Waiting For New Age


Modern times consider time as a linear dimension. It has not always been so. For antiquity, time is cyclical, it makes more or less large loops, and periodically the same phases are repeated.

The course of time is punctuated by cycles of different lengths based on the revolution of the stars: zodiacal cycle, lunar cycle, solar cycle, annual, monthly, daily … And for the elders, four eras or ages succeed and repeat themselves. We are in the last, the Iron Age. And we are waiting, not without some impatience, the return of a new golden age. The least we can say is that he is in no hurry!

Our world is confronted with a series of disturbing disorders – be they environmental, political, or social. Whether it is the melting of glaciers, the climate change, the plunder of planetary resources, the rise of fundamentalism and nationalism, the migratory waves … all these indicators are red. According to some we would witness nothing less than the sixth extinction of species.

Nearly a century ago, René Guénon was already sounding the alarm: “It seems that we are really approaching the end of a world, that is to say the end of an era or of a historical cycle, which can also be in correspondence with a cosmic cycle, as taught in this respect by all traditional doctrines.There have been in the past many events of this kind” (source)René Guénon, La crise du monde moderne, Paris, 1927

Is it serious doctor ? Philippulus the foolish prophet goes round the crowd, banging on a gong: “It is punishment, do penance, the end of time is near” (source)Tintin And The Mysterious Star by Hergé Should we follow his advice? Perhaps. But one can also refer to the traditional doctrine of cyclical time.

As it has been developed in the West, the vision of a rectilinear time constitutes an anomaly in the history of humanity. Traditional civilizations postulate the return of events not necessarily identical but at least analogous. This is qualified time or cyclical time.




In this doctrine, the end of time corresponds to the transition from one form of existence to another. It is accompanied by more or less catastrophic events. Many data from traditional Hindu, Christian and Jewish sources seem to converge to confirm this.

A number of oracles and prophecies seem to indicate that we are living at the beginning of the 21st century, an end-time period in its traditional eschatological version. You will understand that it is not about the end of the world but about ONE world: ours.

Although … According to Joseph de MaistreFrench politician & philosopher, 1753-1821: “There has not existed, in the history of the world, a single important event that has not been prophesied.” It is true that any prediction tends to generate the behaviors of a nature that it is realized. Castaneda would talk about the setting up of the intention. The prophecy then becomes self-fulfilling.

According to Hindu tradition, the present period corresponds to the end of Kali Yuga, the dark age. A manvantara, a complete cycle of 64 800 years, is subdivided into 4 Yuga of degressive duration according to the model 4, 3, 2, 1. “These four numbers which, joined by the addition, produce the number ten, constitute the To be, both universal and particular.” (source)Fabre d’Olivet, 1767-1825 French writer, philologist and occultist.

The Satya Yuga is worth 4. It corresponds to the golden age of Greco-Roman mythology. The Treta Yuga (silver age) is worth 3. Dvapara Yuga (bronze age) is worth 2. And Kali Yuga (iron age) is worth 1. Literature on this subject is often contradictory. We must cling to find an ounce of truth in the indigestible clutter of Hindu commentaries. The work of the French Shaivite indianist Alain Daniélou tried to put a little clarity in this confusion.

These four ages are marks of a gradual obscuration of spirituality. At the stage where we are, the truths that were once accessible to all men have become more and more hidden, covered by increasingly thick sails.




Only a few awake ones still have access to it. Some find this access through the Akashic records. The traditions have all been broken, only those who can go back to the source can draw the data definitively disappeared in Kali yuga.

The precession of the equinoxes is the cyclic rotation of the axis of the earth with respect to the vertical as a spinning top. Its cycle lasts around 25,760 years. A figure to compare with the golden age: 25,920 years. The four ages, with degressive spirituality, are spread out as follows.

The golden age, or earthly paradise, corresponds to the presence of Hyperborea in the polar sky. It lasts 25 920 years. Spirituality is perfect then, because our teachers are watching over it. The Silver Age: 19440 years, Bronze Age, 12960 years, Iron Age 6480 years. Period in which we are, say one, for more than 6000 years.

For the indicative dates of the new age, J. Phaure, who makes begin the cycle in 4320 AEC, proposes 2160. Be patient. (source)The cycle of the Adamic humanity, Introduction to the study of the traditional cyclology and the end of the times – Dervy But Gaston Georgel, who begins the cycle in 4450 BCE, proposes 2030. You need a little less patience. (source)The Four Ages of Humanity – Arché

For astronomy and astrology, the present period corresponds to the passage from one segment of the precession of the equinoxes, the Pisces era, to the next, the Aquarian Age. The problem lies in the inaccuracy of the passage from one constellation to another.  HipparchusGreek astronomer, geographer and mathematician (-190 -120) would have calculated that we would have entered the sign of the fish in 128 BCE, which would begin the Aquarian era in 2033.

For the Catholic Church, it is the end of the cycle of the Popes predicted by Saint Malachie – list of 112 currencies in Latin each applying to a pope since Celestin II (1113-14) until the final pope, Peter the Roman.  According to this prophecy, the present Pope Francis – Peter the Roman according to some – would be the last of the pontiffs before the advent of the new times and the return of the Messiah. Let him live his life and wait a little longer to find out.

It is interesting to relate these considerations to the fact that, contrary to what scientists are trying to make us believe, humanity is not necessarily in a process of progress – as Xavier Séguin regularly demonstrates in these pages. In addition, during its life, it has witnessed much more oblivion than memory.



“If the quantity of analytic elements of knowledge nowadays in particular seems to exceed considerably all that had accumulated the civilizations that preceded us, the quality of most of this knowledge leaves us more than ever on our hunger for the only ones things that matter to a man worthy of the name and that relate to his place on earth and his individual and collective future “. (J. Phaure).

In fact, it seems that, as we are ever deeper into material density, we have confused progress with comfort. René Guénon warns us: “All the superiority of which the Westerners pride themselves are purely imaginary, with the exception of the only material superiority”.

Jean Pierre Schnetzler concludes one of his articles entitled Threats On The Plural Civilization by this formula: “Multiple dangers threaten a world satisfied with its material power: atomic bomb, biological and chemical bomb, demographic bomb. the first three are universal foolishness.”

“Stultorum infinitus is numerus”, the number of fools is infinite. Or in Frédéric Dard’sSan Antonio’s version: “If all the morons were flying, the day would turn to dark”. After all, perhaps the crisis we are experiencing now is necessary and a prelude to the advent of a better world. And fortunately for us, if all these auspicious birds say true we are close to a new golden age.

Time will tell !




What’s important is not to believe it or not but to ask a maximum of questions.
Bernard Werber