Opening Heart



The opening of the heart is the precondition of any inner life, the first step to enlightenment and wholeness. The opening of the heart is due to a heartache opening the heart forever and making it able to love.


Maybe my heart is opening, baby groove. (Michel Jonasz)

The one who never loved cannot taste the fruits of the Tree of Life. 

So many are those who have never loved. They can be married, they can be nuns or soldiers, ministers or nurses, they always surround themselves with an icy no man’s land – a place without tenderness, without generosity and affection. Dry hearts with no pulp and emotion. Psycho rigid people. Cold calculators.

Bastards and bitches, they pass through the others’ lives as an icebreaker in the ice field. They are sometimes alone, sometimes not. They’re at odds with the world or domestic tyrants.

They do not understand the outbursts of affection, hugs, they criticize the way people always kiss each other, they ban those happy little hearts we put in Facebook or elsewhere. Since love is an offense for them, these flying hearts are hurting them: what is the purpose of that nonsense, they think.

When we are dealing with a heartless person, it is hard to send love, hard to smile and cheer up. The lack of human touch is infectious, other people’s hearts freeze at touch. These beings are kind of robots. Heartless, their soul is missing. Without realizing it, they lost their way and desperately look around for it.

They also risk losing life. A being with no heart is a mortal being. Some will wonder: are we not all mortal? Yes, one day or another we all leave our bodies. But leaving one’s body is not dying. I made my first conscious outing of body at the age of 16. Since then I know from experience that one can live outside the body. The divine power within each of us does not limit our existence to this vehicle of flesh and bones. We all have a ticket to eternal life.

So what? In this case, why do they say to Mr so-and-so he can lose his life? For one simple reason, really: life is merely not acquired, you have to deserve it.

The opening of the heart is the precondition of any inner life, the only key to eternal life. A Templar maxim told it in its obscure way: “If you do not die during your lifetime, you will die by dying.” In fact, this sentence has a terrible message. You have to know the symbolic death here on earth if you want to continue to live in the beyond.

What is the “living death” or symbolic death? Those who went through it remember it. It is the hell of a breakup. It is to end all alone like a desert hound, howling at the moon for centuries.

It is to want to throw oneself into the water, to hang himself and disappear forever from the face of the earth. It is to spend seven long years on the grill of Satan because you lost your friend, you lost your soul. “Sometimes, only one person is missing, and the whole world seems depopulated.” If the loved one comes back, life resumes. But he never returns.


Is that the way people live? And their kisses are following them as revolved suns. (Louis Aragon)


Louis Aragon was a communist, a materialist belonging to dialectics, Aragon did not believe in the soul. But the soul was still there.

His love for Elsa saved him.

We are beings of light, coming from pure light, and we are returning to it by the union of our three entities: body, mind and heart.

Man is divine only when they merge in him. Three persons in one, this is the Christian message.

It speaks of us, of our inner divinity, and not of some sort of Deus Sabaoth, Marshal of Star Wars.

Becoming a god, is merging one’s three persons: the ego of the body, that of the mind, that of the heart. This is the true meaning of the holy trinity. You and me. Her and them. Triple we became, triple we will live forever. Thus opening your heart is very important. Then you can open your ears, your eyes, your arms …


So when you are listening to somebody, completely, attentively, then you are listening not only to the words, but also to the feeling of what is conveyed, to the whole of it, not part of it. (Jiddhu Krishnamurti)


We received three persons in one when we become humans. A body, a heart and a mind. But each of us is responsible to switch them on.

Nowadays, the opening of the body, a child’s labor, is done through sport. This is the minimum desirable, but that’s enough. The opening of the mind is done through school, including the school of life, travel, meetings, etc.. It’s okay.

On the contrary, the heart’s opening is not automatic. It is represented by the Tarot of Marseilles Arcanum VI, The Lovers. 

I refer to my practice of initiatic Tarot, in the valuable interpretation given by my deceased benefactor Don Jean-Claude Flornoy. Arcanum VI The Lovers is the arcanum of individuation. On the way of life offered by the major arcana, arcanum VI The Lovers actually is the first stage – when the young being makes own choices, without parents’ opinion… and suffers alone. 

My baby is gone …

Suffering is the key to the opening heart, such is the teaching of Tradition. And suffering is always the Lovers’ fate … 


Now I’m alone …

Individuation begins with this Arcanum VI – The lover, when your whole being is overwhelmed with love for the first time.




This first love may happen in kindergarten, since there is no age for true love. But it always ends badly, this is typical of it. It MUST end badly, because the opening of heart needs these bitter tears to happen. Those who have not had a broken heart, I mean in pieces, no kidding, an exploded, torn, trampled  heart …  do not know what love really means.

To give without waiting, to forgive, to hear, and to thank the Living. Yes, to thank, to sing praises of this wonder we share you and I, Life, Light and Love. Which are three labels for the same bottle. Three entities inside of which we are made, i.e. body, mind, and heart. We are triple, most of us do not know. Mind-body, have you heard around. What about heart? This is not withstanding the opening of the heart. Please remember, the body opens with physical training. The spirit opens with curiosity.

As to the heart, it only opens with a heartache.

“That is only when you have your three people together in one that you are god, then you do not know death.” Those who fail in this sacred mission will, after death, get back to light where their individual soul will dissolve. This is the second death, the real death, the final outing of consciousness that says “I”. To avoid the dissolution, there is only one solution say Castaneda: the symbolic death, the ‘living death‘, the deep heartache that opens your heart. As you have understood, this death is the true birth.

It happened one fine night the universe foundered on reefs where wreckers lit a flames and high above the sea I saw them gleam your eyes Elsa your eyes Elsa your eyes. (Louis Aragon)

“Who did not die in his lifetime, will die by dying.” This is so. Life has only one rule, love. Don’t wait to be loved to love. Love truly, your neighbors, your enemies, your brothers, your rivals. Starting with your worst enemy, yourself. Love yourself, and the sky will love you. Though to love yourself does not mean to forgive every fault you make. It is setting higher and higher standards for yourself. It is saying: Love, love again, more and more, never end. Consider your progress, without despairing of your weakness.

You never love too much. You never love enough. 


Plaisir d’amour ne dure qu’un moment
Chagrin d’amour dure toute la vie.

sings Joan Baez