The Labyrinth Of Solomon



Labyrinths have occupied architects and builders since ancient times … and before. Since ancient times, pilgrims are flocking to browse mazes. What may well fascinate to this point in these childish playground?


Made By Solomon


 “Have you ever heard, stranger, of a labyrinth  Solomon formed the plan in his mind and built with stones in circles? 

This drawing shows the layout, shape and complication, drawn by thin lines in a rational way.

Seeing his thousand circuits, from the inside to the outside, its spherical roads back around, of here and there, on their own, learn the circular course of life, thus showing you the slippery bends abruptly folded his ways. By its spherical, circular developments, it wraps subtly its cord in compounds; as well as the pernicious serpent in its folds, creeps and slips a sometimes obvious and sometimes secret way. 

It has a door placed obliquely and difficult access. The more you come running from outside, wanting to jump over it, by its sudden turns, it engages you in, to the depth where the exit is. It seduces you in your daily errands; it played with you and laughed at you with the returns of hope; like a dream that you believe in vain visions, until the time that the comedy rule has elapsed, and the death, alas setting everything in the shade, you have received, without allowing you to succeed to reach the exit” (source)M. Berthelot “Des anciens alchimistes grecs”, 1887 

Certainly lifetime of research looks like a maze, but it is not enough to explain why we love mazes so much. The source of this universal passion comes from elsewhere. Symbolism is what is left to those who have forgotten efficiency. The similarity with the sinuous snake can provide another hypothesis: the Serpent People, the flying reptiles gods of the past, could they bequeathed us the maze with everything else?

Where would we be without them? Eternal question – still unanswered since Sumer. Probably just the same. They are only a pawn, an inch on the map, like all of us, like any civilization, like anything that lives and dies.

Another mystery of the essential Solomon his labyrinth. It does lend to the rich, and Solomon was not the poorest of the kings: they say he made of alchemical gold.




The labyrinth of Solomon was likely to mislead the unwary traveler, as the maze of the Minotaur. Some mazes have this role astray; others have to function to keep us a while there. Both amount to the same: by browsing through the maze we will store the valuable geo-energy that pulsates.

But other researchers have stressed the spiral effect mazes churches: thus turning on itself, the sacred pilgrim feels dizzy that amplifies the effect of pril pulsing beneath his feet. For all the mazes are carefully positioned on points vibrating up the ladder of Bovis.voir the image caption below The layout of the maze keeps the pilgrim as long as possible, to the point where it can do the full of energy and subtle purge toxins. That is why it is recommended to go through this type of maze barefoot. 

“The man who reached the center of the maze, after going ritually through it, after ‘dancing’ it, is a changed man and, as far as I know” says Louis Charpentier “in the way of an intuitive open-mindedness to natural laws and harmonies, which he maybe won’t understand, but he will feel them inside him, he will feel united with them, and it will be the best test of truth, as pitch is the test for the musician.” (source)Louis Charpentier, The Mysteries of Chartres Cathedral

These questions go beyond the mind so that is difficult to explain them with words.

For a few years, scientists are fond of other physical phenomena of the same nature, such as free energy, Tesla, the Vril, MHD, antigravity, plasmas, the green flash and the ‘negative’ green, etc… Soon these phenomena will be linked together in a joint study, which will become a science, like in the time of Atlantis. Moreover, french biologists like Roger de la Forest or Jean Delafoi, got interested in a similar radiation, resulting from a naturalgeological faults, fractures in the basement, underground streams or artificial imbalance of Earth’s magnetism.

Spirals and labyrinths have a specific action on human mind, as on any life form.This action is more powerful when labyrinths are drawn in high cosmo-telluric radiations’ areas. 

“It is regrettable that the archaeologists consider these particular geometrical forms as mere decorations, or as common symbolic shapes. From the double helix of DNA, source of all life, to the spiraled galaxies, from the infinitesimal to the infinitely great, the ‘paths to Jerusalem’ deliver us a message that we cannot understand.” (source)JLB@france-

Because it must be understood by the body. With the belly power.





The verb to love is difficult to conjugate: its past is not simple, its present is only indicative, and its future is always conditional. 
Jean Cocteau