The Queens Of The World


For the Jews, the world has been created 5770 years ago and something. The whole wide world with its big bazaar of stars and quasars, red dwarves, galaxy clusters and the rest would have started on January 23rd 3732 BCE. The Big Bang took place the day before. On a Tuesday.

Joking aside, the date may be accurate. But not the event. It is not dating the creation of the world, but that of our humanity, the fourth. That day, at the stroke of twelve ten, the mother ship Arcturus came to rest above the North Pole. So humans of the fourth race did name it Hyperborea, which means above the North Pole. This giant ship was from the galactic superclusters of the Virgin, which takes us to the end of the geological era, around 10,514 AEC. By Jove! The Jewish date is wrong either. Oh well.

10.514 AEC. That date, it was a landmark. This is the year of the big bang, the year the Commodore Atlas has missed takeoff in command of the mother ship Isis. Huge spaceship of ​​3,000 km in diameter, the vessel Isis fell heavily in the Atlantic Ocean, where it lifted a wave as high as he was. This is why humans have called the island-vessel Atlan-tide, which means the tsunami of Atlas. The date, we remember very well, is that of the Flood. It is through the flood and thousands of deaths that the vessel Isis ended its stay with us as an island in the Atlantic Ocean where it had been for more a thousand years.




The relief was provided the same year, 0n May 12 – or eight thousand years later, on July 14, 2504 AEC, since there are two opinions – with the mother ship Arcturus or Hyperborea, or Nibiru, or Hercolobus or Venus comet for readers to Velikowski. The same year the Terraformers returned from their supercluster, because they would not let us too long unattended. They had already invested too much on this planet and our species. 

These supermen came from far away, they knew what they were doing. That case their lot of energy and care for already not cost a lot of millennia. They, or their alter-ego the Planners, had watched jealously over all stages of the Terraforming of this planet, the third in the solar system.

That’s the story. It is true. The date of 24 November 10514 AEC is what future historians will remember as the beginning of our race, that of Iron. Before then, there is the memory wall. Almost impassable. The Flood also forms an almost opaque screen as the Big Bang. Who remembers what happened before? it dates back to the flood. These things are forgotten too.

While the current and present humanity will on its 13,000 years. Too young to die. Though? The gods before the Terraformer of the Virgin, have arbitrarily set the length of human life to 120 years. Maybe they have fixed, equally arbitrarily, the life of humanity 12,000 years? In that case, prepare sandwiches, the world’s end is near.

When they created our humanity, they had no trouble finding the seed: humans already inhabited this planet for ages. They simply took human DNA and have mixed with them. Stroke of genius: it gave us access to transcendence. The human finally had a bridge to the divine in him. Dr. Melvin Morse claims that we have a direct line to God. He may be right.




This new transcendence has created a famous air call, humans began to climb, climb higher and higher. Search visions quest of enlightenment, humans are mistaken for gods. I say human, I should say human females, because in those days there were not many males around.

That’s it, I’m sorry, Mr. Big Mouth was not the first to set foot on the good old blue planet. Unlike the exoteric teaching of the Bible, the esoteric tradition teaches that Woman was created first, to the good pleasure of the gods.

For centuries, for millennia, women have had as only partners these reptilian gods, super intelligent, gifted, magical, all-powerful, cultured, brawlers and scabby. Women had fun with them, moreover women have taken male reptilians qualities as their faults. The Amazons were ruthless warriors, some have portrayed as cruel. They were especially implacable, which is the first quality of a warrior.

The queen of the world was first Goddess Ge or Gaia, the Hebrews call Lilith, the first human.

Then Sacred Cow Hathor seated in the World throne, under the sign of Taurus. She applied her harsh but just rule about troubled times. Then came the reign of Horned Isis, mother of enlightenment, which gave us access to the divine plan. The light pierced the darkness. But women’s peace finally stopped as nothing lasts. And Rama came to the reconcile Women and Men. But that’s another story.

Matriarchy was heaven on earth, especially for women. Then it spoilt. When the first Adam was made, he was afraid of the dreaded Lilith, the Matriarque.



She had nothing but contempt for this puny without scales. He could do nothing, neither count nor recount, nor fly, nor swim, nor cook, nor play mistenlaire. Go to hell, she said. Go play in the blender.

Deeply offended, Adam demanded the gods a subject female. The god of gods has made a perfect one: she was rotten with qualities. And flaws, too, of course.

Since then, there are daughters of Eve the subject and daughters of the rebellious Lilith. Anyone can recognize the kind at first sight.


The Facts

Well, the real facts that the legend conceals so bad, where are they? Here they come. The Amazons are the first form of our present humanity, first exclusively female. When the first males arrived, behaving like dangerous stallions, the Amazons embodied the authority, under the direction of their tyrannical queen, whose power covered the entire earth.

The authority of Amazons was guaranteed by the omnipotent reptilian gods, neither man nor woman wanted to provoke. As long as the gods protected the Amazons and their queen, the regime was unshakable. And then the gods have left.

The Amazons have clamped down, uncontrollable. Their violent crimes against males became obnoxious, filthy. They called exemplary punishment. Humanity was at the brink of a war between the sexes, a final solution, terminal end of a great adventure. Then Rama came, fixed everything and saved them all.




Note that kills: All events listed here are genuine. To preserve the privacy of the planet and the modesty of the protagonists, I changed all dates.

Only the small secrets need to be protected. The great are kept secret by public incredulity.
Marshall McLuhan