Original Fracture

Jean-Claude Flornoy (1950-2011) Passant du Devoir, master cartier, tarologist, nagual. He was my friend long before becoming my benefactor.


You have not got the wrong universe. You are here at home. In the past, a traumatism cut you off from the world, from others, from life. Flornoy calls this wound the original fracture. It is not a sin, it does not exist. This fracture is repairable. Without roots, a flower withers and dies. Your life go by without you. Do you want to catch it? Do you want to become yourself?


Instructions for use

Don’t imagine that a distracted clerk put you where you can’t live. Chance doesn’t exist, everything that happens is wanted. Believe me, your place is here. Just reconnect with yourself by repairing this early childhood trauma.


The way to you

Flornoy’s teaching was centered around a few hard cores caught here and there, in nagualism, Sufism, Lamaism, Zen, Gnosis, in Carlos Castaneda, Jung, Thomas the Evangelist, Henri Vincenot, John Fire Lame Deer, etc. As soon as he woke up, my benefactor lived a daily life of abundant wealth. Thanks to the Tarot, he traced a path of life where these hard nuclei articulated wonderfully.

The tarot of Marseille, he called it initiatory tarot. He spoke of gold. It is a famous initiation, the Tarot of Flornoy. A life path that takes us all and little by little transforms us. A way of the cross sometimes, sometimes sown with roses and sometimes with thorns, but a way that we follow, step by step, arcane after arcane. A path to yourself.


The key to the Tarot

When you know it in advance, it hurts less. When you have the right key, all the doors open. There is a key to understanding your discomfort: this original fracture that you have completely forgotten. Look for it, find it and reduce it in stride. Heal! You had to go down in deep trance for five days or more. Such work required help. I did it for over 15 years. It’s no longer the case. You can heal yourself.

I talk to you very often about awakening, but you don’t care, you decided it’s not for you. You’re wrong. And you have a short memory. Awakening, you lived it but you forgot it.



Idries Shah, sublime sufi, ‘peacock of the time’ (1924-1996)


What original sin?

All babies are born awake. Original sin does not exist. It’s a guilty invention of the Roman Catholic church, the good shepherd. You’re not sheep or sheep. You are human beings. Your horizon is to join and amplify the divine part you received from your parents during your conception.

Abbé Étienne Ansault has produced a whole book of profound inanity, entitled The Cross before Jesus Christ. He intends to prove that Jesus had been awaited by the whole planet for ages. He quotes Abbot Ancessi who speaks of ancient Egypt. “On the very day a child was born, ablutions were necessary to wash away the stain from which it was soiled. He was immersed in the water of a basin where he received a kind of baptism. Only then did the mysterious filth he had contracted when he came into the world disappear.” (source)Ancessi, Job and Egypt p.256


What baptism?

A kind of baptism! It’s the best! The famous stain from which it was soiled simply comes from the blood and mucus from the maternal uterus. Calling this hygienic cleansing baptism is called bad faith. With arguments of this calibre, one quickly confuses Christianity and cretinism. I am a moron, here is my faith, my hope and my support…

That said, baptism was practiced before Jesus, and John the Baptist got his nickname from it. He baptized in the water of the Jordan. But not newborns! Adults only, who have their free will, so the opportunity to choose. The Catholic Church preferred to baptize newborns who cannot defend themselves, the poor. And here they are.

You don’t need to wash anything, the mysterious stain is a phony mystery. One more.


Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) psychologist, psychoanalyst and philosopher.


Black Eagle

However, trauma does occur, not at birth, but in the first years of life. Flornoy called it original fracture by rebellious spirit and to banish any notion of sin, infantilizing, infamous, guilt-making to the possible.

No, the toddler is not dirty, how could he be? Innocent like the unborn child, he will nevertheless suffer a traumatic shock against which Christian baptism can do nothing. A terrible punishment will weigh on him for a long period of life. Welcome to the world, boy. You have not finished.

The infant has lived since his birth in fusion with his mother, he sees the world with amazed eyes, he is only joy and cheerfulness, his happiness is pure light when suddenly, melting on him from a threatening sky, a black eagle emerges.

Barbara describes this original fracture very well. Something harmless and horrible breaks the peaceful harmony that constituted the daily life of the little one. Trivial, because it is not enough to shock a helpless being. Horrible, because any attack on his perfect serenity is felt as rape. This is the fracture that cuts him off from the world. This is how you get fear in the little heart.


Arcanum XIII…

This break usually occurs around the age of three. It forms the mother engram, on which will be grafted a litany of secondary engrams. To heal this first engram is to heal the person. Deprived of anchorage, all the engram chains gradually break down.

For years, I have helped adults heal this trauma with deep trance and emotional experience techniques. Flornoy called it the arcane XIII. This tarot arcane describes this moment of life. There used to be a ritual known as Mysteries of Isis. Arcanum XIII represents the little mysteries, and Arcanum XVI, the great mystery of awakening.

Dozens of people were able to reduce the fracture and recover all their energy. The sun pierced their inner fog, they felt in them a new love of life.


… Arcanum XVI

And then I stopped. Not because I had enough, far from it. Bringing catharsis to life is very rewarding, and I’ve elicited more than one. I stopped because the arcane XIII is done alone now.

