flood that struck people’s imaginations through centuries. According to geologists, major flood, although local, have occured very often; but our geological past shows no trace of a universal Flood. Each period of thaw causes, that’s true, sometimes violent floods.

A 400 km3 Sword of Damocles

Each ice melting period, and our planet has known many, is accompanied by floods and catastrophic water rises. But each time in a limited area. Meteorites falling into the ocean could have caused major floods, and even, without going any further, icebergs and mountains falling into the sea. On a Canaries Island’s volcano, the Cumbe Vieja, 400 cube kilometers of rock wait their time, like a sword of Damocles hung over the waves.


Beware of everything, the matrix is everywhere, but not the Resistance.
Lao Surlam