A Giving Heart



Long ago, I was running everywhere. I had an opinion on everything, I watched everything, I understood everything, I knew nothing. By dint of opening up wrongly and through, I almost squander my gifts. From Pakistan, a wise woman stopped my race. “You give a lot, you give evil. Learn to give the flower, not the plant.”

I confess I had a giving heart. Give, give and don’t take any. I was one of those fellows sung by Jacques Brel, I would have given my shirt to some poor happy people. With this good old lady Larousse, I sowed to the winds. I forgot that dandelion is just bad seed. The majestic gesture of the sower, my ass. With a heart ready to be given in the middle of my open hand, how could I sow?

When you love, you don’t care. If I sow, would I throw my heart away with the handle of grain? The right place for the heart is not on your hand,in French “avoir le coeur sur la main” means “to be too generous” but in your chest.

“Charity begins with oneself” is not banal greed à la Balzac. This is admitting that obviously a blind man cannot guide anyone. First take care of your poor sight, then eventually you’ll be able to guide you in the hope that one day you’ll be able to guide others.




I do not want to blame the gift. I practice it every moment. I built my life on the sharp wire of giving. I encourage everyone to try and try harder. I always felt indebted. We all feel this “thank you Life” that makes the heart beat. I lived a hundred lives, all of them were magical, beautiful. I have known so many wonders. So many great spirits, so many beating hearts of gold. I was cherished by fairies, as by life. The one who received a lot has to give plenty. No matter how, no quick throw away in the first coming trash. Give sincere, but sensible. Leave the flower, which repels and keep the plant in one’s heart.

Everybody is not worthy of a gift. Do not give your pearls before swine, nor your jam to turkeys. Keep the flowers for those who enjoy their scent, their grace and color.

Nor gives to those who steal you. Such people exist, beware of thieves, life thieves, breath, envy, time and energy thieves. They are the psychopomps. For one reason or another, these beings are deprived of energy activity of the base chakra, which feeds us constantly in bio-energy or vril.

On pain of death, they have no choice but to pump the vital energy in others what is felt by them others as severe fatigue. In fact the solution is to repair the base chakra, and attention demand immediately stops with the energy pumping. But the subtle piping repairers are not numerous. 

There is another reason to be wary of systematic giving. Is this not a way to buy affection? Demagogy, desire to please, need to be loved? Giving many will want a lot. Give to buy a good conscience, such as CEO of my childhood in Sunday Mass, wearing beautiful, moved by the organist, and swaying banknotes in the quest. Looking sweet and kind. The same CEO, the next day will exploit their employees and ruin their competitors. Candy law for Sunday, reality for the rest of the week.

The warrior rule contains this unwritten article “respects the warrior in everyone.” Take any person, any being, for what he really is: a pure wind of divine energy, a sacred spark, a perfect light. This is the basis of impeccability. No warrior needs nothing that buys or sells. Everything is already present for the warrior, including the future.




Juan Matus taught the nagual apprentice Carlos Casteneda with the parable of the snail. This is not really a parable, rather a story of power. But what a lesson! Do not intervene in the destiny of anyone, you’re not providence, you risk making the situation worse with your gift fallen from heaven, whether king or beggar or snail, the warrior must only count on himself. He fled like the plague all the propitiatory gifts as well as gifts that force. The ultimate freedom has no use for material gifts. And the warrior looks for freedom only, ultimately, absolutely.


If you give, you buy with this gift. So you give evil. If you listen, you give more than gold. And if you heal, what do you give? A gift is free, using it makes you free.


There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of in our philosophy.
William Shakespeare