Thirty years ago, the presence of a guide was necessary to pass this ford. Today it has become useless. For the new generations of luminous beings, cleaning is done alone.

Now the arcanum that needs a helping hand is Arcanum XVI. I witnessed this strange mutation. The greatest mystery of enlightenment now lies in the impossibility of awakening without help.

I must admit that this discovery surprised me greatly. We have lived our Arcanum XVI as a joyful mystery that blossoms when its time has come.


John Fire Lame Deer (1903-1976) holy Lakota, member of the Heyoka society


Lucky cubic centimeter

This much-needed help, Castaneda calls it cubic centimeter of luck. I have been working hard on this for almost eight years. My texts can trigger awakening. But there is better. The individual internships that I organize at my home in Erquy, Brittany, have allowed more than one to go to the other side. To make them more effective, I perfected the reiki my benefactor had given me.

Not only is the seven main chakras, but seven double secondary chakras and on the outer chakras, two above the fontanel, two below the soles of the feet. So not only is the energy schema or Hermes’ void perfectly cleaned, but the connection with the external aura and with the astral is sustainably restored.

And this practice can give you the subtle energy you lack to finally reach enlightenment.




Carlos Castaneda (1925-1998) ethnologist, writer, nagual


Carlos Castaneda

Our generation was the baby boomers. It became the grandpa boomers. We were lulled by Jung, Kerouac, Tolkien and Woody Allen. And we were awakened by Castaneda. Since the seventies I practice nagualism and I am not about to drop this path that has the heart through a world that has no more.



The great mystery of Isis

Once the original fracture is reduced, you are complete. Slowly the integration of your three people inside yourself makes rise from the arcane XIII to the arcane XIV Temperance, then to the XV The Devil. This demon is not a bad devil. He evokes the Socratic daïmon. It gives you its energy to climb the first six chakras one by one.

Your kundalini will unfold from the coccyx triangle, the last vertebra, where it was previously coiled like a snake.  This is why the two ida and pingala lateral channels are represented as snakes.

The kundalini rises in you through the base center or root chakra. It is there, at the perineum, that you store the telluric energy.  It reaches the sexual center, then the belly center, self-affirmation. Careful, I didn’t say ego, it’s all in your brain that one. Then the kundalini continues its way to the center of the heart, unconditional love has its nest.


Acquiring Powers

Above, center of throat. Its opening allows the influx of powers. At this stage, forget the ego. Use the most effective shield: humility. Otherwise enjoy. Jubilee. But with modesty. The powers are entrusted to you, they will be taken from you if you boast.

What powers? Each one. You enter your personal magic. Your voice can change, take more power, more depth. You are more confident. More autonomous. More resolute.


When a flash teaches a truth, it’s called vision. But it’s rarely visual. It should be understanding.

It is not only prophets who have visions. Early children have visions. Awakened children have visions. Seekers of truth have visions. Warriors of light have them. We should all have them.


Most people are visionary and claivoyant. Many are also healers, but they do not have enough confidence to use their gifts. Awakening is not the prerogative of an elite. He is the human condition: become all-powerful. Achieve the best version of ourselves.



Your double is in you

In its ascent to your fontanel, the kundalini stops at the forehead. The gifts of the Devil do not go any further. On the arcanum XV, we see the bar of the frame that cuts the top of the nice devil’s head. He has no fontanelle. The crown does not open, it will do so in the next arcanum, XVI House-God. While the Devil can last several years, the House-God lasts only a moment. As soon as the crown chakra opens, it is awakening.

You are connected to transcendence. You ascend into the white light, then you are spit out on earth, otherwise you would die. You can’t stay in Gwenwed’s circle until you’re dead.

But you are not spit out alone. Your double accompanies you, half hidden behind the tower. Until now, it guided you at night, in your dreams. You remembered very little, sometimes nothing at all. Now he is in you, incarnate for the better. His advice reaches you every time. From time to time, he makes you do something you don’t understand, or he makes you act weird.You obey him because you feel it’s right, even if you wouldn’t have done it without him.


Flornoy’s Tarot

The path of the Tarot is not finished: there is a life after awakening. Real life begins. And believe me, it moves!


My Tarot Life

To help you better understand the life path that represents the initiatory tarot in the vision of Jean-Claude Flornoy, I wanted to tell the different phases of my long life in relation to each major arcana. This is just one example, but it is concrete and pictorial. A small drawing is better than a long speech.

This is where I was at the end of 2017, after the XIX arcanum The Sun. I plunged into the Judgment, perhaps I approached the World, but I lack distance to talk about it. I will soon, if the Goddess gives me life. And if, thanks to her, I continue the way up.




The Erquy reki is exercised not only on the seven main chakras, but on the seven double secondary chakras and on the outer chakras, two above the fontanel, two below the soles of the feet. Thus not only is Hermes’ energy or caduceus pattern perfectly cleansed, but the connection with the external aura and astral is sustainably restored.

And this practice can give you the subtle energy you lack to finally reach enlightenment.




I don’t want to believe, I want to know.
Carl Sagan