Lilith and Little Adam

Woman is the future of man, sang the poet. Woman was primarily man’s origin, and his distant past. Throughout a period of time that is counted in thousands, even in tens of thousands of years, Woman has been the present of humanity. And man, a supporting role. Not always essential elsewhere.

The dawn of the modern world is marked by woman. The cult of the Great Goddess dates back prehistoric times and interrupted shortly before the historic period, ie around 3000 BCE. Marija Gimbutas, an archaeologist and anthropologist, expert in Indo-European and pre-Indo-European cultures, former researcher at Harvard University, sees a kind of matriarchal society which lasted, according to her, tens of thousands of years, since Aurignacian some 39 000 years ago, until around 3000 BCE, when patriarchy would gradually established.

Her theories, especially the worship of the Goddess who would universally distributed throughout prehistory, are based on research as well as archaeological campaigns. She directed campaings for fifteen years in what she calls the “old Europe“, pre-Indo-European, mainly in the Balkans and along the Danube. This system would not rely on sex discrimination, but on the emphasis on the feminine, the woman embodying the reproduction of the species and its hope of survival in a time dimension that was not linear as it became with the patriarchy, but circular and cyclical which arises the myth of the “eternal return“.

The existence of such a social system in prehistory is hardly questioned today, although ethnologists, archaeologists and anthropologists do not always agree on its definition. What is more problematic today is to know why and how patriarchy would replace matriarchy, and then win with the invention of agriculture, between -5000 and -3000. (source) 

isis-horus-enfant-200poFor once I find myself in full agreement with an archaeologist and anthropologist, cheers! Please no alcohol, I do not drink. Anyway it is worth celebrating. Something tells me I’ll find myself more and more often agreeing with these specialists. And my gut says that those same experts will find themselves increasingly at odds with their parent hierarchy.

Since science approves, I let go. Here is the true story of the first matriarchy, drawn from sacred traditions everywhere. You will see that it is highly compatible with the scientific version given by Marija Gimbutas. The origins of our species are lost in the mists of time. Many successive races formed the human saga. The origins of today humanity confused with the saga of the Serpent People. Or if you prefer, the epic astronauts gods who created us, or rather changed us.

The Bible is mistaken, and deceive us. Adam was not created first. The reptilians have first created woman for their pleasure. And woman was so pleased with these devils that some of them landed Earth to stay with them. This woman, the first human, was free and sensual. Kabbalah and other ancient texts call her Lilith.

Long after Lilith, the astronaut gaods created a male, because they needed manpower and their giant angels were not enough for the task. Thus Adam appeared, or rather Adapa, the founder of the human lineage. Adam did not like Lilith, he feared. For millennia, Lilith and her ilk have been set into the air, in every sense,lost in translation with all-powerful gods. The Lilith girls were educated, initiated, cultivated, refined, teased and warmed by their divine masters who cherished them.

All the Lilith girls gave back affection, being the mistresses of Beelzebub, knowing all the devils in hell, but clunging to none. The first women are referred to as Lilith collectively, but they were many. Ditto for Adam: there is more than one. Flying gods were numerous, too. They need sex as much as labor. I will do as traditions did, I will continue to talk about her in the singular. For Lilith is so strange! The world rests on a misunderstanding of gender equality. Equality short. Where do you see this Arlesienne? If it existed, it would be obvious. If we wanted it, it would exist.

Initially, there was extraterrestrial visitors, and terrestrial animals, and Lilith the Human. For millennia and tens of millennia, Human Lilith reigned over all, and the whole blessed Human Lilith. During the same time, the fearful little male human was holed up in the hole, trying to be forgotten. Lilith did not need the ignorant. She preferred a thousand times divine company. Then Adam came to complain to the reptilian about lack of docility of Tiger Lilith.

First union demand! Reptilian geneticists did not want to get landed with a strike for a bum story. At once, they gave Adam a more docile female, Adama or Eve. The first pair of 100% human was born: Adapa the male, the female Adama. Adam and Eve, to lie like the Bible does. All human beings are descended from this couple. All? Well no, exactly. This is without counting Lilith.


Other beings energize the lineage of humans on this earth. They are the children of Lilith the Human and of different former gods, that our religions call demons simply because they like the hot shot and new screw.

Children of Lilith have into their eyes a warlike rebellious glow. Lilith girls have mad love in their eyes: l’amour fou. Blue eyes, stare at them and lose your mind. Brown eyes, you will get out out with great difficulty. Green eyes, evil spells and divine delights. Black eyes, nagging question, infinitely pleasant. 

With sweet little Eve, Little Adam was reassured. Few males support the exciting company of Lilith.She has long been Adam’s Mom, her tiny, fragile and ignorant Adam facing the reptile gods. She cared for him, protected him, spruced him, but she did not care for his sex life, like all mothers worthy of the name. 

Since then, Adam classes women into two categories: the subject ones he despises, the authoritarian ones he flees. Or he researches both, according to his karma. That is why the universal tradition teaches to kill the old Adam, to merge Eve and Lilith, then to blend all three together.