The Law Of Change



Talking about apocalypse, it is useful too to globalize our worldview, because the economy globalized already our food and clothing. According to Hopis’ religion, we will leave the fourth world to enter the fifth. But why  should the transition come with pain?

According to Mayas, we are rushing to the end of the fifth and last sun. Then must be the Great Transition. Instead of the euro-asian system of four ages, whose repetition is immutable, the Olmecs thought that time was divided in five suns, and then will come… something else. What? We cannot know, because it never happened before. Where? Everywhere. Impossible to reach any shelter, the whole world is concerned. When? Nobody knows. Dates are never predictable. 

We expected the final cut on 21st December 2012. It did not happen, as you noticed. A new golden age is promised after that. Yet Kali Yuga must end around 2000 ie some of these days. So golden age is here? Definitely not! According to some authors, Kali Yuga ended around 1950.

Others say it won’t end before 2200. Nobody knows actuallyBy dint of foreseeing wrong dates, how many Paco Rabanne got ridiculous? Let’s open our eyes. When we see Eden on Earth, that will be the new Golden age. 

At first sight, we still get a long way to go … Besides, according to the Four Yuga’s tradition, the entry in the new Krita Yuga, the new golden age, will start by a total cataclysm. A worldwide blaze, a fire devouring everything, like Yahveh promised it to Noah. Or an usual earth rotation, a terribly destructive one, as Aztecs thought
Or a great brush sweep towards nowhere, as Hopis thought. In short, something overall and definitive. The end. Say farewell to human species.

If there is one chance, just a single one among billions of misfortunes, for human species to survive, could it? Absolutely! Statistics are against us, but we still can bet on our species’ survival. Why? Because life always defies statistics




There were so little chance for the world to exist, so little chance for us to be here, so little chance that we resist so many cataclysms, so little chance that we invent the web. Yet we did the deed. Or we have been helped … Some authors believe that benevolent aliens have always keep an eye on us and are regularly intervened to prevent the worst ….

It is possible, that would explain many things. What is coming is quite a change. A watershed will happen in human history and we better be prepared.


A Specific Transition Period


“During this specific transition period, our thinking strength get amplified (like everything else, information, globalization, overpopulation, pollution, violence…), so that our naturally creative thinking becomes  more and more creative by these days. And we are creating every second of our future, we are making things as they will be. It has always been true, but during transition, the karmic effect of every thought gets immediate. So let’s stop spreading terrible news, as they may really happen.

On the contrary, elevating our consciousness to the highest level makes our desire of light come true. For sensitive people, plugged into the deep change of humanity, in a cosmic way, this transition is a blessing. It allows to amplify the inner changes each people can reset and it will favour an elevation of consciousnesses to a more enlightened level.” (source)Dominique Coquelle, unpublished

Let the new dawn come.




To prepare these new times, I have no other recourse, once again, but to present the past. We will see the birth, you and I, of the Mediterranean origin of this western world. The large dominant figure of the previous age, Rama of East and West, the great reconciler of men and women of good will, is found at the origin of this new era, which started circa 2000 BCE. Four thousand years ago …


I teach you the Superhuman. Man exists only to be surpassed. What have you done to surpass him? (Friedrich Nietzsche)


Patience and length of time are more than strength or rage.
La Fontaine